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Sister: Our Date

by Angel

Caution: This story contains strong elements of incestuous sex between a brother and his older sexy sister.

My 17 year old sister Anna broke up with her jerk boyfriend Brad and she was down hearted. Mom wanted me help lift her spirits and take Anna to a party with my new friends; I was reluctant. I had no car, can't drive because I am 15; so we'd be getting a second ride after dad drops us off. Anna is my wet dream, I have jerked off over that girl since I grew hair. I know she is my sister but hell you'd do it too. Anna is very blond, slim and pretty with one great set of tits. Anna is hotter than playboy bunnies!

Friday night rolled along and dad dropped us off at the pickup point. It was chilly that night and I put my arm around Anna's shoulders. We were alone and I was thinking I could have got fucked tonight if Anna was not here! Anna and I talked and laughed before a car dropped off a second couple. The couple introduced themselves as Tom and Jenny. We talked and waited together at a strip mall along Pacific Coast Highway.

Jenny said "we've been together for a year now" and smiled.

The van arrived and it only had one seat open and we jammed in. Jenny sat on Tim's lap to conserve room and Anna sat on my lap. We were still crowded but it was ok. All my juvenile thoughts about Anna and her body came rushing back to my mind. Thoughts of her soft breasts and pink nipples; a pretty pussy with blond hair and just fucking her long and hard! I had walked into the bathroom one day and Anna stood there naked. She had shaved under her arms and when I walked in turned to face me. We stood froozen in time while I stared at Anna's perfection and finally Anna reached for her robe. She came forward with a funny smile on her face as I stood rooted to the spot. Anna ushered me out, I was stunned, I have never seen the whole package before and it was great! That incident was 6 months ago and Anna sitting on my lap made me think of her sleek body and pretty boobs. I peeked at Anna whenever she bent over and got a flash of her breasts but that day I saw the pretty knockers with pink nipples and her little bush of blond hair.

Jenny asked Anna "how long have you two been together" thinking we were a couple.

Anna said "just a short time but we've known each other forever" and she giggled.

I thought there goes my night and no pussy now! Anna whispered in my ear "she thinks were a couple, play along".

Anna was putting it on and kissed my ear lightly, hugging me while I thought "shit, if you tease me Anna please fuck me". I held my arm around her waist and felt her warm hip. Thinking; "God this is not fair, why is Anna my sister"? her bottom moved on my lap and I was glad for the tight jeans. Thankfully Anna and Jenny chatted and I zoned out.

We arrived at the house and most of the stuff was set up in the basement. We were the entertainment for the party and earning $500. The band got together and we played our first tune, a Nirvana song, followed by some other hits and rap. Anna stood in the front with the groupies and girls. As I played I thought "she should be my girlfriend and not a pretend one". As we finished the set the girlfriends ran forward and grabbed the guys and hugged them. Anna ran to me like I was her boyfriend and held me close. She whispered "it's like I am seeing you for the first time" and she kissed me lightly on the lips.

My cock hardened with Anna's kiss and we all went to an area set aside for the band and girlfriends. Anna's lips were like silk and so smooth and soft. Anna sat on the arm of the couch and leaned over to talk to me. She did not seem aware her breasts were touching my arm and shoulder as she talked. "That was so great, you are so great" she said!

Jenny told us that there was a second party for the band members and their girlfriends as the girl having the party was "one of us, a girl dating one of the guys".

Anna kissed me a second time with excitement "lets stay for the party" she whispered in my ear. I hugged Anna to me and felt her titties pressing into my arm and shoulder saying "ok".

Our second set followed and ended. This time Anna ran up and kissed me full on the mouth with passion. I held her and thought "what a fucken waste, she should be mine". Anna put something in my pocket and giggled. All the girlfriends were doing the same thing? We sat down and I held Anna in my lap.

"What is in my pocket" I whispered in her ear. Anna blushed and hugged me close. She giggled "it is for the band members; we all took off our panties; this is the last set before our party" and she kissed me.

My head exploded "here was my sister, the perfect woman sitting on my lap and she had taken off her panties like the others. I swear I could feel her soft butt through her skirt".

Anna kissed me again and whispered "you can touch me, I won't break" and placed my hand on her knee and thigh.

I kissed Anna and the feeling of the bare flesh of her knee and thigh was so sweet to my hand. I dared not move the hand higher as I kissed sis. Anna and I were now kissing lightly but? I don't know why I did it but I kissed Anna's cleavage! She pulled my head to her breasts as I did and moaned "yes"

After the final set the place cleared and the couples disappeared into the various rooms. Anna took my hand and lead me to a small TV room with a couch. She sat in my lap and we never spoke, I was afraid to, thinking I'd break the spell. We kissed and kissed and held each other tight. Anna took my hand and placed it on her breast. I could feel the softness through her blouse and bra. I moved her breast around as I kissed her and teased her nipple. We stood in unison and her arms were around me tight and my hands on her butt, a round as a peach, soft but firm ass.

Anna's blouse seemed to open on its own and I opened her front-opening bra to handle her boobs. Large, round and soft with hard nipples. All of our cloths were on the floor and we lay naked in each other's embrace.

"Suck my tits" Anna said and I whorshipped her titties with my mouth and played with her breast with one hand as I toyed with her bottom. I positioned myself between her thighs as she spread her legs and the tip of my cock touched sister heaven. Anna was wet and I slowly slid into her and stopped as she was so tight. "You're so much bigger than Brad" she whispered, "that's good" as my cock filled my sister. I lay still to allow her body to adjust, my cock was inside a slik vise.

I pumped Anna as all my life depended on it. In and out of her tight pussy. This might be my first and last time to ever fuck my dream girl, my sister Anna. It was like being in heaven and hell at the same time. Incest be damned I had always wanted her pussy. My cock burst and my cum filled my sister's pussy. Anna said "hold me" while her legs locked me in. Her orgasm came and she was kissing me and moaning. "I love you brother, luv you, fuck me, oh gods". We lay there holding each other, I rose and got some tissues to wipe Ann'a pussy. Then held her close.

She said "I love you" and I returned it. "We broke the law and committed incest. We need to keep this our secret. We are lovers now" and I smiled. Anna was my girl and I'd be fucking her from now on! I kissed my sister hard with passion.

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