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A Mother's Day Gift

by Liar

“Come on mom we’re going to be late!” Dan was trying not to yell, but if they ran much later his reservations might be given away. After all, the good restaurants were always packed on Mother’s Day. “Mom, please...”

His words were cut short by the sight of his mother appearing from the top of the steps. A smile crossed Dan’s face seeing how lovely she looked. Just as beautiful as a mother could possibly look in her child’s eyes. This was one of the rare times Dan had seen his mother let down her gorgeous amber brown hair, though even the beauty of her hair couldn’t compare with her glowing green eyes. They sparkled like the brightest of emeralds, full of life, love, and internal youth.

On this occasion she had chosen to wear the same dress she had worn to Dan’s wedding some years back. He loved the way it looked on her, even if he did feel it was a little too revealing. It was virgin white with sparkling silk roses sewn deep into the fabric, causing it to shimmer in even the dimmest of lights. Taking her hand as she stepped onto the bottom stairs, Dan smiled, looking deep into her eyes, and placed a kiss upon her warm cheek.

“Mom you look so beautiful. You always have.” His words were warm, and caused Hellen to blush.

During the car trip to the restaurant Dan couldn’t help but to notice his mother’s great legs. She had always been a health fanatic, and the working out really showed in her long, shapely legs. He could see quite a bit of them as her dress ended fairly high above the knees. Hellen had long ago noticed his wandering eyes, but felt too embarrassed to say anything. In fact, she was getting fairly turned on with her own son checking her out.

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