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Fucking my Cousin's Ass

by Bob Banger

I was preparing dinner when the phone rang.


“Hey cous.”

“Hey you.”

It was my cousin from Michigan, Claudia, I was expecting her call as I was told she was coming to vacation in the Bahamas.

Since I moved down to the islands, my social life has been anything but boring. I come from a large family and since I’ve been living in Nassau, there is always somebody from the family coming to vacation and trying to take advantage of the situation.

“I’m trying to check into the hotel and they’re telling me that they don’t have a room for me. They’re overbooked and nobody is leaving at this time. The fucking bastards.”

“Which hotel are you at?”

“The Courtyard on Bay Street west.”

“They can’t find something else?”

“The only room they found was at Bahamar. It’s very nice, but it’s very much out of my league. The courtyard is what I can afford, not stupid Bahamar. They’re willing to pay the cost of their own room, but the difference in price is still way out of my budget.

I bit the bullet.

“You can stay with me until a room opens up.”

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