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Peeking At The Neighbors

by Jean D'Amour

Caution: This story contains strong elements of incest sex between young brother and sister after they spy on their neighbours

"Tommy, how come you snuck out after you were supposed to be in bed last night," Tina asked, not loud enough for Mom to hear, but loud enough to make Tommy nervous.

Tommy had just turned fourteen last month and with the onset of puberty came a very healthy curiosity about sex. He had discovered that by peeking in the windows of his neighbors, he was able to learn a great deal that wasn't included in Dad's 'birds and the bees' speech, and certainly wasn't part of his Sex Ed curriculum. But now he had been caught. He pulled his younger sister into his room and gently shut the door.

Tina, at twelve, didn't have the physical development that her older brother had, but she had been developing the same curiosities lately. Somehow she had sensed that whatever Tommy was up to, it had to do with the strange feelings she had been feeling ever since a couple of her girlfriends at school let her in on a few secrets that suddenly made boys a much more interesting sub-species.

"You better keep your mouth shut, or I'm going to give you a good pounding," Tommy threatened.

"Ooooo! I'm sooo afraid! You beat me up, and you'll get it twice. Once for hitting me and once for sneaking out. Dontcha think it would be easier just to let me in on the secret?"

Tommy thought about it for a moment and realized that she was right. "Ok," he said, "meet me in the backyard right after Mom and Dad go to bed. Wear something dark, and for God's sake, be quiet."

Tina grinned broadly, tilted her head up, and gave her brother a kiss on the cheek.

That night, about 10:15, she slipped out the backdoor to find Tommy, in jeans and a black t-shirt, waiting for her. All of her pants were light colored, so she had put on an old black pleated skirt that still fit her around the waist but that Mom said was way too short for a 'young lady.'

"Ok, Sis, you have to be very quiet. We aren't going to go very far tonight, in fact we are just going next door to the Johnsons. C'mon."

Tommy led the way through a hole in the hedge between their house and the Johnson's backyard. Once thorough, Tommy took Tina by the hand and led her up to what turned out to be a rear-facing window in the Johnson's master bedroom. Tommy peeked up over the window sill into the lighted room and Tina did the same. They had arrived just in time.

Bill Johnson was naked and standing by the side of the bed, and Susan Johnson was just pulling off her nightgown.

Tommy pulled Tina down below the window sill. "Now be quiet. They have single pane windows, so you can hear everything they say, but if you make noise, they'll be able to hear us."

They went back to their peeking. Tommy was right, you could hear everything that the naked couple were saying.

"I'm going to suck your big fat cock and eat your nice creamy cum," Susan said as she knelt on the floor in front of her husband.

"Better not suck it all dry, I know you'll want a good hard fucking in your cunt later."

"Not tonight, sweetheart. My pussy is all sore from the hard pounding you gave me last night. I'm just gonna suck you off tonight."

"Well, I've got a big load of my juice for you to swallow."

Susan popped her husband's fat cock right into her mouth and started sucking. Tina and Tommy looked at each other in surprise and then went back to watching Susan give Bill a most excellent blow job. The two peepers were amazed that the woman was able to get the entire thing into her mouth without gagging. She started to bob her head, but Bill held her still and then started to push his cock in and out of her mouth.

"How you like getting mouth-fucked, Susan dear?"

The woman smiled around her mouthful of hard cock and nodded up an down. He continued to fuck mouth, his thrusts becoming faster and deeper as she was hungrily gobbling his cock and fingering her clit.

With a loud cry of "Fuck!" Bill let fly with his thick creamy load right into his wife's sucking mouth. Tommy and Tina could see her gulping and swallowing as her cheeks bulged out from the volume of seed that her husband was spewing across her tongue. She took her mouth off of his cock and smiled up at him with rivulets of cum running down her chin out of the corners of her mouth.

Certain the show was about to be over for the night, Tommy and Tina slipped away quietly and went back through the hole in the hedge to their own backyard.

Susan padded naked across the room and went to the window, pulling the curtains closed. "I hope our young neighbor boy liked the show. I'm not sure, but I think there was a second pair of eyes out there tonight. Suppose he's let one of his little school chums in on the secret?"

"That, or he's letting his little sister get a peek," Bill chuckled, stroking his cock hard again to tell his sexy bride that the party wasn't quite over for the evening.

Tina grabbed Tommy's arm before he could open the back door to the kitchen. "Tommy, let's go up in the tree-house for a while, I want to talk to you."

Tommy shrugged and followed her.

Once they were comfortable in the tree-house, Tina said, "That was soooooo cool! Have you ever had a girl do that for you, Tommy?"

"No, I'm still looking for a girl that would be willing to do it."

"You mean it wouldn't matter who she is or what she looked like, as long as she wanted to, um, ah, you know, suck it for you?"

