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A Mother's Day Gift

by Liar

Caution: Story contains strong sex elements with mother son taboo incest

“Come on mom we’re going to be late!” Dan was trying not to yell, but if they ran much later his reservations might be given away. After all, the good restaurants were always packed on Mother’s Day. “Mom, please...”

His words were cut short by the sight of his mother appearing from the top of the steps. A smile crossed Dan’s face seeing how lovely she looked. Just as beautiful as a mother could possibly look in her child’s eyes. This was one of the rare times Dan had seen his mother let down her gorgeous amber brown hair, though even the beauty of her hair couldn’t compare with her glowing green eyes. They sparkled like the brightest of emeralds, full of life, love, and internal youth.

On this occasion she had chosen to wear the same dress she had worn to Dan’s wedding some years back. He loved the way it looked on her, even if he did feel it was a little too revealing. It was virgin white with sparkling silk roses sewn deep into the fabric, causing it to shimmer in even the dimmest of lights. Taking her hand as she stepped onto the bottom stairs, Dan smiled, looking deep into her eyes, and placed a kiss upon her warm cheek.

“Mom you look so beautiful. You always have.” His words were warm, and caused Hellen to blush.

During the car trip to the restaurant Dan couldn’t help but to notice his mother’s great legs. She had always been a health fanatic, and the working out really showed in her long, shapely legs. He could see quite a bit of them as her dress ended fairly high above the knees. Hellen had long ago noticed his wandering eyes, but felt too embarrassed to say anything. In fact, she was getting fairly turned on with her own son checking her out.

“Dan,” she said, breaking his concentration, “I think you just missed our turn.” Dan stared at her for a few moments before even realizing the mistake he had made. The two smiled and chuckled as he pulled back around.

Making their way past the long line of people who stood outside the restaurant waiting for any chance that they could get in Dan and Hellen went in, and were seated. It was a friend who worked as a chef in the kitchen that had gotten him this reservation, otherwise he would have never of gotten into such an elegant place like this. It was even luckier that the table was so near the dance floor where a live band played.

After ordering their meals Dan called on the waiter to bring them a bottle of the house wine. Hellen intentionally ordered the most expensive thing she could find as she knew how much Dan hated spending money, and perhaps she could get a good laugh when he saw the bill.

“Dan sweety, it was nice of you to take me to an expensive place like this, but it really wasn’t necessary. I really would have been just as happy having dinner with you and the kids,” Hellen said, sounding not too convincing. Dan knew she actually loved eating out.

“Mom, don’t be silly. You deserve all of this and so much more,” Dan smiled seeing the wine arrive. “Now lets have something to drink. After all, this bottle probably just cost me my life savings.”

Hellen giggled at his comment. Popping off the cork Dan poured a full glass for himself, and for his mother. Then lifted his glass to toast, “To the woman I loved since before I was born.”

Hellen brought her glass up to meet his, causing the glass to set off a high chime. To that they drank.

Shortly through dinner the dance floor began to fill. Mostly with young men with older women, Dan guessed they, like him, were all here to celebrate the women that gave them life.

“Sweety I’d love to dance,” Hellen said as she stood to her feet, “Come on it’ll be fun.”

Dan took her hand, and led her to the dance floor. The music was, of course, slow, as many of the women dancing were far too old to be able to keep up with their youthful sons. Dan was glad that his own mother was still so young, and that he could enjoy moments like this with her still for many years to come. As they moved across the floor, gliding on their feet as if on air, they felt the ever-growing need to move closer and closer together. After two or three dances they found that they were pressed to one another, holding each other ever so carefully yet tightly as if they never wanted to let go. As the fifth dance of the evening concluded the two felt exhausted from all of it, and sat back down.

By now of course their food had grown long cold, and the wine was nearly room temperature. Even still, the two drank up the last of it, as they felt rather parched from too much activity. As he finished the last of the wine, Dan felt his eyes again roaming over his mother’s body, but now to her breasts. The movement from dancing had pulled the dress down on her a couple of inches, showing a great deal of cleavage.

