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Birthday Surprise

by Jessy19

Caution: This story contains strong Elements of incest sex between two brothers and their younger sister.

I remember that hot August day. It was my sixteenth birthday and I was so ready to have fun. I had all my day planned out. I was going to spend some time with the family first and then go out at night with my best friend Jill who was sixteen and already had her drivers license.

I woke up about 8am that day. It was a Wednesday, and I was ready for my family to give me a birthday hug. I went to go take a cold shower first and got dressed. I deciced to wear my red halter top and white shorts with my cute brown slip on sandals to complete the look. It was only my mother, my two brothers and me of course. My father had died over six years ago. My mother was a busy woman though. She was a lawyer and worked long hours often. I would always be the one to stay home and cook for my brothers Michael and Justin.

Michael, who was 20 was the oldest. Then there was Justin who was 18 and me that just turned 16. Michael was on summer vacation and home from college. Justin had just graduated high school.

I went downstairs that morning and found my mother on the phone arguing with someone. I could hear her frustration. I knew it had to be her work. She'd originally taken this day off to be with me and bake me my favorite German chocolate cake that I loved so much. Although I just felt that she was going to work that day. I waited a bit after she got off the phone to walk into the living room.

"Happy birthday Lisa sweetheart," She said putting her arms around me.

"Thank you mom." I responded quietly.

She looked at me with sadness. I knew she'd be going to work that day. "Honey, listen as much as I hate to do this to you on your birthday, I have to go to work today. This one case is so close to ending and well the firm needs me to do this."

I understood my mother. I knew she worked hard to get us everything we had. "It's ok mom, I know you have to do your job. I'll see you tonight right?" I asked looking at her anxiously but she just looked down.

"Well honey actually I won't get home until late and I know your going out tonight with Jill."

I felt my eyes being to water a bit but I knew I had to be strong. I hated making my mother feel guilty. "Ok mom maybe we can do something this weekend then." I said in a comforting tone. She held me tight and thanked me for being so understanding.

About an hour later my mother had left to work and I was cleaning up a bit. Our house was so big but always stayed clean. I heard Michael wake up first. He headed for the bathroom to wash up like always. I hoped he remembered my birthday. I heard him walk downstairs a few minutes later. I sat on the couch watching the morning talk shows.

"Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! Happy birthday!" He rushed to me ready to tackle me with his hug.

Michael was such a big guy. He was at least 6'2" and about 200lbs very muscular. He was an athlete all through high school and college. I had to admit he was extremely attractive too. His light brown hair was short and clean cut. He had the same gray eyes as mine and my other brother Justin. He looked like the cover of GQ magazine for sure.

"Aww thanks Mikey." I said in a muffled voice as he held me tightly.

"So? 16 years old huh? Now you're becoming a real woman." He said in a sarcastic tone.

I just rolled my eyes at him but yet I couldn't help but blush. We chatted a bit in the living room and then I heard Justin get up. He went to go wash up too and quickly came down stairs to wish me a happy birthday.

Justin was almost as tall as Michael but not as muscular. He had a nice body though. He had tanned skin, which made him look even more gorgeous. His hair was dark brown and he wore it a bit long.

"Hey little sis happy birthday." He said softly holding me as tight as Michael had.

"Hey thank guys for not forgetting my birthday!" I said teasingly.

"Well you know," Michael said, "We got a birthday surprise for you."

I was never expecting any gifts from my brothers. I knew it had to be something special. I looked at Michael and then at Justin. They both seemed to be in agreement in their own minds. "W-w-what kind of surprise?" I asked nervously.

Michael waked towards me and stood before me. He was so tall I remember, as I tilted my head back to look up at him. He extended his hand out for me. "Lisa come with us to my room so we can give you your present."

I was very doubtful that they'd actually bought me a present. In past birthdays they'd just taken me out to eat or to the movies. Justin and I followed Michael upstairs to his room. Michael's room was the pretty small. His bed was very comfortable though. I used to sleep there at times when he was away at college.

I stood in his room as he and Justin stood in front of me. It was an awkward silence at first. "OK so where is my present?" I asked hesitantly. I saw Michael walk over to me. Being only 5'2" and 105lbs at that time I felt so scared having him so close to me.