"Yeah, I don't care, I just wanna get sucked off."

"Um, I'll do it."

"What?! My own sister?"

"Yeah, you said you don't care who..."

"But I never thought..."

Tina stood up and unzipped her skirt. As it fell to the floor, she slipped off her panties and then pulled her t-shirt over her head. She shivered a little in the cool night air as she stood naked in front of her older brother in the tree-house.

"C'mon, Tommy, you get naked too. I'll bet your boy thingy is all stiff, isn't it?"

Tommy stood up slowly and began to undress. His cock was hard and thinking about it, he really didn't care who gave him his first blowjob. If Tina wanted to do it, who was he to say "No?" Tommy looked at her face as he pulled off his shorts. She was right, his 5 1/2 inches of thick boy-meat were good and stiff, standing straight out in front of him. "Um, Tina, it is called a 'cock' or a 'prick, ' and yours is a 'pussy' or a 'cunt.' Just don't let Mom hear you using those words, ok?"

"Um, ok, cock, prick, cunt, pussy. I got it. Come closer, I wanna suck your prick."

Tommy stepped toward his now-kneeling sister and placed the tip of his cock at her lips. She opened wide, inviting him to enter. A quick thrust with his hips had him almost all the way in, and she completed the penetration by pushing her mouth as far onto him as she could manage. The velvety soft cock head slipped into her throat, her nose pressed into the curly patch of hair that he had developed over the past year, and her chin nestled against his soft, wrinkled ball sack.

Tommy took the lead by grabbing his sister's head like he had seen Bill do to Susan, and then began to thrust in and out of her mouth.

Tina loved it. She loved the feel of his soft spongy cock head going in and out of her throat and the taste of his pre-cum as it dribbled onto her tongue.

Remembering what he had overheard Bill saying to Susan earlier, he said, "Do you like getting mouthfucked, Tina?"

Tina tried to answer, but with her mouth full of cock, it only came out as "Mmmgpppphhh. Realizing her mistake, she just nodded her head up and down vigorously and tried to smile around the boy meat in her mouth just like she had seen Susan do.

Tommy, being a horny young boy, didn't last nearly as long as the older man the youngsters had watched earlier. With a cry, he jetted his load right into her mouth. He was on the outstroke when his cum exploded out of his cock, so the juice splattered all across his sister's tongue. She savored all of the complex flavor of her brother's cum juice, swallowing most of it but allowing a little to dibble down her chin as she had seen Susan do.

Tommy knew what to do then. He had continued to watch after the blowjob was finished on an earlier occasion and had seen Bill kiss his wife's cummy mouth right after he had face-fucked her, so he pulled Tina up and gave her a big kiss on the mouth.

"Oh, I like that part, Tommy."

He just smiled at her and said, "You'll like this next part too. This is something else I have seen them do."

He pushed her down onto the thin mattress they kept in the tree-house as a seating area, and pulled her legs apart. Then he pressed his face right into her bald little girl slit and started lapping it with her tongue. Tina squealed with glee and pleasure as his tongue tip flicked across her clit. It didn't take long before she was having the first cum that she hadn't given herself — and the best cum she had ever had in her young life.

"Oh, Tommy! That was soooooo good. I really got my cum hard. I hope we can play like this lots more."

"Yeah, you are hot, sis. I hope when you get older and get a boyfriend that you will keep letting me do it to you."

"You gotta promise to let me have some even after you find a girlfriend, ok?"

"Yeah, I promise."

The next afternoon, Tommy and Tina raced home from school to make the most of the hour and a half between school letting out and Mom getting home from work. They raced in the house, dropped their school books, and were in Tommy's room stripped naked in a matter of three minutes.

Tommy showed Tina how she could lie on top of him reversed and they could suck each other at the same time. Tina loved the game and was able to time her cum to the moment that Tommy squirted his juice in her mouth.

Susan Johnson had been watching as she saw the young brother and sister come home from school, laughing and giggling, and obviously in some kind of hurry to get inside. She went out into her backyard and slipped through the hedge. Luckily, the first window she peeked in was Tommy's room and she got there just in time to see the last articles of clothing being removed. When she saw the young couple get into the 69 position and start to suck each other, her hand went up under her skirt and into her panties. Her middle finger expertly applied to her clit had her cumming simultaneously with naked young Tommy and Tina. "I'm gonna have to go home and get out the power tools — I can't wait for Bill to get home," she thought to herself as she quietly slipped back through the hole in the hedge.

Tommy and Tina were decently dressed in their after-school clothes and doing their homework when their Mom came home. Susan was still in her bed next door, naked with her legs splayed and her biggest vibrating life-like rubber cock shoved as far up her cunt as she could manage. That is how Bill found her when he got home, but he had to wait for her last cum before she would explain herself.

