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Joseph and Jessica

by Taffy Jourden

Caution: Story contains strong elements of brother sister incestuous sex.

Jessica tried not to look her age, though her friends assured her nobody would be suspicious. Her ID showed nineteen, but she was three years younger. Everybody else in their group was really at least eighteen.

She’d been planning this night for six months, and had jumped through enough hoops to make it happen that the stress had delayed her period. She was determined to see Monica Raven in concert and nothing was going to stop her.

It was a small, unwired gig and the crowd at the area’s hottest club was unusual, her friends said. Cindy said it was usually a college crowd. Lexie passed her a drink and Jessica looked at it hesitantly. ‘What is it?’ she wondered.

“Blue ball special,” she thought she heard. Indeed, it was blue, and had two olives in it.

The club mix was loud and the concert didn’t start for another twenty minutes. She looked around in wonder at this forbidden world. The atmosphere was like a sexual war zone. Lights flashed or glowed dimly in the darkness, and music pounded to a beat that sounded like fucking, even to a virgin’s ears.

Everybody else was dancing so she went to the floor with them. Woody and Cerise were doing something that looked obscene, and Tuck and Cindy weren’t much better. Lexie had also come without a date, so Jessica danced with her.

It felt awkward dancing to a song like this with another girl when there was bumping and grinding going on all around them. Jessica smiled hesitantly at her friend, and couldn’t quite interpret the almost serious grin Lexie gave her in return. Something over her shoulder caught Lexie’s eye and her mouth fell open slightly.

“Daaamn! Look at him!” Jessica turned to see a couple behind her. They looked great together, but the guy was to-drool-for. He had long, muscular legs and a powerful build, though not too bulky. The way he moved made her mind go hot and fuzzy. The lights flashed and she saw his face.

“Oh shit!” Jessica gasped.

Joseph really didn’t want to be here. He’d just gotten home from Kuwait and would rather have spent the time alone. His old friend Rachel had insisted on seeing him and Monica Raven tonight. He did miss Rachel and he’d have to see her sooner or later, so he had come.

Things were different since he’d enlisted. “Once a Marine, always a marine” was true, he supposed. He couldn’t take the luxuries of home for granted anymore. Two years in hell on the other side of the world changed a man’s perspective.

He’d tried to lighten the mood by dancing, but it wasn’t working. He hadn’t been laid in three months and it showed. He and Rachel had been nothing more than good friends since junior high, so she was surprised when he pulled her in close and made her move against him. He experienced a moment’s regret, but she felt so good! She had a curvy little body that he’d never paid attention to before. She usually never dressed like she was tonight. He was surprised also when she relaxed against him enough to compliment his motions. Her hips rolled against his in a very satisfying way. He smiled down at her and she grinned back with a challenge.

So they ended up daring each other into bolder moves until they were practically humping on the dance floor. He didn’t try to hide his erection from Rachel, but she seemed to be politely ignoring it, anyway.

A familiar voice gasped an expletive nearby and his gaze shot up to see a girl duck behind her friend.

“Jessica!” he barked sternly. Rachel tried to grab him but he lunged through the crowd.

Jessica groaned and gave up trying to flee. Lexie put herself between her friend and the man she’d been ogling a moment ago.

“Do you know him?” she asked, hiding her anxiety. The guy was really big and he looked angry.

“Oh, God, yes,” Jessica moaned. Chills and hot flashes alternately chased up her spine.

“You’d better have a damned good excuse --” the big guy demanded. He sounded mean.

“Joseph, please don’t make a scene,” she pleaded. She wasn’t sure he’d heard her, but he seemed to calm a bit and take a look around. They were the only four people on the floor not moving. He spoke a few words to his date, and she left.

“Get over here, now,” he ordered. Jessica reluctantly went to him. Just as he reached to grab her, the music changed to a slow song. He pulled her close and spoke furiously into her ear, “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Joe, I just wanted to see Monica Raven!” Her slim body moved stiffly in his arms. She stared up at him with those big green eyes.

How could anybody believe she was old enough to be in here, he wondered? She did look different than usual, but that was no excuse.

“Bullshit!” he began.

“Hey Jessica, is this asshole bothering you?” Woody’s voice interrupted. He stood with Tuck at his side and they looked ready to cut in forcefully. Cindy, Cerise, and Lexie stood by anxiously. Jessica would have loved to say yes, but she knew she better not.

“No, Woody, I’m okay. This is Joseph. He’s a friend.”

“You don’t look friendly, Joseph,” stout little Tuck commented.

Joe scanned the room and noticed at least eight bouncers moving into position to intervene. Stupid kids, he thought. They didn’t realize they were about to be dealt with.

“I haven’t seen her in a while. I was surprised,” Joe explained dryly. All right, he’d play Jesse’s game

“Are you sure?” Woody persisted.

“Oh, go away, all of you. I’m fine!” Jessica assured with lots of false gusto. Her friends left them alone at last.

“Don’t tell Mom?” she asked him plaintively. She couldn’t relax until he’d promised.

“You’ll have to make it worth something to me. Rachel and I are taking you home.”

“No! Please, Joe don’t do this to me! I worked too hard to be here tonight. Just let me see Monica Raven and then we can go, pleeeease?” Her pleading touched something in him. The kid seemed to be telling the truth. She was really just here for the concert, it seemed.

“Alright, I won’t tell Mom, but you owe me big, brat,” Joe conceded. It was fun to watch her face go from worry to elation in an instant. He was unprepared for her to tackle him and her hug almost unbalanced him. He smiled a bit anyway and hugged her back.

“Thanks, Joey! I’ll do whatever you want, just let me stay, okay?” She didn’t let go of him. He put his hands more casually on her hips and noticed the bouncers were no longer interested in them. It was a good thing the music was slow so nobody noticed her clingy behavior, except maybe her friends.