"We want to show you how to be a woman." Michael said stoking my long hair.

"A woman? What do you mean?" I asked in a scared tone.

"Lisa you're so beautiful. You don't know how beautiful you are." I heard Justin say.

I felt so confused at that moment. Did my brothers want to have sex with me? Is that what they meant? My heart was racing and I felt Michael's heat, as he got even closer. "Can I get a kiss from you?" Michael said leaning down to me. I felt him lock his arms around me. His strong hold was making me feel so wanted. I just simply nodded for him to kiss me.

I felt his lips touch mine so tenderly. His wet saliva moistened my lips. I'd never kissed a guy before so I had no idea what to do. I found myself putting my arms around him. I was actually liking his kiss!

"Let your tongue slide into his mouth." I heard Justin tell me.

Before I could proceed to get my tongue in Michael's mouth, he'd already beat me to it. His tongue slowly crept into my mouth and our tongues slid on one another. His kiss was just so incredible! I kept wanting more. I kept holding him closer. We kissed for what seemed to be forever. Michael then broke our kiss and sweetly kissed my forehead.

"There. See that wasn't so bad was it? Was I the first guy you ever kissed?" Michael asked as he traced my lips with his finger.

I couldn't even talk for that moment. His hypnotizing kiss left me speechless! All of a sudden I felt Justin get close to me. He put one arm around me as Michael slowly stepped aside to let my other brother kiss me.

Justin began to kiss my neck first. His hot breath caressed my skin so lightly. I had to put my arms around him to feel him closer to me. "I love you Lisa." I heard him whisper in my ear. Still being in shock, I just stayed silent. Enjoying my brother's kiss. His lips moved towards mine. His kiss was a little wetter than Michaels and with a lot more tongue.

I could feel Michael being to nibble on my earlobe as Justin kissed me. The feeling at that moment was so incredible! Here were two of the most gorgeous guys I'd ever laid my eyes on and they were here loving me! Justin ended our kiss as he softly sucked on my lower lip.

"I want to take off your top." Michael said tugging at my halter top.

I still said nothing. I suppose my eyes said it all. I raised my arms voluntarily to let Michael take my top off. He slowly removed it from me exposing my barley-developed breasts. I saw them both look at me mesmerized by my hard pink nipples. "My god you're so sexy." Michael said as his hands touched my breasts.

I felt an electrifying sensation as my brother touched my breasts. Justin moved behind me and I felt his hands pull my shorts down. I then decided to kick off my sandals and let them take over me. I was so ready to learn about love and sex.

I was then now standing in nothing but my white cotton panties. I felt Michael begin to run his hands up my thighs as Justin began to kiss my back. "Come here baby sister," Michael said as he picked me up and carried me over to the bed.

My body laid on the bed as Michael and Justin began to take off their shirts letting me see their hard bodies. They moved on to taking off their shorts and then their boxers. Finally they stood there completely naked. I was so scared to look at their cocks. I didn't know what to expect.

Justin's cock was at least six inches and quit thick. His swollen head appeared to look wet. It was Michael's cock that left me breathless though. I was at least 8 inches and a little bit thicker than Justin's. His glossy cock head was even more swollen than Justin's.

Justin laid next to me caressing my breasts as Michael began to take my panties off. I tried to keep my legs closed feeling so exposed. Michael's strong hands forced my legs open as he saw my tiny pussy. I was just starting get my pubes so I felt a bit embarrassed, as I knew my brothers had seen more mature pussy.

"Mmmm what a gorgeous sight." Michael said as his fingers began to run down my slit.

I felt myself squirm a little as I was having my pussy touched for the first time by a guy. Justin's mouth then went on my left nipple as his thumb traced circles around my right nipple. I let out a soft moan at the moment I felt Michaels finger slide inside my pussy. I felt a rush of liquid ooze out of me as Michael's finger slipped in deeper in my tight opening. "So warm. So tight," Michael said, as he was getting ready to slip a second finger in me.

