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Laura's Secret

by Robert

Caution: This story contains strong incest sex between teen brother and his pregnant teen sister

Chris was beside himself with fear when he found out his little sister was pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. That is, at first he was. He then grew quite angry when he realized that meant Laura, just fifteen and one year younger, had been having sex before he did.

Laura was well into her second trimester and her petite little frame was obviously showing the baby she carried inside, something she wanted to keep from their parents. Baggy sweaters simply wouldn't do anymore to hide her swelling belly, she now had to avoid Mom and Dad altogether, so she went to her brother for help.

After screaming at one another, and quite loudly too with their parents out, Laura crying and begging, Chris threatening to tell over his anger, he finally agreed to keep her secret, but for a price. And that price was a dear one.

Laura laid down on her own bed after stripping naked and allowed her brother to climb on top. Fighting back tears, she only stared up at the ceiling as Chris, obviously unsure of himself and shaking badly, spread his sister's legs with his own and placed his erection, already dripping precum uncontrollably, into the slit he found there.

As soon as Chris pushed downward they both cried out in surprise and pain as his hard cock met only resistance. Laura felt sick as she now had to take hold of her brother's thick meat and help guide him into her own body, aiming lower and then instructing when to move.

Chris mumbled something under his breath, grabbed a hold of Laura's shoulders and drove forward, again crying out but this time in astonishment as he watched his stiff erection slip easily and unhindered all the way into sister's open vagina, which quickly became greasy, slick and runny.

Chris now pulled back some and repositioned himself, and while holding his sister's legs wide apart soon began pumping wildly against her thighs as he began to piston his body in and out of hers, drilling deeper and deeper with every one of his thrusts as experience grew.

Early on he pulled back too far and popped out, an ooze of bodily fluids, both his and hers trailing along through the gaping hole left behind. Laura was sure she would be sick when she felt the spill move down her inner thighs and over her bum hole but allowed him to renter her again, lowering his body till he was tight against her own.

Chris moved over Laura's swelling belly, her baby forming inside, and together their skin became warm as he rutted against his little sister. Increasing his tempo, driving harder and deeper still helped to raise the temperature in both their bodies and Laura now fought hard to control her emotions as an unexpected orgasm, one she did not desire, threatened to overtake her.

Laura felt every touch of her brother's flesh. His sweaty stomach over the small hill that was her midriff, his rough thick penis as it ploughed inside her, and his hands which constantly moved over her breasts. Laura again cringed as her brother moaned and lowered his lips over one of her nipples, and began sucking playfully.

Suddenly Chris began to move faster, his moaning louder, and Laura now steadied herself for what she knew was about to happen. Grabbing a hold of her shoulders, Chris began a series of quick deep thrusts before his back arched and he lost all control, collapsing downwards and drilling his entire length deep into his sister's open body. There he stayed as he cried out to God and Heaven above, and immediately Laura could feel as her brother's cock began to open up and spew several warm pulsating jets of his semen up along the channel that led to her womb.

Laura felt her brother's cum coating the inner walls of her body and the only solace left within her was that she knew his seed would not find purchase. But still she swallowed hard as he continued to pump away inside her.

"If you've hurt my baby so help me God, I swear I'll kill you."

Chris remained silent for some time as he collected his thoughts and he came down from his emotional and physical high. His penis shrank inside his sister and as he pulled back slowly he watched it come out with a plop, a thick rope of cum still connecting the two together.

"I never could have imagined, that it would feel like that. We had a deal Laura, but don't worry, I didn't hurt your baby, I mean, our baby."

"Fuck off it is not our baby Chris."

"It sure feels like it to me, now that I've cum inside you."

"And you're never doing that again, you got that?"

"Yeah yeah, I only needed to do it once anyway, so I wouldn't be a... well, you know."

"It's called being a virgin Chris, and you sure were weren't you. Don't you know anything about a woman's body? And being a virgin, well, it's not something dirty Chris."

"Well you were sure in a hurry to lose yours, letting your boyfriend rape you in the backseat of his car. I'm older so I should have been first damn it."

"He did not rape me."

"Oh, then what do you call it, you said you cried the whole time, that he wouldn't stop, and he didn't pull out when you begged him to, so now look, you're a virtual baby making machine."

"The backseat was cramped that's all, and I want this baby so shut up."

"At least I had the decency to do you in your own bed, nice and comfortable, warm sheets."

"Decency, bull shit, no brother would ever ask his sister to do this for him if he was a decent man."

"A man, that's exactly what I am now thanks to you Laura, and I mean that, thank you. You know if I wasn't decent I could have just taken you, raped you myself."

"I wouldn't put it past you."

"God damn it now that hurts Laura, I do care about you, your boyfriend obviously doesn't give a shit."


"That's right, but only because he dumped you when you told him you were pregnant."

"Fuck you men are all the same, you take what you want and then leave the rest. What did you say anyway, when I had to help you get inside me?"

"Hmm, oh, I said I'm sorry for hurting you."

"I doubt that, and what the Hell are you still doing laying on top of me... GET THE FUCK OFF."

Chris lifted himself from his sister but remained sitting on the edge of her bed staring at her. With his hand he reached for her face but Laura turned away and just out of reach. Instead Chris touched her naked belly, quite swollen with a baby growing inside, and enjoyed the feeling of warmth put off by her body before pulling the covers over, actually tucking her in before standing up.

"Get some sleep sis, and I meant what I said, I swear I will never, ever, ask this of you again. Unlike your boyfriend, I would never rape you."

"You just did."

"No I didn't, you take that back. You agreed Laura, you said okay so don't change it around now. And like I promised I won't tell Mom and Dad till you're past twenty-eight weeks so they can't make you get an abortion."