That night, after Tommy and Tina's parents had gone to bed, the youngsters snuck out of the house again and went straight to the Johnson's back yard. They peeked into Bill and Susan's bedroom but there was no one there.

"I guess they just haven't gone to bed yet," Tommy whispered.

"Yeah, but let's wait a few minutes and see if they come, ok?"

"O..." Tommy started to answer when he was interrupted by another voice.

"I'm sorry, kids, but the show doesn't start for another few minutes," they heard Susan's voice say — from BEHIND them.

They spun around quickly and both children gasped at what they saw. Susan was standing there in her chiffon lounging robe that was hanging wide open revealing her complete frontal nudity, and next to her was Bill only wearing a loose pair of boxer shorts with is fully erect cock protruding through the fly.

"Oh! Please don't tell our parents!" Tommy and Tina said nearly in unison.

"Nah, we aren't going to tell anyone our little secret, are we Bill?"

"Nope," the man replied

"C'mon, you two, it is chilly out here and you can get a much better view of the show inside," Susan continued.

Tommy and Tina followed the couple into their house and into the big master bedroom. Bill and Susan slipped off what little clothing they were wearing and Susan said, "Oh, this is an audience participation show. Off with those clothes you two, Bill and I want to see your pretty naked bodies."

Tina hesitated a moment, but complied when she saw how eager Tommy was to be naked in front of the sexy other couple.

"Look, Bill, what a sweet little bald cunny the girl has, such a contrast to my big hairy one. I can see that you are extra hard, you must like the young ones, hmm?"

"I must confess I do, Susan dear. Now I haven't felt you yet, but I'll bet your cunt hole is extra warm and juicy from looking at that young boy's very handsome prick. Am I right?"

"Oh, yes! I am sopping wet in my pussy. His pretty cock is as stiff as a board and look at that lovely pre-cum dribbling out of the tip!"

Bill looked at Tommy somewhat sternly, "So what have you two been doing with each other?"

Tommy gulped, "I, I mean, we have been sucking each other, Sir."

"So you haven't fucked yet?"

"N—n—no, Sir, only our mouths. Tina has only seen you once and the only thing she saw was sucking. I was hoping that she would get to see a fuck tonight and then maybe she would want to try it."

"Hmm, I don't know, Bill, fucking is pretty serious business. Do you think these two are ready for that?"

Bill paused for effect looking pensive when Tina jumped up saying, "Oh, please! I want to see how fucking is done. Please, please, please!"

"I think they should have to pay the admission price first, don't you Susan?"

Susan smiled a slightly evil grin and nodded her head vigorously, "Yes, indeed they must."

"Admission price, Sir? We don't have any money," Tommy groaned.

Bill sat Susan down on the edge of the bed and pushed her thighs apart then sat next to her. "Tommy, your price of admission is to lick Susan's cunt. Tina, you must suck on the head of my cock."

Tommy looked at Tina, and Tina looked back at him for a moment before the two youngsters were on their knees between Bill and Susan's legs. Tommy went right to work, licking clit and tongue-fucking the older woman, and Tina wasn't far behind taking Bill's cock head and shoulders into her mouth.

Susan reached her peak right away, and after her orgasm subsided, she praised Tommy's oral technique profusely. Bill pushed Tina away just before he came explaining that he wanted to save his cum for later. He gave a disappointed Tina lots of praise for her cocksucking abilities, and that made the little girl feel better.

"So, are you two ready to watch Bill push his big cock in my cunt and fuck me?"

"Yes, yes!" the two youngsters cried.

Susan got on her back, pulled her legs up to her chest, and spread her thighs wide, opening her cunthole for everyone to see clearly. "Shove up, Bill! Give me a good hard fuck and let's give these two dears a good and instructive show."

Bill got right into his wife and started his fuck. Tommy and Tina stared in awe as Bill's fat fuckmeat disappeared into her sheath until his balls were banging against her ass. As Bill pulled out, her asshole was clearly visible below, and Tommy suddenly wondered if that might be a place that it would feel good to put his cock. He decided to save the question for later — right now he had a fuck to watch.

Susan moaned and cried out throughout the fuck. "Fuck me! Shove your cock in to the balls! I feel you all the way up inside my belly!" etc.

Bill just grunted as he thrust deep into Susan's pussy, gradually increasing the force and speed of his insertions.

"Look, Tina, see how his cock glistens with her juices when he pulls out?"

"Yeah, and look how her pussy lips are tight around his shaft. It's like it is afraid to lose it when it starts to pull out."

"He's going faster. And look at how tight his ball sack is pulled up. I bet he's gonna cum soon."

Suddenly Susan screamed, "Arrrrrrhhhhhhgggh, FuckFuckFuck! I'm cumming! Oh, shit! I'm cumming sooooooooo hard!"