Shaking his head Dan passed off his staring as the fault of the alcohol, but just a moment later his eyes had returned to their fixed position on her breasts. During most of the time Hellen had been watching the younger couples still dancing their hearts away on the floor. She just loved how much energy they all had to waste on such silly things. Turning to Dan she smiled hoping to invite him back to the dance floor, but her expression soon turned to shock at seeing her son’s eyes fixed onto her chest. As before she found the situation both embarrassing and at the same time, somehow sensual. Hellen simply smiled, and looked back to the dance floor.

“Dan can we dance some more?” She asked feeling the need to be held by her son.

“Of course mom.”, Dan said as he stood to again lead her out onto the floor. This time the two started off even closer than they had been before. Hellen’s chest was pressed against Dan, and his groin was rubbing hard into her. Hellen could feel that her son’s cock was becoming semi-hard, but all she could think of was how nice it was to be this close to him. It was just something about this night, this moment, all of it that made her burn with desire to feel her son’s presence. Dan was having similar feelings, but was more ready to take action on them from his over consumption of liquor. Sliding his hands gently down her back he allowed his hands to feel over her rear, where he squeezed her softly. Hellen jumped at first, surprised by his actions, but somehow she didn’t feel it was needed to resist.

“I’m sorry mom,” Dan whispered into her ear.

Hellen smiled, “Please don’t be, honey.”

Now she pulled herself even tighter to him. His cock had already become very hard, and even through his trousers she could feel it pressing into her waist. At the same time Dan’s hands had made their way under her dress, where they rubbed over her delicate lace panties. Hellen suddenly pushed away from him, “Dan...”

She wasn’t sure what to say, but looking deep into her son’s warm eyes she could see how much he yearned for her now. So there was only one thing she could say, “Can we go back to my home? It’s too crowded here.”

Dan smiled, and took her hand, “Of course mom.”

During the car trip back home Hellen rested tight against her son. His strong arm comforted her as it fell over her to pull her tight against him. Hellen could feel the tips of his fingers grazing against the soft skin of her breast being exposed by the dress. Taking his hand she guided it to directly over her nipple, which pressed tightly against the dress making it clearly visible. Dan’s fingertips pinched the tip of the nipple, but still he moved as slowly and softly as he could. He preferred not to be rough with her.

Looking into the rear view mirror Hellen smiled. The image of her wrapped in her own sons arms, his hands searching for that special area to touch, her own hands gliding him to it. In all reality they could have been a couple. Two lovers driving home in the night.

Obviously these two in the mirror were in love, and soon they would be making love.

Upon arriving home Dan escorted his mother to the door, where she immediately invited him in.

“Dan wait here while I slip into something more comfortable,” Hellen said with a seductive smile.

Dan smiled, and moved to the living room to wait. As he sat watching t.v. he couldn’t help but to look at all of his mother’s photos lining the walls. Actually his attention was mainly focused on old photos of his mother. She had always been such a wonderful, beautiful, seductive woman. Not that he hadn’t noticed this when he was younger, of course. She had always been the center of his thoughts. Sometimes he even thought about her when he was with his wife in bed, and imagined what it would be like if they were truly together. Now he would soon know.

“Sweety,” Dan heard his mother’s soft voice calling him from behind. “How do I look?” As Dan turned to look at her his jaw dropped in surprise.

“God mom...” his shock silenced his thoughts, but the look on his face told more than any words possibly could. Here she was, a woman who he had only ever seen properly dressed in Sunday clothes now standing before him in only a long blue silk robe, panties, and five inch heal shoes. The robe was partially loose so that most of her breasts were shown, but those nipples that he wanted so much to taste and touch were still so well hidden.

“Mom ... Wow...”, he was still having trouble forming any real words, “You look so damn hot. I can’t believe I’m saying this to my own mother, but ... Wow...”

Hellen chuckled at his reaction, and walked to him slowly. The long heals caused her every step to become some sort of sexual display, as her breasts bounced and her ass jiggled. Dan opened his arms to accept her into his tight embrace as she finally neared her. His arms wrapped around her to hold her, as he had never done so before. As their bodies met, their lips also met in lock. Hellen could feel Dan’s hot tongue slipping between her lips to meet her own.