“On one condition. You stay where I can see you. If you have to pee, you come get Rachel to go with you. If anything goes wrong it’s my ass now that I know you’re here, understand?” Jessica gave a fascinating little jiggle of joy against him, and then eased down off her tiptoes.

“So we’re friends, huh?” he asked when she looked up at him again.

“I wasn’t about to tell them you’re my brother. We don’t look anything alike, anyway. They might not have believed me. Thanks, Joe.” He just nodded and fell into a regular rhythm with the song.

“Your friend there is a little bulldog. She looked like she was gonna take me on,” he said to make conversation. He found it odd, slow dancing with his little sister.

“Lexie? Yeah, she’s a bitch. We love her. She was just checking you out before you - uh - noticed me.

“Really?” His black eyebrows rose speculatively. He looked at Lexie and she nudged him.

“Hey, don’t you dare make a move on her, she’s my friend,” Jessica warned.

“Nah, she’s too young anyway.” He sighed. Lexie was cute.

“How do you know?”

“She looks young,” Joe said simply.

“Some judge you are. The cop at the door looked her over more than he did me, and she’s nineteen.”

“You look young too,” he commented.

“Do I?” Joseph almost nodded, and then rethought his answer. He tried to see his sister through objective eyes. She was tall for a girl, maybe five-seven. Her hair was pulled back in a sleek style normally seen on older chicks. Her skirt was short, her legs long and shapely, and her shirt hugged her body in a way that made her innocent face the last thing a man would notice. Her makeup hid her age well, but he could still see sweet little Jesse in that beautiful face.

“Wow, Jess, you do look great. I hadn’t noticed.”

“Great, meaning older?” she prompted. She felt strange. Here was Joey, but he’d just looked at her toe-to-head in a way guys at school always did. In that brief moment she saw in him what she’d seen before she’d recognized tonight. Damn! Her brother was hot! She’d always thought he was cute but the military had changed him.

“You look like sex walking, Jess. No man is going to think about your age.” Those deep black eyes stared down at her intensely enough to make her look away and squirm.

“When a man compliments you, you’re supposed to say ‘thank you’,” he whispered in her ear. He pulled her close again so he’d have reason to not look at her cleavage. Geez, the kid had great tits!

“You look sexy too, Joe. I never noticed before.” Her voice sounded far away and he saw her lips move more than heard her.

“I don’t think we’re supposed to notice, Jess.” The music faded, then the lights turned up to an annoying glow. The concert was about to start.

“You stay close. Don’t make me come after you in this crowd,” Joe demanded, stepping away from her. She seemed dazed for a moment, so he didn’t let go of her hands immediately. She just nodded at him with big eyes then went off to join her friends.

Monica Raven was great, though Jessica didn’t pay as much attention to the concert as she should have; she was distracted by shocking thoughts of her brother. Over and over that first sight of his hips nudging suggestively against Rachel played through her mind. She could imagine the two of them alone together. Was that how he moved when he made love? Her nerves sizzled and sparked for a moment, then she shook herself out of this dirty little fantasy of Joe.

Nobody noticed Cerise getting drunk. After the show she couldn’t even stand without help.

“Well, shit, girl! Now what are we supposed to do with you?” Lexie scolded.

Cerise just giggled and clung to Woody.

“I’ll take her home, and then join you at AJ’s,” Woody offered.

“We all know you just want to get in her pants. No way are you putting her to bed in this condition,” Lexie denied. “You can go to AJ’s with the guys, Jessica. There’s no reason for you to miss out because of shit-face Cerise.”

“But...” Jess protested. She looked a few yards away and saw Joe eyeing her expectantly. “Sure,” she finally agreed. “Just let me say goodbye to Joseph.”

She got up to ask her brother for an extension of her evening. She had forgotten they were supposed to go to the party at AJ’s house.

“I let you stay in a club for three hours, Jessica. No way am I going to let you go to a party with older guys alone. Either they take you home or I do.”

She knew an ultimatum when she heard one ... She went back to Woody and Tuck to make her excuses and ask them to take her home. They were puzzled, but they agreed.

The parking lot was busy with people leaving, but she noticed Joseph getting in his truck alone. Rachel must have gone home with someone else, she decided.

Jessica was absorbed in thoughts of the evening, so she didn’t notice at first when Tuck turned off into a dark new subdivision with only one house at the other end of a long street.

“Tuck? I don’t live...”

“I know that. Shut up and get out of the car.”

Jessica was at first confused, then very afraid. She didn’t move.

“Get out, Jessica,” Woody prompted, getting out himself and opening her door.

She didn’t have much choice. Maybe she could run. She could get away from Tuck, she was sure. Her pulse beat frantically, but everything else seemed to slow down. She got only two strides before Woody’s fist yanked her back by the hair. She whimpered when he slammed her back against the car.

“No, you don’t, bitch,” Tuck spat, coming around the car to join Woody.

Woody’s hand wrapped high around her throat and tightened. Her eyes flew from one of them to the other. Woody was taller than she, and Tuck was a short square silhouette against the night.

“How many guys have you led around by the dick to get what you wanted?” Tuck snapped, stepping forward to roughly grab her crotch under her short skirt. His thumb crushed her clitoris painfully. He did it again, knowing he was hurting her. Woody mauled her right breast, pinching and squeezing painfully. Jessica became nauseous. Why couldn’t she just pass out? This seemed like a nightmare. Was it really happening? She could barely breathe.

“Feel these tits, Tuck. I think she likes it, don’t you, slut? Is her teasing little pussy wet?”

“Dry as a bone, buddy. Probably be like sandpaper fucking her. That’s alright though,” Tuck murmured. He moved his hand to her waistband and ripped the skirt off her. She heard herself whimper again, but she stood still. She was afraid of more than rape.

“Hold her for me, Woody, she might buck,” Tuck requested, pulling out his dick.