"You're gonna get my load of juice, Susan! I'm filling your big hairy cunt — NOW! Ahhhhhhhh, Fuck! Cummming! Fuck!"

Bill pulled his still-hard prick out of his wife's pussy, cum and pussy juice dripping from the tip, "Stay put, Susan. Let Tommy and Tina have a good look at a well-fucked cunt."

Susan kept her legs pulled up and apart so that the kids could get a good look at her cunt hole overflowing with thick creamy cum.

"Um, Bill, I've seen you kiss Susan when she has a mouthful of your cum juice. Do you ever kiss her cunt after you have fucked her full of your cream?"

"I sure do, son."

"Um, I'd like to lick that up right now if it's ok," Tommy said.

"Hmm, I don't know. Susan, you have a pretty messy cunt right now and Tommy wants to lick you clean. Do you think we should let him?"

"Arrrr! You meanie! Tommy get your face in my pussy and lick me THIS INSTANT!"

Tommy dove right in and licked up every drop of the man's cream that dripped out of Susan's big hairy gash. Meanwhile, Bill grabbed Tina by the back of the head and pushed her mouth down to his cock. The girl understood instantly and began to clean off the cunt sauce and cum from his now half-staff prick.

"Well, Susan, these two have been very good about sucking us, I think we should return the favor, don't you?" Bill asked with a wink.

"Oh! Right! Yes, that's a great idea," Susan answered realizing exactly what he meant.

The man guided Tommy and Tina to the edge of the bed and had them sit down with their legs apart. Susan stood in front of Tommy, and Bill was in front of Tina. The older couple looked at each other and smiled — then they quickly changed places. Bill got on his knees in front of Tommy, and Susan was between Tina's legs.

"Tommy, Tina, sometimes girls like to suck on other girls, and sometimes boys like to suck on other boys. Tommy, do you mind if I suck you?"

"Um, no, I don't mind."

"How about you Tina, is it ok if Susan licks your pussy?"

"Oh, I want her to! Please!"

Bill gobbled down Tommy's cock all the way to the balls, and Susan pressed her face into Tina's moist little girl opening.

Bill stopped short and took his mouth off of Tommy's cock, "I want your cum in my mouth, Tommy, so go ahead and shoot when you are ready." Then he went back to hungrily sucking the nice fat boy cock.

Susan didn't say anything, she just kept up her tongue fucking right up until Tina squealed and her little body shuddered with her orgasm.

"Oh, that was a wonderful cum, Susan. Do you like girls to lick you, too?"

"I sure do, sweetie, and I hope that you will do it for me sometimes."

"Unnnghhhh! Cummmmming!" Tommy yelled. Bill sputtered and gagged on the great gouts of boy cum that spurted into his mouth. Finally, he managed to swallow it all down.

Susan carefully examined Tina's cunt and finally lifted her head. "Bill, this girl has a very tiny hymen, hardly anything at all. I'll bet she won't even tear or bleed if Tommy were to get in her."

"Perhaps not, but I'll bet Tommy doesn't want to fuck his own sister. And I'll bet Tina is to scared to let herself be fucked."

"I am not scared!" Tina wailed.

"I do too want to fuck my sister!" Tommy protested.

Susan looked back and forth between the two youngsters, "Well, Bill, on the one hand we have a nice stiff prick and on the other hand we have a nice juicy cunt. It would be a crime if they didn't fuck, don't you think?"

"On your back with your legs up and apart, Tina. Tommy, get between her legs. Susan, you grab Tommy's cock shaft and guide him into her."

"His cock is at the opening, Bill. Are you ready to fuck your sister, Tommy? Are you ready to have your brother's cock in your pussy, Tina?



"Then push away, boy. Shove it right inside her to the balls."

Tommy thrust hard and was hilted in one shove. Tina squirmed but it was from pleasure. Susan had been right about Tina's hymen — it didn't tear, and Tina felt no discomfort from her first cock.

Tommy started to push in and out, while Tina called out, "Fuckme, fuckme, fuck me," over and over.

Having just a few moments earlier cum in Bill's mouth, the boy took a little longer to reach his peak, giving Tina time to cum three times before her brother's cock erupted and squirted his cum into her tight little girl channel.

It was getting late, so the kids quickly dressed and snuck back home.

It had been a perfect ending to a perfect day. Tina kissed her brother goodnight and promised that he could have a suck and a fuck the next day after school. Tommy reminded her that they could probably sneak over to the Johnson's again, saying, "Um whatcha gonna do if Bill says he wants to put that huge cock of his in your pussy?"

"I'm not going to do anything except say 'Fuck me' once I lay down and spread my legs as wide as I can."

"Well, maybe Susan will let me fuck her cunt while Bill is doing it to you."

"Yeah, tomorrow will be Great!"