Chris added another blanket to the bed, and adjusted her pillow before turning to leave. Suddenly he stopped in mid motion, turned, leaned down, and kissed his sister on the forehead, taking her completely by surprise, as did his words as he walked away.

"That guy, what a loser, he didn't know what he fucking had."

"What, what's that Chris?"

"Never mind Laura, thinking out loud that's all, get some sleep."

"No, tell me what you meant."

"Oh, well, just that he must be blind, to let go of such a beautiful woman like you."

Chris closed Laura's door behind him and therefore missed the look of confusion that grew into a wide smile that enveloped his sister's face. Feeling good about herself for the first time in months, Laura rolls onto her side and lets her hands travel over the very noticeable mound in front of her, enjoying the warmth the baby gives her. Slowly one of her hands moves down between her legs, her fingers touching and dipping into the wetness found there, her brother's cum. She now smiles, knowing that much of the warmth she feels is from her brother.

A few weeks later, before going to sleep, Chris lays in his bed staring up at the ceiling, his left hand pumping frantically along the full length of his erect cock. In frustration he stops, and hits the mattress hard, unable to bring himself to climax.

He was trying to remember, to recreate what it had been like with Laura, but already his memory was unfocused and fading, useless to him now. Chris thinks of his sister then, asleep in her bed, and one hand reaches to throw the covers off him.

The need is great, and his body hurts in desperation, much more than he can stand, but instead he pulls the covers tighter around him and rolls over onto his stomach, allowing his rock hard shaft to press sharply into the mattress.

"I promised I wouldn't, I will never do that to her again, but still I didn't rape her, did I?"

Chris stares at the headboard of his bed as a tear rolls silently down his cheek. Just as silent comes a tap at his closed door which goes unheard as he begins to gently sob into his pillow. Soon the door is opened, and closed again as Laura comes into her brother's room.

"Chris are you asleep?"

"Laura, sis, what are you doing in here, oh my God are you alright, the baby?"

"Shhh, you'll wake Mom and Dad, the baby and I are fine, I'm just a little scared. The twenty-eight weeks are up you know."

"I know."

"I'm going to tell them tomorrow."

"I'll stand with you, if you want me to that is, oh who am I kidding right, not after what I did to you. Laura, you probably won't believe me but I am so so sorry."

"Yeah well, let's forget about it okay."

"Forget about it, but I raped you."

"No, I don't think you did, I made the choice, it was my decision. Would you have forced me if I had said no?"

"Well, no."

"There you go then, now move over."


"Cause I'm sleeping here tonight do you mind, I'm scared."

"Oh, of course Laura, come here and get warm, no wait a second don't pull back the sheets yet."

"Ah, Chris, you're naked."

"Yeah, kind of."

"What were you doing, never mind, don't answer that, I can tell from here."

"It's kind of obvious isn't it, my underwear is on the floor, wait a second and I'll put it on."

"Why bother, I've seen you naked before, you know, just before you shoved your dick inside me."

"Christ I'm sorry sis, I really am."

"Well, I've been fucked before, obviously. So just move over a little, this belly needs a lot of room now."

"You look so beautiful Laura."

"Yeah right, do you really mean that?"


"You're so nice to say so... actually, you know what, on second thought, just stay where you are, don't move."

Laura pushed her panties down and off, pulled up on the sheets and slipped into her brother's bed. Climbing completely on top of him she soon had his newly forming erection at her already moist slit, and just as quickly had it deep inside her before laying down, covering her brother's body with her own. Chris was surprised to say the least, and remained quite still as his sister took him into her. Soon both were once again enjoying the warmth of the other.

"Can we just stay like this for the night Chris, I just need to be near someone right now."

"Oh God yes, I mean, of course sis, whatever you want, I actually like this too. You body is so warm, and beautiful, we don't have to do anything tonight, or ever if you don't want to."

"Oh I want to, tomorrow, okay?"

"Your belly is squished between us, will the baby be okay?"

"Yeah, the baby will be just fine... our baby."

Chris smiled, and almost cried, as he lay there with Laura, and together they would fall asleep in each other's arms, where they were found in the morning by their Mom. She assumed it was innocent enough, just children being children, until she spotted the two pairs of underwear on the floor beside the bed.

Quietly their Mom crept into the room, slowly, now afraid of what she would find, and gently she pulled back on the bed sheets.

It took all of her will power not to faint with the image before her, her son's penis disappearing into her daughter's vagina, a splatter of cum drying on her thighs from where they had made love just an hour before. The words failed her, so she screamed instead.

Chris and Laura awoke with a start, and as they pulled apart from one another, Laura's swelling belly revealing to her mother for the first time her now unmistakable condition, Mom did indeed faint.

It would be nice to just say there was a happy ending, but that wouldn't be for another two months when Laura gave birth to a son. Before that though Chris would be desperately beaten by his father, and despised by his mother, even with his sister crying over and over that the baby was not his. A blood test would reveal this to be true, but still his parents would refuse to see him as their son anymore.

There was talk of sending him away, but in time it would be forgotten as the cries of a new baby warmed everyone's hearts. It wouldn't be until Mom saw her son holding the new baby, for Chris did indeed think of the child as his, that her attitude softened.

When one morning Mom saw her daughter making her way to her brother's room, a condom in her hand, she let her go, and made a mental note to set up an appointment to get her daughter on the Pill.

"Mom saw me in the hall."

"She still hates me, did she say anything?"



"She smiled."


"Yeah, I think she's happy for me, for us, it's what I want I know that."

"Why I'll never know."

"Because I love you silly, and I know you love me."

"I can't give you a baby, why do you want to be with me?"

"I already have a baby, that is, we have a baby."

"You mean that sis?"


"I love you Laura."

"Good, and I love you Chris, now let's prove it."

Chris and Laura had no problem proving their love for one another, and they both still do, to this very day.