Everything seemed to speed up then for Jessica. One moment Woody’s hand pushed her back against the car, and then she was stumbling forward, choking and gasping. Woody lay atop Tuck, both of them on the ground a few feet away.

She was confused until she heard Joseph besides her asking if she was all right. She nodded numbly. He helped her up, and then stood between her and her rapists.

“What the fuck?” Woody asked shakily, getting up and out of Tuck’s way.

Tuck only had time to sit up before he was laid out again by Joseph’s booted toe to the underside of his jaw. He fell back in the gravel and stayed there.

“Who?” Woody asked, unsure whether to stay or run. He held his arm halfway between elbow and wrist.

Jessica realized they didn’t know it was Joseph in the dark. She smiled.

“You like to beat up girls, pussyboy?” Joe growled.

Woody edged sideways toward the car. Joe swung in and slammed him in the gut. When he hunched over, Joe kicked him in the balls three times hard. Woody fell forward on his face and didn’t make a sound.

When Joseph bent to lift Tuck by his collar, even Jessica flinched.

“No more, you’ll kill them.”

“I’m not killing them. I’d rather make them wish for it,” he said, but he let Tuck flop back down. Woody finally drew a gasp of road dirt, and then coughed. His hands were clasped between his legs and he trembled.

Joseph bent to retrieve her torn skirt from the ground, then used it to open the car door and get her purse out.

“Come on,” he said simply, holding out a hand to her. She put her hand in his.

Later, in his truck, she asked him why he’d beat Woody and Tuck so badly.

“Jessica, do you realize what was in progress back there? You were going to be raped, probably beaten, maybe murdered. They got off light. You can press charges against them in the morning, or now. Do you want to go to the police?”

She thought about her mother and her fake ID. She shook her head. When they got home there was a message on the answering machine that Mom wouldn’t be home until Monday.

“Go clean up,” Joe said, flipping on the kitchen light.

“Okay,” Jessica said dully. She turned to go down the hall.

“Wait,” Joe called. She just stopped. He led her into the bright light. She blinked.

“Oh, Honey...” his voice trailed off. She looked like an old rag doll. Her light brown hair was gnarled and unevenly mussed in long hanks down her back. Anger surged in him again when he saw the marks on her.

Her throat was turning dull purple under the red handprint where her skin was raw. Her carefully applied makeup was smeared and her eyes were dazed. Her shirt was ripped at the neckline, showing a lacy black bra with a broken strap.

Her skirt was gone and her tiny panties were twisted so that her labia showed some. She wore one black shoe and the tops of her toes were bloody.

“I should have killed them,” he cursed. Forcefully, he put his anger aside. He had no idea why she didn’t want to go to the police, but maybe she needed a doctor.

He picked her up gently and carried her to the living room. He sat her in the big chair and knelt in front of her. She just looked at him.

“I’m going to get you out of this ruined stuff now, okay, Jess?” She nodded and sighed.

First he eased her torn shirt off, then her bra. She didn’t seem to think it odd at all. He could barely see in the dim light from the kitchen. He got a blanket and stood her up. He put it around her, and then reached inside to slide her panties down. When she lifted her foot to step out, he slid her shoe off, too.

Now that she was naked, Joe carried her to the hall bathroom. He set her on the toilet so he could strip down to his underwear. He reached into the shower to adjust the water, and then got out two towels.

His face grew hot when he gently unwrapped the blanket. Her breast was bruised and seemed swollen slightly larger than its twin. He reached to press the worst looking area and asked her if it hurt.

She shivered while she stared at his big, tanned hand right above her nipple, and then looked at him.

“A little. Just sore,” she said.

“What about this?” he wanted to know.

He massaged the inside of her thigh right where it joined her crotch. He wasn’t sure, but that looked discolored as well. He would have been even more concerned if he had seen the bruising her pubic hair concealed.

“Just sore,” she repeated.

Joe grunted doubtfully. He followed both of her long, shapely legs down until he got to her skinned toes. He lifted her foot and saw that the abrasions weren’t as bad as they had first appeared.

“Alright, kiddo, lets get you scrubbed,” he prompted as light-heartedly as he could. She stood and let him help her into the shower.

First he wet her from head to toe, and then shampooed her hair. She insisted on conditioner, so he did that too, to pacify her feeble protests. Next he soaped up his hands and tried to wash off her makeup without getting any in her eyes. She just rested her head back against the shower wall and let him.

While soaping her neck, he felt for inflammation but couldn’t tell one way or the other. He did her arms and hands, and then rinsed her. Gingerly he started on her breasts, aware of how sore she must be. Jessica moaned when his fingers slid over her nipples. Her knees wobbled and he caught her when she began to slump. Backing up, he sat on the shower seat and settled her onto his lap.

Joseph was agitated. He’d kept his business-like mindset until she’d moaned. Now he held her and mentally kicked himself for relishing the feeling of her breasts under his fingers. Soap ran down her body under the shower spray. He tried not to feel her slippery skin against him. His self-anger allowed him to finish cleaning her. He rinsed her toes well and was about to turn off the water, but she stopped him. Jessica lathered her hands, and then parted her knees. When her hands touched her labia, she winced. She washed there anyway. It was one of the hardest things he’d ever done to rinse the soap out for her when she no longer seemed interested in finishing the job by herself.

As soon as he had her bundled in a towel and sitting safely on the floor he dried himself off. The wet briefs were no use to him now so he stripped them off and wrapped a towel around his hips.

He left the bathroom a mess and brought her to her room. It took a while, but he found clean panties and a t-shirt. She shrugged into the loose tee, and then lay back on the bed. He helped her with her underwear, and then pulled down the covers for her. She snuggled in, but wouldn’t let go of his hand.

“Please stay,” Jessica pleaded.

He sighed. “Let me turn off the light, then.”

She nodded, but watched him until he came back. She hummed happily for a few minutes when he lay down atop the covers and held her through the blanket. Only then did he allow himself to return to violent thoughts.

