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Nudist Family

by Anonymous

Caution: This story contains strong elements of incest sex between a naturist mother and her son and the brother and his sisters.

Whether you want to call us Naturists or Nudists, it makes no difference. It's the same thing.

My name is Elena. I'm seventeen. My brother's name is Val and he's fifteen.

Our parents, Rocco and Marie, have always been naturists, living in those private colonies we all hear about.

So, our young lives were spared the awkwardness of non-awareness, right from the get-go.

From the moment we could comprehend, we were told about why boys and girls have different bodies, and contrary to what you might hear, we were specifically forbidden to experiment on each other - that is, Val and me, while we were kids.

As we aged and comingled with other kids in the colony, there was the inevitable pairing off in the woods by adolescents, but that was no different than the same rituals practiced in cities, except we had a head start, being already naked, when the time came to finally experiment with a boy.

Also, to let you in on a little secret, it's NOT true that years of nudity could prevent a boy from sporting an erection when he was excited.

Some boys got erect from a cool breeze. Others got erect in the company of other boys, Val told me, even though there was no touching or apparent gay behavior. Could those be piss hardons?

Despite boys trying to hit up on me, I made it so far as to having my driver's license while still a virgin because no boy had that certain 'something', call it charisma, that made me wish to give up my virginity to him.

Because of our proximity, Val was easy to understand and admire as he grew tall early, but I put those thoughts away, heeding my parents' warning.

At fifteen, he soared over me by three inches already, me being 5'6".

But living in a colony, every now and then we still wanted to get away and enjoy some privacy, and to do that dad had purchased a log cabin near a secluded mountain lake.

We ofcourse, had to dress to make the trip there, but one week twice a year made it a pleasant change of pace.

Val, from his first puberty state, had begun to stare at me, more and more, and because it stroked my ego, I never put a stop to it. Val would NEVER force himself on me, I was sure, and finding no better candidates, I let him grow.

We were all set for this late Spring trip when dad suddenly had to go away on business.

We were all heart broken, but we owned the cabin so all we had to do was wait an extra week or two!

Dad broke the worse news: He had rented out the cabin like on time share. If the rest of us didn't use our week, we would have to wait several more months.

So, mom and Val and I drove up there as soon as dad left for his trip.

From the very beginning, Val was acting antsy, and he couldn't keep his eyes off me.

It got so unnerving that I told mom Val seemed to be getting horny.

She said she'd talk to him.

It's a one room cabin with two singles and a bunk bed so mom's talk with Val would not be in private.

She pretended to notice Val's increasing lecherous looks herself, and who knows? It might have been true anyway, but Val insisted that he couldn't help be aware of his new pubescent outlook. He never made any overt gestures, at least.

That calmed down mom, but still left me wondering when his 'dam' might break.

That very night, although I usually sleep quite soundly, I awoke to hear some whispers. They were coming from mom and I keened an ear to listen.

"Son, you can't do this! I'm ovulating right now." I heard mom plead with Val.

Then I heard Val mumble something, the only clear part was '69'.

I heard Val scramble around, then there was nothing, but not nothing: It was the soft, almost silent noise of licking!

Then came muffled groans as mom bit into her sheet while her son chewed her nubbin, and the unmistakable gulumph of Val's penis plunging into mom's mouth, repeatedly.

I felt betrayed! I wasn't allowed to experiment with Val, but mom could?

The next afternoon, while I was getting ready to go for a swim, mom donned her clothes and said she was going shopping for a few items.

Suddenly feeling that Val wasn't safe to be around, I asked mom to wait while I dressed and came with her.

She practically bit my head off with her, "NO!" and then she was gone.

Thoughts ran through my mind like: Was she going to report Val? If so, to whom?

Dad? The police? Clergy?

Dismissing them for now, I listened for Val down by the lake's edge, and not hearing him, I went for my swim in the early afternoon heat.

Coming out of the water, I still didn't see Val, who would really get off seeing my dripping wet form right now!

I laid down on a bed of mossy grass in a glade near the lake, but I wasn't unseen by Val, like I had thought.

As if he had been lurking underwater like some amphibian, I heard the waters gently part to give up his body almost right where I had emerged myself.

I got quite nervous as Val came over and laid right next to me, so nervous in fact that I spun and laid on my stomach!

After a deafening silence during which I was afraid to turn and look at my brother, I finally heard him whisper to me.

"Elie," he asked, "why did you sic mom on me, last night?"

Tears came to eyes. I don't know why.

Being busted for doing nothing wrong was incongruous.

"I only told her you were getting horny, Val," I said without looking at him.

"Ofcourse I'm getting horny, sis! It's what pubescent teenagers DO!" He conceded the point. "It doesn't mean that I'm going to rape you!"

