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Pool Time

by John Demille

This story contains strong elements of brother sister incest. Proceed with horny caution

Not a week goes by when I don’t think of the best summer of my life. It was simply for having inestuous sex with my sisters.

It was ten years ago. I’m the only male of a family of six children, and I’m the youngest too. Being the only male child made me special and led to being spoiled constantly.

This one particular summer I was fifteen. My parents and my three oldest sisters worked during the day so that left myself and two of my sisters at home each day. Ann was seventeen and Lynn sixteen. It all started innocently while we were swimming in our pool.

We were horse playing when Ann’s bikini top lifted up. Ann had a really nice set of tits. Much more than a handful and very firm even when she went braless.

I quickly noticed and began to stare. Ann noticed that I was staring, she said, “Take a picture it will last longer.”

She immediately went under water and pulled my trunks down. She came up and said, “There, now we’re even.”

Her action started it all.

I immediately went after her and started tugging on her swimsuit. After multiple tries with Ann shrieking and laughing at every touch, I managed to pull down her bottom revealing her shaved pussy.

Soon Lynn was involved, and before long we were all naked in the pool.

Lynn was just as well endowed in the tits department as Ann, but her nipples were bigger and darker. Her aureolas were at least two inches in diameter and dark pink, while Ann’s were much lighter pink and puffy.

My sisters were naked and beautiful and I was sporting a woody. I mean seriously, what man wouldn’t when surrounded by two beautiful and well endowed naked women, even one’s own sisters?

While I hesitated a little in taking liberties with the girls, they had no such issue, Ann went for my dick like it was a beach toy. She was tugging on it and I did not resist. After all it gave me the permission to take the minor liberties that I did.

Each time she would touch, grab or tug on my dick, I would retaliate by touching her tits, ass or even her pussy. She shrieked the loudest when I make contact with the treasure between her legs.

She would grab my dick, pull on it and then turn around and tries to escape. A couple of times I managed to grab hold of her big tits and pull her back to me and shove my dick at her ass. One time I managed to feel her warm lips on my cock as I was low enough on the attack for my dick to go between her legs.

Lynn wasn’t as aggressive as Ann, but she managed few touches and got the same treatment. Although, Lynn wasn’t shaved and the one time that my cock went between her legs I felt the hair instead of the lips directly.

After horsing around for a while, Ann seemed more interested in escalating the activities from mere play to something more serious.

She ordered me to get out of the water and I complied. I sat on the side of the pool. Ann and Lynn started touching and stroking it playfully at the beginning, but soon it became way more serious. Within a few minutes Ann was jacking me off, not just playing. I came within a minute or two of her jerking me properly.

They both thought that was the neatest thing they had ever seen. I didn’t go soft and the play resumed after the girls chased away my floating sperm.

Continuing to stroke me, Ann dared Lynn to kiss it. After a few minutes of coaxing her into it she finally did. A quick kiss to the head of my cock and then she pulled away.

“What was that? Are you its friend and just gave it a peck hello? Let me show how it’s done.” And she began giving me my first blow job.

She must have done that before, because thinking back it was a very good blow job. After ten minutes of the most wonderful experience of my life, Ann stopped and told Lynn to give it a try.

Lynn wasn’t experienced like Ann, but didn’t hesitate and she showed good enthusiasm to learn. Ann started to teach Lynn the art of oral sex using me as the guinea pig. Being the good brother that I am I did not complain and tried to hold out for as long as possible as I was afraid to lose the opportunity to get sucked off by two girl.

At one point Ann started to show Lynn how to deep throat. I never imagined girls could even do that. Well, Ann could but Lynn couldn’t. Whenever she pushed too deep she would gag and start coughing.

During her demonstration, Ann really did deepthroat me and after doing it for a few times I couldn’t help but shoot my second load down her throat. I almost passed out from the intensity of the pleasure.

We soon went inside.

“Wanna touch me too?” Ann asked as she was touching her bare pussy.

“Can I?”

“Yes, I would love it.”

Looking back on it, Ann must have been very horny from blowing me and needed some relief.

She stood in front of me and wrapped my arms around herself. She took my right hand and placed it between her legs. I recall her pussy being very wet. She showed me where her clit was and showed me how to massage it. She even showed me how to finger fuck her for most efficiency.

Once she gave me all the instructions, she just stood there in front of me with her legs apart and let me experiment.

Soon I had my left hand on her right tit and my right hand fingering her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to stiffen, shriek and start shaking.

I had to hold her up as her knees buckled and she almost fell out of my arms. As she went limp, I turned her slightly, put my arm under her knees and carried her to her bedroom with Lynn in tow.

“Wow, that was nice. Good job little brother. Soon enough you’ll know all you need to make girls happy.” Ann said as I laid her down on her bed.