Jessica awoke, and it felt like a normal Saturday morning. Sunlight filtered in through her window curtains. She moved to stretch and soreness reminded her what had happened last night. She recalled more than anything how Joseph had cared for her last night. Was he still... ? She turned over to find Joe behind her. She was breathless at the sight of him. He lay sprawled on her bedspread. The morning light touched him softly all over because his towel had come loose.

He was gorgeous all over but her attention focused on his penis, which lay against his thigh. She thought it looked something like a little elephant trunk. Thick black curls surrounded it. She would have sat up for a closer look, but was afraid to wake him. Instead, she got an eyeful of the rest of him. His body was long and lean, as always. There were differences now, though. All fat had been honed from him and his muscles were hard-looking and sculpted even while he slept. There was also a new thickness to his chest, arms, and thighs. She could see he was deeply tanned everywhere except his underwear area. He was lightly furred across his broad chest, and black tufts were under his arms. One of those big arms was up, keeping the light from his eyes. His stubble-shaded jaw was slack and he breathed through his mouth.

Jessica smiled. He looked so big and tough now, but he’d been so gentle with her last night. She noticed she wasn’t the only one injured. His right hand looked battered where it rested on his hip. He’d been so vicious to Woody and Tuck. She wondered what else the Marines had taught him.

He’d defended her and cared for her and she didn’t care that he was naked. Jessica moved over to him and hugged him. She hadn’t intended to stay that way, but he felt so solid and warm. She put her head under his chin and rubbed a hand up and down his back. She settled her body comfortably against his, careful not to squish her bruised breast.

Joseph was ravenously horny. He was still mostly asleep when he noticed the soft female form against him. She rubbed his back and snuggled up to him. His dick surged to life between them. He felt her breath against his neck.

Jessica was amazed at his reaction. Her brother groaned and rolled half onto her. Something hard and long was throbbing against her belly and she gasped when she realized what it was. She’d thought he was hard before, but now he felt like warm steel around and over her.

Joe slowly gained consciousness. He was in a real bedroom, not a bunk in Kuwait. This was a girl with long hair, not lance corporal Evelyn Johnston. Memory cleared and he grimaced.

He opened his eyes to see his little sister staring up at him with those damn big green eyes. He was speechless.

“Hi,” Jessica said quietly. Her calm greeting only made him more uncertain. He lifted a little of his weight from her but didn’t roll away. The pressure of his erection against her eased off, but she could still feel a faint throbbing.

“It’s okay, Joey. I’m okay, I mean. Just kind of sore still,” she informed with a weak smile.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to - uh - force anything.”

“I know, Joe. You just woke up. You didn’t know it was me. I know how guys are in the morning.”

“You do, huh?” he finally grinned.

“Well, that’s what Lexie said, anyway.”

“So you’re still a virgin, then?” He obviously expected only one answer.

“Yeah, but it’s no business of yours.”

“Sorry,” he shrugged, “I haven’t seen you for almost three years. I don’t know much about you anymore.”

Jessica nodded. She wondered why he didn’t back off. She gave him a little nudge and he rolled off the bed to stand. He slowly reached for the towel and tucked it around his hips again.

“Wow, Joe, you’re a hottie.” She tried to say it casually.

He glanced at her briefly. “Are you sure you’re okay? I’d feel better if you went to the doctor.” He was relieved she was acting more normally this morning. Her zombie-like state last night had scared him. She smiled at his concern.

“I’ve hurt myself worse skiing. I’ll be fine.”

“But your insides...”

“He didn’t get that far, Joseph, or I’d be worried about pregnancy.”

“I meant his hand. I’m sorry I didn’t get there sooner.” He looked frustrated. His black hair was burnished, slightly brownish where the sun had baked it. It lay wildly around his face because he’d slept on it wet.

“Enough about it. I just want to forget it.” Jessica got up and found a pair of shorts. He left so she could dress. Her bra hurt too much to wear. She put her ruined clothes and the one shoe directly into the dumpster because she never wanted to see them again.

Lexie called that afternoon.

“Jessica, Woody and Tuck are both in the hospital. Tuck’s jaw is fractured. Woody has a broken arm and lost a testicle. What happened?”

She had to think fast to explain what had happened. She ended up telling her friend the truth, but left out any mention of Joseph.

“I’m not going to talk about that, except to say they got what they deserved.” It shook her up to hear those two were that badly injured.

“What if they go to the police?” Lex worried.

“Then they’ll have to deal with rape charges. It’s up to them, and you can tell them I said so.”

Jessica had to wear high collars and concealer to cover the bruising on her neck for two weeks. Her mother, as usual, didn’t notice much about her children. For once, Jessica was grateful.

Apparently the two boys kept their mouths shut. Woody returned to school first. She ran into them at lunch once. She was proud to not feel fear or shame. She stared them down venomously until they moved on.

--- Joseph put in resumes and was immediately accepted into an industrial engineering firm. It wasn’t what he ultimately wanted, but it would get him out of his mother’s house. A twenty-four year old man with his background had no business living with mom.

Jessica and Rachel helped him load his few belongings into his truck. He set it all up in his new one bedroom apartment and had a party.

Mom and Jessica came, but mom left after just a few minutes, like always. Some of his old friends form school came. Most of them were married or had girlfriends. Rachel, Jessica, and one other guy were the only other singles there.

Afterward, Jess and Rachel helped him clean up. The living room was trashed, and so was the kitchen, to a lesser degree. The bedroom was untouched.

Joseph sat on the new leather couch and flipped channels. The girls loaded glasses into the dishwasher and wiped down the countertops.

“Look at his majesty in there sitting on his ass while we work,” Rachel said loudly.

“Hey, I didn’t make the mess, and I never asked you to clean it,” he defended over the TV volume.

“It would have just sat there if we hadn’t, though.” Jessica called out.