I paused to look at my brother through dewy eyes and spoke, "I heard you and mom, last night."

"What did you hear?" He almost accused.

"I heard you '69'," I said, daring him to challenge it.

"Oh, that!" He mused. "So you only heard the END of it, then?"

"Huh?" I responded.

Val propped up on one arm and began to enlighten me: "Mom & dad have always wanted us to become a foursome, but they didn't want to take away your maidenhead so they forbade me from touching you, but now that we're into a responsible age and can practice birth control, they were hoping you'd find me attractive. They know how I feel about you."

This revelation gave me goose bumps, but whether they were fear or tittilation, I couldn't be sure. Val WAS handsome, but he's also my brother!

"Last night, you heard mom and me as we practiced safe sex. She's fertile right now." Val informed me.

Suddenly, everything seemed so clear to me. I was a seventeen year 'old maid' that the rest of my family decided was long enough.

I asked why mom ran shopping so suddenly


Val said, "I told her I was going to relieve you of your maidenhead tonight, so I imagine she's out buying condoms."

I didn't know whether to run, cry, kick, or just lay there and take this.

I asked Val, "Wasn't anyone going to ask me how I felt about this?"

"Elie," Val volunteered, "we hear your dreams. You are quite animated and vocal and you've called out "daddy" and also my name while you've gotten yourself off!"

Val, with his top hand, rolled me sideways, facing away from him, and he spooned against my ass crack with his rampant penis.

I felt chills and shudders from the mixed feelings my body was giving me, and when Val gently cupped my right breast and began kneading the nipple, I felt a certain wetness down in my virgin fur.

Val was only fifeen, but he knew my body like a grownup and then he asked me to face him.

When I stayed frozen where I was, he leaped over me, facing ME and looked into my tear filled eyes.

"Please don't hurt me!" I begged.

Val spoke, "I promise I will not hurt you tonight, and if you say 'no', then I will just make love to mom."

Relieved since Val never lied to me in the past, we began cooing like teenage lovers, Val telling me how it's gonna feel after the initial sting, as he described it.

I was actually emitting pheromones as I listened to Val describe, then demonstrate by suddenly capturing my nipple in his mouth!

Within five minutes, Val had tasted my other nipple.

Within ten minutes, he coaxed me into holding his pego while he continued to fondle my breasts.

Within twenty minutes, I was laying on my back and Val was showing me what mom and he did last night, and he dove his tongue against my inflamed clit!

By now, his strong penis was more than a curiosity and I lowered him into my mouth, giving head for the first time in my life as WE sixty-nined!

He warned me before he shot off, lest I not want to try it, but you can't get pregnant from a blowjob, so I drank Val down even as he lapped up my cunt sauce!

After we finshed, Val lay next to me on his back also, and we just exchanged thoughts on how everything felt.

I was in ecstasy, and I admitted it.

Val, despite cumming not five minutes ago, was rock hard and ready for more!

Perhaps it was my description of the mossy grass bed in the glade near the lake where I first let Val touch me, but his penis began to throb again, I swear!

Suddenly, my brother rolled atop me, his knees deftly between my legs, which had remained parted to air out my pussy!

I froze in fear again as I felt his manhood against my fur, his lips suckling my breasts, in turn, until I cradled his head to me and let him suck like a baby.

Val's distraction worked. When his lips left my breast for my lips, it was to stifle my protest as his hips retreated just enough to line up his penis at my quite sopping entrance!

I forced my brother's lips away enough to be able to protest, "Stop, Val. You promised."

Val corrected me, "I promised not to hurt you TONIGHT. It's the pefect setting, right now!"

And with that, Val kissed me again while shoving himself inside me.

I was so wet down there that he went inside me right up to the membrane, or what was left of it.

With our lips locked and me sighing, he took it as a sigh of surrender and bolted forth through my maidenhead until I did sigh in surrender, for real.

After the initial crying or wincing from his size, I dilated while he retreated then reseated himself.

In moments, we were fucking like minks and I never expected such culminating feelings, such sexual bliss!

Why hadn't I ever tried this before?

Because I was a virgin, I didn't know about Val's rapid pace meaning he was close to orgasm.

Since it was bringing me to another plateau, I rutted along with him. He would never intentionally get me pregnant!

Ofcourse not intentionally!

I was on the brink of passing out from my explosive orgasm when I felt my brother's penis shoot these hot jets of man goo all the way inside me!

After several jets, Val slowed down and apologized, "I'm sorry, Elie, but this was the greatest feeling of my life and I just couldn't stop myself. I think we just might've made a baby, inside you."

Smiling almost like I was sleeping, I decide to let him sweat it out.

I'm eternally grateful that my period had just ended a few days earlier.

Val could find that out from mom, when he did HER tonight, before his encore with me!