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My Sister's Model Life

by Robert

Caution: This story contains strong elements of incest sex between brother and sister with mother's approval

I pumped and I pumped, my hand surrounding and moving quickly along the full length of my stiff erection as I sat on my sister's bed jerking off.

In my mind I ran images of naked women, though mainly my sister, and I wondered how it would feel to be inside her, to make love to her, something Mom probably wouldn't care to let me do, or even know I was thinking.

I turned to where Mom was sitting in the chair beside the bed, watching me masturbate. My sister Kerri was laying on her stomach beside me, casually flipping through pages in some fashion magazine.

No top on, so I could easily see the curves of her magnificent breasts as they pushed down into her mattress. Kerri saw my glances and as our eyes met we both smiled warmly. Turning on her side for me, I now had an unobstructed view of the most perfect body I have ever seen.

Breasts which were full and well defined, with nipples that stood out like small trees in the center of each of her slightly darker areolas. An absolutely flat tummy, and strong hips which led to her long bare legs.

Now rolling onto her back, Kerri slowly inserted one hand into the thin panties she was wearing and began rubbing herself in tight little circles, masturbating right along with me while our Mom continued to watch.

Kerri cried softly and moaned periodically as she pleasured herself and peaked soon after. I watched as her back arched off the bed a sizeable distance. Seeing my sister in ecstasy is what did it for me then, and I felt a very familiar change inside me as my own orgasm drew near, something which must have shown through on my face as my Mom always seemed to know when.

"He's ready for you dear."

Kerri removed her hand from her panties, licked one of her fingers, and calmly got down from the bed, taking up a kneeling position in front of me on the floor.

My sister grinned up at me and began to open her mouth wide, now ready to take me in. Kerri placed her lips over just the end of my penis as I continued to pump away, quite wildly now.

I came hard to say the least and cried out almost in pain as my semen erupted from my body, flying out into my sister's suctioning mouth. Kerri took several inches more of my swollen member inside her then, and I heard her begin to swallow, quite loudly too, as my rich seed went coursing down the back of her throat.

Kerri closed her eyes and moaned. She enjoyed all three of the full jets I gave up, as well as the steady dribble I produced at the end. She took it all with well practiced ease. After a few more seconds, which my sister spent cleaning the full length of my gradually shrinking erection with her tongue, we were done. Kerri let go of me then so she could lick my spunk off her lips, sucking down every last drop that she could find.

"Good boy, giving your sister such a beautiful body, I only wish I had a brother growing up."

Mom had me feed my sister this way once a day for the past three years, ever since I was 12 and first able. Kerri was one year older, now 16, and a sweet little sixteen at that, with an absolutely gorgeous body, huge tits, and a perfect complexion, all thanks to my credit. Mom believed, and I certainly wasn't going to argue with her, that sperm could give a growing woman the perfect figure, increased bust size, and smooth creamy skin, and she certainly did appear to be right. My sister was going to be a model, like our Mom, and had to be just right for her audition tomorrow.

"Let's have a look at you then dear."

Kerri stood up, turned around, and posed. She always made sure to keep her back perfectly straight, and her breasts stuck out provocatively in front.

"Yes, very lovely dear, but you're not holding yourself quite right, something to do with your hips, spread your legs dear."

Kerri did as she was told and moved her feet apart, placing both her hands on her thin waist. I got hard again just watching my sister's sexy features move around before me, the cleft of her bum catching a hold of the fabric of her panties.

"No, something's not quite right, I just can't put my finger on it though, take your panties off dear."

I had yet to see a woman's vagina and my heart skipped a beat as my sister now pushed her panties down, letting them fall around her ankles before stepping out of them. Still turned away from me however, I just marveled at her smooth little bum.

"Now, spread your legs wider dear, wider."

Any further and my sister would be doing the splits on the floor I thought, as she moved her feet further apart.

"Turn around, let me see your other side."

Kerri turned around and there it was, the secret I had longed to see. I gasped and both Mom and Kerri smiled at me as I took in my sister's thick pussy lips, and the slit they formed between them. My hand went to my erection again, I just couldn't help myself.

Mom meanwhile got down on her knees, placed one hand on Kerri's bum, and with the other began feeling those same pussy lips, actually pulling them apart and now I could see inside a woman's body for the first time. Wetting one finger in her mouth, I was shocked when Mom then drove it all the way into my sister's cunt. So was Kerri, who flinched and doubled over.

"Ouch, no mommy that hurts."

"What, that shouldn't hurt, oh my God you don't mean you're still a Virgin, you answer me young lady, are you still a Virgin?"

"Well, kind of, yeah."

"Oh for pete sake, that explains it then. Now, what are we going to do before tomorrow, I could use my vibrator on you I suppose, but first times are suppose to be special, or at least with a living person anyway and not a machine. So I don't know what we can... Billy, what are you doing?"

"Just jerking off mommy."

"Well, stop it, your sister needs you. Kerri, lay down on your bed."

"Why mommy?"

"Because we're going to fix this right now. Billy, get on top of your sister."


"I need you to open up your sister, but don't you dare cum inside her or I'll smack you. That's all we need, your sister pregnant, that would end her career before it even started."

"But mommy, I've never done it before."

"Oh Christ, you too, are you the only two kids not having sex these days? Well alright, I'll help. Now Kerri, lay down and spread your legs for your brother, and once she does Billy you climb on top of her."