Joe smiled. It was nice to see Jess being herself again. Over the past month he’d gotten to know her a little. She’d changed a lot in three years, but she was still smart and sweet. It disturbed him to know she was so shy and didn’t have many friends. Since he’d been home Jessica had spent a lot of time with him. She should probably have spent that time hanging with girls her age.

Soon Jess and Rachel joined him on the couch. He set down the remote so as not to aggravate them.

“Is Mom expecting me to bring you home?”

“I don’t know, she didn’t say,” Jess said absently. She was looking around at the bare off-white walls. The rooms were spacious, but needed decorating. She caught Rachel’s eye and the older girl noticed the same thing.

“Maybe we should get some things for your place, Joe. It looks kind of...”

“No, absolutely not! I just got away from fru-fru. Leave my walls alone.”

“Oh well, Jessica, we tried,” Rachel grinned. “Do you want me to bring you home?”

Joe didn’t know if he should be pleased that his friend and sister were becoming friendly.

“I really don’t want to go home. Mom might have a - uh - friend there,” Jess explained. She looked embarrassed about it.

“You don’t have anything to stay here. No toothbrush, no clothes, no deodorant...” Joe reminded.

“I’ve got my purse. That’s all I need.”

It was a mixed blessing, Joe thought. Rachel was starting to hint she wanted more than friendship from him. At least if Jess stayed the night, Rachel would go soon. Not that Rachel was a dog; he just didn’t want to mess up the friendship.

“Well, okay, I guess I’ll go then. I’ve got to be up early tomorrow.”

Joe walked her to her car. The parking area was well lit and quiet at this late hour.

They talked for a moment about their mutual concern for Jessica’s well being. Joe knew it wasn’t good for a girl his sister’s age to live basically alone in a house with a mother who didn’t show much interest in her.

Rachel tried not to notice the way her large friend stood over her as she leaned against her car. Was he playing games with her? Maybe he just didn’t notice the effect he had on her. She looked into his eyes while he talked and saw that he was aware of her attraction to him. He continued to stare at her knowingly, but he stood his ground and did nothing.

“Joe, we need to talk.”

“Not now, Rachel. I know what’s on your mind, but can it wait? Try giving it a little time before we discuss this,” he urged gently.

“Time? You are going to stay away from me, hoping how I feel will disappear, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Joe said honestly. She could appreciate that, though it hurt.

“I look different than I used to. I know that, Rache. Women seem to respond to that. I’m a little surprised it’s happened to you, too. I’m sure it’s just a physical thing. Why don’t you go on a few dates, and maybe it will pass? You know as well as I do that this could really mess up our friendship.”

“You don’t just look different, Joe, you are different. There’s something about you that...” her voice dwindled. He was shaking his head and smiling softly.

“Trust me on this one, Rache. I’m just horny. I wouldn’t respect myself in the morning. You wouldn’t want to be responsible for that, would you?” he teased.

She smiled, though she felt like crying. If he was horny, why couldn’t he take what she offered? It was only logical.

“Go home and have sweet dreams. Call me in a few weeks when you feel better, huh?”

She nodded, and got in her car. She didn’t trust herself to speak.

When he got back inside, Jessica was lying on the couch watching a movie. Joe turned off the lights on the way to his bedroom. There was only the faint silver-blue TV light now.

“I’m going to shower,” he announced. She only grunted. The shower revived him, and he was looking forward to his first night relaxing at his own place. He got out and put on a pair of old green shorts.

He got some orange juice in the kitchen, and then went to sit on the couch. Jess got up to let him sit on his couch, and decided she might as well shower too. He thought she was cute in her little short shirt that showed off her trim belly. Her pants were baggy and hung low on her hips. She had kicked off her shoes and he saw she had a dark nail polish painted on her toenails.

“I’ll shower too.”

“You know where everything is, don’t you?”

“I’m the one who put everything away,” she reminded.

“Right,” he said briskly. “Move, you’re blocking the TV, brat.” He smacked her lightly on her butt, nudging her toward the bathroom. He pretended not to notice the sour look she gave him. Jessica was feeling naughty tonight. She took her shirt and pants off in his bedroom with the door open. She pulled off her bra and panties in the bathroom. She enjoyed the after shower muskiness that smelled like him.

Stepping into his shower brought back memories of that night after the concert. She’d been out of her head then, but her body must have noticed what was going on. Images of Joseph in wet underwear played in her mind while she showered. Too bad she didn’t remember the feel of his hands on her. She knew it wasn’t right to think of her brother this way. She wasn’t sure why she did. She’d never heard of other girls with crushes on their brothers. Was this a crush? She’d never had one, so she didn’t know.

She put on only her plain cotton underwear and her shirt. She pulled her spare toothbrush from her purse and used it, then finger-combed her damp hair.

She went to take her spot on the couch, but Joe was stretched out on it with his feet hanging over the arm. His back was against the back of the couch and his head on the armrest. His legs looked heavy and she didn’t want them on her lap so she lay down on the floor in front of the couch.

COPS was on. She rolled onto her back to see if Joe was still awake. He smiled at her then returned to watching the show.

“Joe, did you have to kill anybody in Kuwait?” That got his attention and he seemed to think before answering.

“No, I didn’t have to, but I was shot at several times. I was within rights to return fire.”

“Why didn’t you? Weren’t you in danger?”

“Not really. We were well covered. They couldn’t have hit us from their position. With their weapons, they were almost out of range. We could have picked them off easily, but it didn’t seem sporting,” he explained.

“But what if they shot at other Americans later and didn’t miss?”

“We reported them and they were neutralized by a different unit,” he stated ambiguously. It sounded so shocking to Jess, but he could have been talking about changing a light bulb in that tone.


“Don’t ask, Jess. Why do you want to know about this? I’d rather just forget about it.”

“Would you consider yourself a violent person, Joe?”

“No - well, I guess I could be if I needed to, why?” He angled his body down to look more directly at her.