I looked back at Lynn and I could tell she was very excited about this whole thing.

“Do you want a turn?”

Lynn didn’t answer. She just blushed deep from her face down to the top of her tits. Her large nipple stood up hard pointing at the ceiling.

“Of course she wants a turn. Come here sis, lay down next to me and we’ll teach Kev how to eat pussy properly.”

Lynn laid down on Ann’s left.

“Ok, spread your legs so that Kevin can lie between them to reach you.”

Shyly, Lynn spread her legs barely enough to give me room.

“Here Kev, lie down here and bring your face close.”

I did and was assaulted by the heady aroma wafting from Lynn’s hairy wet pussy.

Ever the instructive older sister, Ann used her right hand to spread Lynn’s pussy for me.

“See that little bump at the top of those two tiny inner lips? That’s her clit and her most intense source of pleasure. You need to treat it well. Don’t assault it and focus on it as it may be too sensitive. You have to be careful. Lick her lips and put your tongue into her hole as far as you can and move it around. Taste her and don’t be shy. And regularly come back up and lick her clit gently. When she’s about to come, focus on her clit.”

I followed Ann’s instructions to the letter. I tried to stay below on the hole and lips but Lynn made her wishes clear by pulling me back up to her clit and kept me there until her scream filled the room.

“Wow, that was so out of this world.”

“Oh yeah, You like it?” I asked Lynn.

“It was the best feeling of my life. You bet your ass I liked it, and I want you to do that regularly from now on.”

“Your tongue isn’t too tired to give me a turn little brother?” Ann asked slyly.

“I would, with pleasure, but my cock has been hard as steel since I was playing with your pussy downstairs. I need some relief.”

“Ok then, we’ll skip the beaver munching for now. I guess it’s time for you to learn to fuck.” Ann said with enthusiasm spreading her thighs as far as they go.

“Come here.” And Ann spread her lips revealing her pink hole to my eyes.

I knee-walked to between her legs. In position, I pushed my cock down and lined up the head with her hole.

“Take it easy and go slow. You’re very thick and could hurt me.”

I tried pushing my cock in and its head went in along with couple of inches before it became painful.

“Pull it out and push back in slowly.”

I did and went in another two inches. Before Ann said anything else, I pulled out and pushed back in the same length. It was much easier. Her juices coated my cock and made it extra slippery.

It took few shoves and then my cock was buried all the way into Ann boiling cunt.

“Holy shit sis, your pussy is so tight.”

“Oh yeah, you like it?”

“Absolutely, it’s the best feeling I’ve had, ever.”

I started fucking as fast as I could.

“Slow down a little. It’s not a race. Learn to enjoy the feelings and the friction. If you’re focused on cumming you’ll blow your load too fast. If you focus on feeling good from the friction, then you’ll last much longer and we’ll both enjoy it more.”

I tried what she said and after a minute or two I managed to shift my focus like she said. I slowed down and really enjoyed the feeling of being inside her tight cunt and the great pleasure that I felt from moving inside her.

Despite that shift in focus, it wasn’t too long before I felt the inevitable tightening in my balls and had the strong need to just pump my cock in and out with the goal of cumming.

“Is it ok if I shoot inside you?”

“Yes, you can. I’m on the pill.”

With that I went back to hammering her pussy as fast and as hard as I could. Ann’s moans turned to little screams and before I shot my load she wrapped her legs around me and stiffened. I couldn’t move almost. If I wasn’t motivated to cum, she would have succeeded in immobilizing me. But knowing that she was cumming pushed over the line and I shot spurt after spurt of cum into my own sister’s steamy pussy.

After the last drop made its way out of my cock, I collapsed onto Ann’s body, almost comatose.

Few minutes later Ann pushed me off gently and I laid between her and a masturbating Lynn.

“Here, let me help you.” I said as I pushed my hand under Lynn’s hand. I fingered her cunt like I did Ann’s and soon she shook in another screaming orgasm. I guess Lynn was a screamer.

We played and fucked that day until just before the adults came back home. We showered and met everybody in as normal a manner as usual.

The next day as soon as everyone was off to work, Lynn and I were watching TV when in came Ann naked as a jaybird. She looked at us and said, “Shall we begin?” The threesomes went on daily for the rest of the summer. I learned how to fuck and suck in ways that have come in very handy since.

After that summer Ann had decided we shouldn’t do this anymore because well, incest. Lynn and I agreed reluctantly, but over the years we all broke this promise on countless times.

No matter how hard we resisted, whenever we were together alone it seemed just too hard to resist. We fucked our brains out until all of us were married.

I’m proud to say that I haven’t cheated on my wife since we became an item. Lynn and Ann have been faithful to their husbands too.