Kerri was shaking badly as she laid down on her bed, so was I for that matter as I moved on top of her. Her huge breasts crushed against my chest as I allowed some of my weight to come down.

"I'm sorry Kerri."

"It's okay I guess, it's what Mom wants."

Mom took hold of my erection then and placed it against my sister's slit, actually running my tip up and down her pussy lips, spreading them apart slightly. My eyes rolled back some and I groaned heavily with what she was doing. I placed my face against Kerri's neck trying to hide my expression and she started laughing.

"Oh Mom that tickles, stop it."

"Well try and relax dear, cause this isn't going to tickle one bit. Billy, when I say now I want you to move forward over your sister."

Mom pushed my rock hard cock into the bottom part of my sister's slit, just enough that I could no longer see the head when I looked. My dick grew warm as her pussy lips now folded around me, loosely but perfectly, and I could feel another set inside leading to her dark and wet interior, something which felt smaller than what I was sticking in her, tight and very restrictive.

"Okay Billy, now."

"But mommy, it's too small, I won't fit."

"Yes you will dear, now."

"But I'll hurt her mommy."


I moved forward slightly, feeling the tightness tug at my penis and it did seem to give way a little as I slid deeper inside my sister, her inner lips now wrapping around me as I entered the beginnings of her cervical tract. But there I stopped as I came against something soft yet unyielding. Kerri winced and opened her mouth in surprise but appeared okay, so as my lips drew near hers I kissed her quickly. She smiled up at me.

"Oh, that's sweet Billy."

"Mom, is this as far as I go, there's something stopping me?"

"No dear, that's your sister's hymen, keep going."

I moved forward, and the pressure at my head built and then like a baloon, popped. Instantly the smile on my sister's face changed to one of fear and pain.

"Mommy mommy, it hurts mommy."

"Relax dear, it'll all be over in a minute."

Mom had to force me deeper now as I tried to pull out, placing her hands on my back and pushing me down. I lost my footing on the bed and slipped, coming down hard and forcing my erection all the way into my sister's body. I just lay there with my jaw hanging open while Kerri writhed and twisted underneath me.

After a minute she settled down as her body adjusted to its new size. Mom removed her hands then and I pulled back a little, letting some of my thick flesh slide out, and this time it was Kerri whose eyes rolled some as her mouth opened in a wide smile.

"There, you see dear, that wasn't so terrible now was it?"

"No mommy, it feels nice now."

I let another inch or two come out and looked between us to watch, then slowly pushed it back in, marveling at how it disappeared out of sight, and at the time brought wonderous pleasure to the both of us. Kerri smiled again as I began to piston back and forth a little, in and out, just an inch or two at first but quickly growing to more than half my length.

"Okay Billy, that'll do just fine."

I rocked back and forth faster now, almost hammering my full length into my sister and she laughed hysterically, extending her long legs around me, using her arms to pull me even deeper.

"That's enough you two."

I grabbed a hold of my sister's shoulders for support and rammed as deep as I could, over and over, no longer able to hear our mother's cries as she now tried to pull me off of Kerri, but was unable as my sister helped to pull my body down to hers.

"Get off your sister, now young man."

Kerri spread her legs wider for me and I was able to go deeper still, our two bodies coming together as one as I rutted against her. I felt it coming then, the familiar pulse of energy deep inside me, and Kerri knew, she could sense what was about to happen, bringing an absolutely wolfish and mischievous grin, appearing as if from nowhere to her pretty little face.

"Don't you dare cum inside your sister."

But it was already much too late as I sent my sperm gushing into my sister's body. We came together then, Kerri and I, her long legs wrapping easily around my back to keep us locked together as I sent jet after surging jet of my thick incestuous seed up into her wet interior. Kerri was laughing uncontrollably now, her lips pulled back from her teeth and her eyes closed as she climaxed below me.

After awhile, when we calmed down, our heartbeats returning to normal, I lifted up and away from my sister. Kerri came with me however, and together we sat on her bed, our legs intertwined, hers over mine, still joined at the waist. We remained tight, our bodies together, her breasts warm and heavy, crushed against the skin of my own chest, and looked defiantly over at Mom who sat in her usual chair, calmly watching us.

"Well, are you two finished now?"

"Yes mommy."

We both said it at the same time and laughed together. Mom only sighed and stood up, drawing near us. I prepared myself for the beating of my life as my dick now slipped out of my sister's cunt, but Kerri pushed me down on her bed and climbed on top, shielding my body with her own.

"No mommy, or else I'll tell."

Kerri covered as much of me as she could, her breasts massive, one on each side of my face, but Mom simply sat down beside us and ran her hand over my sister's back.

"It's okay dear, but I'll have to get you on the Pill soon, we don't want to ruin that beautiful body of yours do we now?"

Kerri sat up again, and I went with her, my mouth now attached over one of her nipples where I had been gently sucking for the last minute or two. Mom laughed when she saw me, but allowed me to continue anyway.

"Just don't wear them out dear, they have to be absolutely perfect."

Kerri would be put on the Pill, and we are now allowed to have sex whenever we want, making it a part of our daily routine. Her body now graces the covers of some of the most glamorous fashion magazines there are, all to my credit. I travel with her to the shows and the runways around the world, keeping her happy and her body perfect. Indeed, what a model life we share.