“Woody and Tuck were in the hospital. You messed them up pretty bad.”

“Would you rather I had let them continue their fun?”

“No, but you thought nothing of hurting them so badly. Did you know what you were doing?” she asked quietly. Joe looked surprised that she was questioning his actions.

“Yes, I knew what I was doing. I could have done worse in less time if I had needed to. Remember, they were even more deliberate and cruel. They had the possibility of defending themselves. You didn’t. Are you going to question them too?”

“I’m sorry, Joe. I didn’t mean to sound ungrateful. I’ve just never seen...” she paused.


She nodded.

“I’m sorry it happened.”

“Me too,” she murmured. She smiled at him, and then turned to watch television.

Joseph wondered why she hadn’t put her pants back on. Her shirt didn’t do anything to hide her breasts, either. They strained against the thin fabric with her breathing. He tore his eyes away. Worse, his gaze landed on her flat tummy with that precious little bellybutton. Her bikini underwear rode high on her hips. It made her legs look even longer.

Maybe she needed a bit of advice.

“Jessica, has anyone spoken to you about sex?” He said it calmly and it didn’t feel odd. She turned her head back to look at him again. Her hair spread around her on the carpet and the blue light made it look like she was floating underwater.

“No, but I’ve read books. I know how it all works.”

“What books?” He was skeptical.

“I don’t know their titles. School books, pamphlets from the nurse, library books. We watched a film in Phys. Ed. Last year. Why?” She rolled on the floor to face him and her curves were silhouetted against the TV. She propped her head on her hand.

“That’s all good. I’m sure you know the basics. But I’m wondering if you know how to stay out of trouble with boys. And men.” Now the wording was getting tricky.

“I’m a virgin, remember? I know how to avoid pregnancy: condoms, abstinence, the pill...”

“No, honey, I mean socially. Like you getting into a car with two older guys...”

“I’ve learned my lesson about the car thing,” she interrupted.

“And like you lying there in front of me without much on,” he finished.

“But you’re my brother, and I’m wearing more than you are, in case you hadn’t noticed.” He thought he saw a saucy smile with that bit.

“Okay, then I’ll go put a shirt on.” He started to get up.

“No,” she said, putting a hand on his knee. He froze and looked down at her curiously. Did she have some other bit of female logic for him?

“Why?” he asked.

“I like - I mean, I don’t mind you not having a shirt on. I was just making a point.” She removed her hand and he settled back onto the couch.

“Do you mind me wearing only this?” she asked quietly after a moment of silence.

“Not at all. No straight man would mind. That’s the issue. You shouldn’t flaunt yourself in front of men unless you’re trying to get a response. We’ve got short fuses when it comes to sex. Where I just came from, you’d be gang-raped if a man saw you wearing that.” He looked pointedly down her body to indicate her panties and tiny tee.

“But I’m just comfortable, and you’re my brother!” she protested.

“Even brothers have their limits with a sister who looks like you.” He immediately wanted to take the words back. She looked at him oddly and there was a prolonged silence.

“What about you, Joseph? Those shorts don’t cover much on a guy like you. Is there a double standard?”

“You know there is. Girls don’t think that way.” He sounded so certain.

“Don’t we?” Jessica’s voice was quiet, almost a whisper. He wished he could see her face better. Was she teasing? He felt an instant of unreasonable anxiety when she stood up in front of him. What was she doing? She stepped closer until he was looking up at her. His mouth fell open when she reached for the bottom of her shirt. He was too late to stop her. The shirt was up and off and she was getting onto the couch with him.

“What the hell are you doing, Jess?!” he rumbled, but it sounded more scared than stern. Joe backed himself into the cushions when she settled on her side facing him. He tried so hard not to look at her body.

“Proving a point. I’m tired of your bullshit.”

He froze like a rabbit as she scooted closer. “Jess, I’m warning you...”

“Shut up, Joe.” She pressed skin to skin against him and her arms went around his neck. Of course his traitorous dick rose to the occasion.

“I don’t like games,” he ground out through his teeth. Oooohh, she felt so good! He braced his arms against the couch rigidly. Why wouldn’t she quit squirming? Her leg went up alongside his hip and her pubis nudged him.

“I’m not playing. You feel really good, Joe. Please hold me.”

“I can’t. I haven’t had sex in four months. This is too much. You’ve made your point, Jessica. Now get off me.” The strain in his deep voice thrilled her. She squirmed closer. His chest hair felt wonderful on her nipples.

“Jessica, GET OFF!” he demanded.

“I don’t think I can, Joe. I want something.” Her voice was breathy against his neck. He groaned when her hips wiggled.

“You want to fuck, and we can’t do that.”

“This is what it feels like?” she wondered languorously. Her fingers played in his hair. Jessica had never felt this heavy and breathless. Between her thighs she throbbed and almost burned.

“This is what it feels like. Now, please...” He was aware that he sounded raspy, too.

“Do you feel the same way?” She knew he felt something. His body was vibrating with tension against her. It seemed he was trying not to move.

“Dammit, Jess, you’re torturing me! I feel it worse than you because I know how good it can feel. Now, have some mercy on me and GET UP! I swear we’ll both regret it if you don’t.” He finally sounded serious enough that she listened to him.

Jessica reluctantly pushed herself up on one arm and turned away from him. She let her hair fall around her face and hugged herself to stop the tingles in her breasts. She was sure she was making a wet spot on his couch.

Joe’s breath gusted out in relief and he popped up like a cork. For something to do, he went to the kitchen and guzzled more orange juice. He leaned against the counter and readjusted his cock in his shorts. Just touching it to move it made him grit his teeth. He tried to calm himself before he had to face her again.

Who would’ve thought! His own kid sister! So, girls were horny, too. She’d proved that beyond a doubt, but why him? Was she psycho? A pervert? No, he couldn’t label her those things. He’d been right there with her, wanting it just as much. She was a neglected, confused, horny kid who responded too strongly to any kind of caring touch.

