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Motel Mishap

by Robert

Caution: This story contains strong elements of incest between young brother and sister.

Our parents went out for a drink so that left my brother and I in the motel room alone. Only two beds meant we would have to share one. Oh well, I guess I could tolerate him for one night. As we climbed under the covers we said our goodnights to one another, but soon we could hear a moaning coming from the room next to ours.

"What is that Shelly?"

"Sounds like someone's getting lucky to me."

We both snickered when I said that but it was true though. You could clearly hear them now and all you had to do was use your imagination to realize what was going on in there.

I often masturbate at home when alone in my room and now was feeling that urge to do so but how could I with Davey laying right here next to me. Maybe if I was slow and didn't move around much, he might not notice me doing it at all. As long as I was careful with my breathing, especially when I climax. His back is turned to me anyway, so why not.

Slowly I lowered my arm under the sheets and lifting the edge of my panties I ran my hand into them. At home I wouldn't have to do this since I preferred to sleep naked, the sheets of my bed against my bare skin left me with a tingling sensation, more so around my nipples. Thinking of this gave me that same feeling now so I moved my free hand under the T-shirt I was wearing. My nipples quickly grew hard at my own gentle caress, and a much welcome warm feeling began to flood through my body.

The hand between my legs was eager to join in so I began petting myself, it was almost all I could stand already and I had just started of course the sounds from the ajoining room weren't helping either. I was having to fight to keep my breathing steady, maybe I should stop.

The noise from next door reached a fever pitch and by the sound of it there were more than two people in there. I wasn't going to be able to turn back now.

I moved my fingers over and around my pussy lips, a deep tingling sensation had started and I longed to drive something into me. My hairbrush was on the nightstand, could I reach it without my brother noticing. He would surely feel it when I spread my legs, there wasn't enough room between us. He was facing away from me though, if I was careful not to touch him then maybe.

Looking at him, debating whether to go for it or not, I can see he's shaking a little. It's not cold in here it's the middle of summer and the air conditioner is turned off. There's enough lights on so he can't be scared of anything. Just then my hand, a mind of its own, brushed two fingers over my clit, my button eagerly wanted to be pushed and I shivered at my response.

Oh my God, is that what he's doing? I stopped, didn't remove my hands from there respective places though, and looked over, and I mean really looked. There was a distinctive rhythm to his movement that could mean only one thing.

"Are you jerking off?"

Davey screamed and was up off the bed so fast that he forgot to put things away and there, right in front of me for the first time, was a man's erect penis. I could only stare at the length of it, I mean from now on I was going to have to find something bigger than my hairbrush.

Davey looked down to see what I was staring at and realizing he was exposed in front of his sister he quickly moved to straighten out his pajamas. Davey looked like he was going to cry when he looked back at me.

"I'm so sorry Shelly, I really am."

"It's okay, don't worry about it."

"Are you going to tell Mom and Dad?"

"Of course not." Davey looked quite relieved. "Besides, I was doing it also." My brother's mouth fell open.

"What, but how, I mean you don't have a, well, you know."

"What, a penis, it's called a penis Davey, I thought you'd know that by now. Besides, girls don't need one to do it, we have other ways."

There was a definite increase in volume from our neighbour's room and Davey looked uncomfortable just standing there.

"Come on, come back to bed." I pulled back the sheets, I had by now removed my hands from where they were, and Davey crawled in beside me, in fact right up alongside and started hugging me.

"What's this for?"

"For not being mad."

"Of course i'm not mad, it's normal, everybody does it, nobody talks about it though."

Davey was still hugging me, his arms over and around my shoulders so I returned the gesture, it was more comfortable that way. We laid there quietly, well, except for the ever constant sounds of love making that seemed to radiate from the walls.

"How do you do it?" I wasn't bothered by his question, I just wasn't sure how to explain something he's probably never seen, afterall he was only fourteen. Sex Education in school would be something he undertakes next year, as I already have.

"If I show you something you won't go ballistic on me will you?

"I promise."

"Okay, let me up."

Before sitting up I pulled my panties down and off. Davey's eyes didn't blink for a long time to the point where I thought he was dead.

"Oh my God Shelly."

"Have you seen a woman before?"


"Do you know anything about sex?"

"Well i'm not totally stupid, I can see where things go. I heard about jerking off from other guys but I never knew a woman could do it. Will you show me how?"

I was a little nervous, but not really. The tempo next door had increased yet again and I really needed relief. Lowering my hand to my exposed clit I began rubbing it, occasionally moving my fingers down my vaginal lips and up again. I must admit though it felt better than usual, whether it was fom the sitting position I was in, the auditory stimulus next door, or possibly it was Davey watching me I don't know.

I was rubbing myself for some time, so involved in what I was doing that I didn't notice when Davey pulled his pajamas and shorts down and began stroking himself right in front of me. I certainly didn't mind, as I said this was my first view of a male sex organ and while it was pretty obvious how a guy jerked off I was curious to witness what actually happens when a guy reaches orgasm.

We both sat across from one another and watched as we explored our own sexuality, all the time listening to those next door. God the stamina they must have, they had to be going at it for a good half hour now. Something in their sounds changed however as if they were reaching a head, possibly someone was about to climax.

Just thinking about it I realized I needed to as well. Again I looked at my hairbrush, so near yet so far away. I could reach it if I tried, but Davey might freak out, frankly he had enough new information for one day. He was pumping himself furiously now, it looked like he was going to cum any second, I wanted badly to do so as well.

Ah fuck it, I needed it now. Leaning backwards on the bed I tried to reach the nightstand while at the same time I tried explaining to Davey what I was about to do so it wouldn't disturb him too much.

"I'm sorry Davey, but I need it in me so bad it hurts, it hurts Davey." Sprawled out on my back I just caught the end of the hairbrush with my fingers. My intentions were to sit up again first so I could explain further but I wasn't given the chance as Davey was on top, or rather, inside of me so fast, he just slid right in before I could say anything.

"Davey no, that's not what I meant, pull it out of me before, before, before, oh never mind, fuck me, fuck me harder Davey."

I even forced my thighs upwards and against him with each of his thrusts, no hairbrush would ever satisfy me again.

"Do you want me to pull out Shelly?"

"Don't you dare or we'll have a mess to clean up."

"But Shelly."

"I'm on the pill, Mom knew I would be having sex soon."

"Oh God Shelly, i'm cumming inside you."

I could feel it, a pulsation followed by a rising heat, a much needed warmth surged through me as I climaxed as well. Davey collapsed on top of me and we both laid there in complete silence, the both of us never even noticed that the other room was quiet as well.

A light shone through the window and soon someone was inserting a key into the door. Our Parents were back. We had enough time to throw the covers over us, but that's all. We just laid there pretending we were asleep.

"Oh how cute, they're in each other's arms." Mom wouldn't have found it so cute if she pulled back the sheets and seen Davey's penis, or rather lack of since it was still inside me draining sperm. When we were certain our Parents were asleep, they both snore, we made love again, quietly so not to wake them.

In the morning we both crept outside early so we could kiss, something we had not yet done. The sun was just coming up and nobody else was around. The door belonging to the room next to ours opened and out stepped a man in his late thirties, he was alone. In his hands he held several video tapes and as he walked by I could just make out some of the titles. They were Porn Movies.

Davey and I just stared at one another, what we had been listening to, what had brought us together, it wasn't real, it was a video tape we had been listening to showing people having fake sex. What we had done was not fake, and our love for one another as we now realized was very real, something we will continue to proove in the future, once we get home.

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