Justin continued to suck on my nipples and kiss me. He placed his mouth hard on mine as Michael slipped in the second finger. I felt some pain go through my whole body for a moment. I felt myself squint as I tried to get used to Michael's fingers in me. "He's just trying to get you ready." Justin said sincerely.

With Michael's two fingers in me I now loved it! I pressed his hand for a deeper feel. His look of satisfaction then disappeared as he put his head between my legs. I suddenly jolted as I felt Michael's hurricane tongue on my clit. I moaned with pleasure and desire. I ran my fingers through his hair, as his mouth tasted me.

Justin looked down at my brother and then at me. He licked his lips I knew he wanted to taste me too. He slid his body down and opened my legs as wide as ever. Michael let him begin to taste me. Justin used his lips more than his tongue. His lips caught my clit as he sucked on it lightly. I started to move my hips as I felt my body tighten and then I felt myself cumming on my brother's mouth.

Michael just watched as I came hard, as my nipples swelled up and I laid their breathless. My body felt weak after that hard unknown excitement I felt for the first time of my life. Justin got up wiping his mouth from my juices. "You taste so sweet little sister." He said as he softly kissed my knees. Michaels hard was throbbing as he kept looking at me.

"Lisa I want to fuck you. I want you more than I've ever wanted any other girl." Michael said with passion.

"I want you too Michael. But I'm scared." I said in a frightened tone.

Justin hurried towards me. I knew he was trying to comfort me. His hands stroked my hair and face. "Lisa he won't hurt you. Neither will I. We both love you and we care about you." His words were so sweet and loving. His lips kissed mine as Michael leaned down and kissed me at the same time. There I was having a three-way kiss with my brothers. It was incredibly erotic and sensual.

Michael then began to move slowly to the edge of the bed as me moved my little body as well. I was still a little frightened by his size but I knew I had to take it. I wanted to take it. "I'm going to slide in you baby, slowly, and a little at a time." Michael whispered to me. I laid there wondering how he was going to feel. Justin just stared in amazement, as he was about to watch his little sister lose her virginity.

Michael slid the head of his cock first. I felt my pussy stretch a little bit as Justin began to rub my clit with his thumb. I held on to Justin's other hand trying to keep from losing control from the painful but at the same time pleasureful feeling of Michael's cock entering me.

Michael's cock was now going in deeper in me. I felt my tiny pussy begin to expand. At that moment of pain I tried to lift away but Justin held me down. Finally Michael was all inside me. He moaned deeply as he began to slide his cock slowly inside my tight pussy. I felt my pussy swallowing his whole cock. His cock began to go in with more ease with the moisture the oozed out of my pussy. With each thrust I began to moan.

Justin kept looking at my pussy getting fucked. His thumb stayed rubbing my clit for a while but then he rose up to my face. His hard cock was yearning for my mouth. As Michael fucked me I offered my mouth to Justin's cock. Justin eased his cock in my mouth as I began to suck it, taste it, and love it. All through the room I could hear Michael and Justin moaning loudly. My muffled moan was heard as well.

Michael began to pump my pussy harder and faster. I felt my breasts move around wildly as my brother fucked me. My legs were tightly wrapped around his waist and he held my hips down closer to him.

Justin's cock was now almost down my throat. He loved the fact that his little sister was sucking it. A few moments later I felt Justin's cock twitch in my mouth and saw him toss his head back as he began to drown my mouth with his cum. The salty warm liquid ran down my throat as he wiped the remaining cum on my lips with his cock.

Justin then just tried to catch his breath as I felt Michaels cock began to pulse in me. I watched with excitement as Michael came in me. He closed his eyes for a moment as he let all his cum flow in my pussy. He kept spurting his cum in me as Justin kissed me hard.

Michael just collapsed, gracefully spent, against my chest. His breath was hot and heavy. His strong body felt so good. I kissed him softly on the lips with a grin on my face.

"So this was the surprise you two had for me huh?" I said playfully.

They both laughed and with one brother on each side they held me close, kissing me and caressing me. Justin then whispered to me, "It's not over yet. It's my turn to fuck you." My heart skipped a beat for a moment. Was I ready for Justin? Was I ready to take all his cum in my pussy? Hmmm yeah! I think I was! So I did.