Joseph had just about talked himself down to cold logic when she came into the kitchen.

She looked like Lady Godiva, but with little pink panties. The sight of her luscious tits partially concealed behind her long hair made him close his eyes.

“Joe, I want to look at you.” Her voice was soft and small. He looked only at her eyes. There was an innocence there and it burned him.

“If you look, you’ll touch, the way you’re feeling right now. I need a woman, Jess. I want a quick fuck, that’s all. Not you. You need a boy who will make love to you, honey. I’m not your man.”

She didn’t answer. He set down his orange juice. Jessica took another long, hard look at his body. He knew she was about to touch him again. When he uncrossed his arms she put her hands on his chest. Her palms slid down and out to cover his nipples. Her fingertips toyed with them next, and he grabbed her wrists to stop her.


“Jess, you might end up pregnant,” he warned. He knew she didn’t just want to play with him.

“No, I won’t. It’s the wrong time of the month for that.”

He wondered if he should trust her judgment or her honesty. She was wearing down his resistance. She was beautiful and she wanted him.

“You know this is wrong. Are you sure you want this?”

She slid her arms over his shoulders and kissed him. His groan was his last sign of regret. He parted her lips with his tongue and she accepted him in her mouth. Joe put his arms around her and pressed their skin together. Jess began moving against him. He used his tongue to teach her to kiss.

“I don’t want to do this standing in the kitchen,” he told her in a gravely voice. He couldn’t tell if she’d heard him because she started kissing his throat. She licked the skin over his pulse then moved down to bite his collarbone.

Joe put his hands on her butt and lifted her against him. Her legs went around his waist and finally she felt him hard and hot where she wanted him.

“Joey...” she breathed, “lets go to your bed.”

He was already on his way. He got inside his room and kicked the door shut. He would have fallen onto the bed with her but didn’t want to crush her.

“Let go, Jess.”

As soon as she did he turned on the bedside lamp. He stared at her while he took off his shorts and briefs. Her eyes were roving his long, lean body again when he straightened up. She was sprawled on his bed with her thighs open and one knee drawn up. Her eyes glued to his groin and it just made him harder.

He flexed his large erection a few times just to mess with her and it slapped against his ridged belly.

“Joe! How did you do that?” Her eyes were wide.

“Here, feel,” he offered, stepping to the bed right beside her.

He took one of her slender hands and wrapped it around his thick cock at the base. She reflexively squeezed it and he flexed it in her hand. She gasped and wiggled from head to toe. So it turned her on, huh? He leaned over and put his hands on her beautifully curved hips. He loved the way her thighs instinctively opened in invitation. His own hips made a slight involuntary twitch. He smiled. Such sweet tension!

Jessica knew she must be flushed all over, she felt so hot. His large, gentle hands pulled down her panties, leaving her completely naked. She held out her arms to him, wanting him closer.

“Not yet, sweet. Let’s enjoy each other for a while first,” he calmed her.

She pouted, but dropped her arms. He brought his body down on hers, but his mouth was at her breasts. Her hips squirmed anyway, nudging her pubis into his belly. He groaned when her thighs clasped his cock tightly. Her nails raked his scalp when he took a distended nipple between his lips. He flicked it with his tongue and she bucked beneath him.

“Please, Joey, pleeease ... now,” Jess moaned. She was frantic with desire. Her hands pulled at his broad shoulders. He couldn’t resist any longer.

“Try to relax. It might hurt, Jess.” He moved up her body and his cockhead nudged the thick, swollen folds of her pussy. She felt so warm and soft! He clenched up his face in an effort to go slowly.

Jessica was in heaven! His big, sexy body strained above hers and she felt him ease the first little bit inside her. She hung onto the hard muscles at his sides. Her eyes closed in bliss while his broad, blunt head stretched her open for the first time. It was a tight, exquisite caress. The throbbing of his cock beat in counter rhythm to her weeping pussy.

“Ooooooh Joey...” she whimpered. His thick, hard shaft started sinking into her and she tossed her head side to side in helpless response.

“I know, Jess, you feel so gooood,” he whispered emphatically. She was so tight and he was so turned on he hoped he could last to satisfy her. His cock bottomed out against her cherry.

Jessica felt a delicious fullness that bordered on pain. She wanted more, no matter how it hurt.

“Do it. I want you, now, please.” She panted and writhed under him, trying to impale herself further.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, and then bore down into her in one strong, smooth stroke. He felt a sudden give, and he slid in until his pubic hair meshed with hers.

“Aahhh!” she cried out and tried to pull her knees together. Her hands shoved at his shoulders, but he didn’t move.

“Shhh, it should feel better soon.” He couldn’t stop from throbbing inside her, even though he tried to be still. Joe wrapped his arms around her and kissed her temple.

She felt the pain fade, then began to enjoy the fullness of him. She moved her hips and felt him slide a little against her tight, wet walls.

“You are inside me,” she stated in wonder.

“I am,” he agreed. It cost him dearly to smile. “Are you okay now?”

God, he hoped she was. He had to move!

“I think so. Do it again, Joey,” she encouraged.

He slowly withdrew, and then plunged back in more forcefully. His enjoyment was obvious and he did it again and again. Their bodies surged to meet each other. Her eyes met his and she saw he felt the same heavy, radiant pleasure she did.

“Oooh ... Joey ... yeah ... fffuck ... meeee...” Her voice was strained and it was the sweetest thing he’d ever heard.

“I’m doing ... my best ... sweetheart,” he ground out. He was going to cum soon. He hoped - Jessica felt a growing warmth inside where his cock stroked her. A throbbing started and spread.

“Uuuunnghh, Joooooeeeeey! Yesssss... !” she shrieked. Her body convulsed and trembled under him and he felt strong tightening spasms gripping his cock.