Holding his mother tight, Dan lifted her and carried her to the couch, where he dropped her onto her back. Hellen laid straight back and separated her legs, giving Dan full access to her body. Dan smiled, as he crawled over her, pulling her robe apart. His smile lengthened seeing her two melon-sized tits sitting before him, just waiting to be used by his mouth. Leaning over, Dan licked her soft pink nipple, and took her other plump breast into his hand. Hellen moaned under her son’s gentle touch.

As his mouth worked her nipples, Dan’s hands made their way down into her panties to get a feel of her warm cunt. His fingers worked their way into her tight slit, and over her clitoris to massage her to orgasm.

Hellen moaned even louder as her son’s hands penetrated and probed her. Never had she even thought that she would ever be doing something like this with her own child.

Giving his mother’s breast a final taste, Dan sat up and knelt on the floor before his mother. Hellen spread her legs even wider, presenting her son with her hot cunt. Immediately, Dan went to work, letting his tongue taste her wet slit, and then probe into her until he could feel his tongue rubbing over her clitoris.

Hellen moaned, “Oh yes baby! I love that!”

Taking hold of her thighs Dan forced himself even more into her so that most of his tongue was lodged in her, as if French kissing his mother in the most seductive ways imaginable.

Hellen gently rubbed her fingers through her son’s dark, thick hair wanting nothing more than for him to push in even further. She hadn’t experienced such levels of pleasure since her husband had passed on so many years ago. Her son’s strong hands made their way from her legs to her cunt, where they worked with his tongue to push her open so that Dan could taste every inch of her.

“Oh god yes! Dan don’t stop!”, screamed Hellen, “Please ... oh yes!”

Dan smiled hearing his mother’s cries. He had never seen her so happy in all of his life. Standing up he un-zipped his pants, and removed them along with all of his other clothes.

Hellen smiled, and grabbed her son’s hard cock, “Mmm ... Baby mommy wants to taste this.”

Dan smiled as he leaned forward, his mother licked her lips and opened them wide letting the cock glide into her mouth. Slowly she rubbed her tongue around its hot head, then down the long shaft. Dan groaned feeling the rush of pleasure throughout his body. Hellen closed her lips tight around his hard shaft, and forced it in and out of her before finally letting go.

“Ok sweety now that I’ve tasted it, I want to feel it,” she said in her most seductive tone.

Dan smiled, and planted a kiss upon her sweet lips.

Holding her legs tight and apart Dan leaned forward, aiming his cock into her wet cunt. As it came into contact with her wet flesh Hellen moaned loudly. She could hardly wait for it to pierce into her. Finally Dan forced it in, a little at a time at first, but slowly he pushed it all the way in. Just as quickly as it has gone in Dan pulled it back out, but immediately pushed it back in. Slowly he forced it back and forth into her. Hellen buckled her hips, hoping to speed up his movements. When Dan felt that he had teased her long enough he began to increase the speed of his motion. The two both moaned wildly as their bodies thrust into each other’s over and over. With each thrust Dan’s cock seemed to move even farther into her.

“God mom! I’m gonna cum!”, Dan yelled feeling his cock ready to release it’s load.

Hellen grabbed her son tightly, “Cum in me baby! I want to feel it!”

Dan was surprised by his mother’s statement, but was definitely not ready to argue with her. Instead of pulling out he simply sped up, letting his cock fly in and out of her harder and faster than he had ever fucked a woman before. Hellen screamed loud, feeling the first waves of an orgasm coming over her body. After so long a time it was a forgotten feeling to her.

“Oh damn! Oh damn! Ohhhh... !”, her screams became louder as she felt Dan’s hot cum spray into her body.

Dan moaned loudly feeling his load being relieved into his own mother. This situation was like something out of a fairy tale to him.

“OH GOD!”, Hellen screamed at the top of her lungs as her body orgasmed, releasing a mixture of her own juices into her sons. Exhausted, she fell onto her son, and pressed her lips against his. Dan returned her kiss, and squeezed her tight against his body.

Finally the two fell back, still tight in each other’s embrace, to just lie there and enjoy the other’s warmth.

As Dan made his way back to his car he turned, and waved to his mother, who stood wrapped in only a robe in her doorway. Before getting in his car he blew her one final kiss and yelled, “Happy mothers day.”

Hellen chuckled. This had definitely been one Mother’s Day gift to remember.