His balls tightened and wave after wave of ecstasy swamped him. His cum felt like hot, reeling pleasure shooting through him and he was giving it all to her.

Jessica stared up at her brother in lethargic awe. Never had she seen anything so erotic as his body arched above her, frozen in a trembling clench of every muscle. She could feel him swell and pulse inside her. Jets of hot fluid filled her until she overflowed. He collapsed onto her breathing harshly.

She welcomed his weight, though she could hardly breathe. Their hearts pounded together.

“Joey-” she began.

“Shh, no words.” He raised onto his elbows and cradled her head in his hands. He stared at her face intently. With their bodies still joined and slick with sweat, he kissed her deeply.

“Mmmm,” he hummed.

“Hnnn,” she agreed.

Finally, he broke the kiss. Se sat up carefully and pulled her up with him so she was sitting astride him on his lap. He was still hard inside her.

“I want you to see something,” he told her, looking down their bodies to where they were joined. She leaned back a little and looked down too.

Joe pulled his hips back and they watched his cock slide out of her, shiny and pink-tinged from her virgin blood. The sensation was nearly as good as their lovemaking had been. They looked up to grin hotly at each other.

When his cockhead came out, thick white smears of cum coated it.

“Oh!” Jessica gasped in erotic fascination. The lips of her pussy closed around him and seemed sad to let him go. More cum and pink pussy juice flowed out of her in a slow river.

“That is so hot!” she exclaimed. His cock was big and ruddy and slippery with their fluids. Joseph grabbed it at its base and teased her labia with it. He loved the petal-soft feel of those tender lips brushing past.

He looked her in the eye, caught in a haze of lust again.

“Jess, do you feel sore?” His voice was alluringly deep and rough.


“I want you again. Can we?” Jessica watched his cock grow bigger. The veins stood out all around it and it pointed slightly down under its own weight. She smiled shyly up at him.

“I want to be on top this time.”

“I’ll show you how,” he promised.

They didn’t get to sleep until five in the morning. Jessica snuggled back against him and they fell into sated dreams. He liked the feel of warm, mussed woman in his arms.

The phone rang at eleven. Joe rolled over in irritation to get it.

“Hi?” he garbled out, still half asleep. “Yeah, she’s still here. You never came to get her.” He pulled himself up on an elbow. Jessica rolled over and glared at him drowsily. He put a finger over his lips.

“Hang on. I’ll see if she’s awake,” he said into the phone.

“JESSICA! GET THE PHONE, IT’S MOM!” Jess winced beside him and covered her ears. They waited about twenty seconds, and then she took the phone from him.

“Ma?” she said into the receiver.

“Are you ready to go?” Mom asked briskly.

“I’ve been ready since ten o’clock last night. I thought you were coming back to get me.”

“I thought Joseph would bring you home.”

“He had company until late and then I was asleep.”

“Alright, then. Be ready. I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Bye.”

“Bye, Mom,” Jess said coolly, and gave Joe the phone.

“We pulled that off well,” Joseph said smugly.

“Yeah, but I’m deaf now,” she complained, rubbing her ear. She shivered at the feel of his big, hard hairiness around her.

“Hmmm, I forgive you.” She kissed his collarbone because he had tucked her head under his chin.

He opened his mouth to say ‘I love you,’ but realized she might take it the wrong way. He loved his little sister, and they’d just had a great night of sex, but the two were separate in his mind.

They writhed against each other in a tight embrace. He’d woken up hard and now he was aching.

“Do you want to play poke-her again?” she teased with a naughty smile.

“You know it. Don’t you?” He nibbled at her ear and tightly squeezed a breast in each hand.

“Oh, yeah!” Her head fell back and she closed her eyes. He caressed her some more, and then grew still.

“I don’t want to leave,” Jessica moaned. She felt alarmingly close to tears.

“But you’ve got to, Jess. It’s not like you’ll never see me again. I’ll be right here, or at work,” he assured. She turned pouty eyes on him.

“Get up, you little goddess, and go shower before Mom gets here and finds us fucking like the animals we are.” He swatted her on her lush bottom just hard enough to mean business. She got up, still pouting, and flounced to the bathroom.

He would shower too, but that might look suspicious. He was allowed to smell like sex, but she was not. He got up, rinsed their accumulated love juices off his cock and balls, and got dressed in suitably wrinkled clothes. He couldn’t smell it, but he was sure the place still reeked.

“Jess, come here,” he called when he heard her get out of the shower. She was buttoning her baggy pants and nearly walked right into him. She briefly smiled at her blunder and he thought she looked adorable. Her face fell when she saw how serious he looked. She knew what was coming.

“Last night was unbelievable, sweetheart. But it can’t happen again. You know that, right?” His voice was gentle and he held her shoulders to emphasize his point. She turned her face away and wouldn’t look at him. He jiggled her gently and she nodded.

“Nothing has changed between us, Jessica. You’re still my baby sis, and I still love you. We just can’t let things get all tangled up and complicated between us.” Again she nodded. He gave her a brief hug and let her go gather her things. If she was that upset, he hoped she put on a good show when Mom got here.

Eileen’s eyes widened slightly when she entered her son’s apartment. The place smelled of sex so strongly she wondered how many people it had taken to achieve that. When she looked at Joseph, he just stared her down as if daring her to ask. She could tell he had definitely been one of the participants. Oddly, she’d never thought of her grown son having sex, but here was proof. She studied her daughter carefully, but Jessica seemed innocent and oblivious to it all.

“Well, thanks for keeping Jessica,” their mother said, and turned to leave. She expected her daughter to follow.

“It was my pleasure,” Joe said softly, staring intently at his sister, who still stood in his doorway.

“At least half the pleasure was mine,” she grinned. She blew him a kiss and winked before she followed her mother to the parking lot.

From the look she gave him, Joseph knew she wasn’t finished tormenting him yet. He groaned and hoped he had the willpower to resist her.