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Jake's Mom

by Jake

This story contain taboo incest sex between a mother and her son

Jake was 14 years old when he really started to discover his sexual interests. Jake was 5’8”, 140 pounds and the youngest of three children, the only son. His sisters had already gone away to college and Jake was alone at home with his 40-year-old divorcée mom, Debbie.

One day while mowing the lawn Jake saw Lori his neighbour laying in her backyard tanning. It didn’t matter that she was 38 years old, overweight and had large dimpled legs. What Jake saw was that her bathing suit top was unfastened and the sides of her large tits were visible. For the next three days Jake spent all his waking hours in the back yard waiting for Lori to sunbathe.

It was on Saturday afternoon when he saw her again. This time she was laying on her back, legs spread open and an abundance of curly hair was flowing outside of her bikini bottoms. Peeking out his bedroom window Jake pulled down his shorts and started stroking his rock hard cock. Suddenly his whole world was shattered when his mom walked unannounced into his room and saw what he was doing. She was shocked, both at his actions and the size of his big cock. She yelled at him to get away from the window and stop what he was doing. His once rock hard dick instantly shriveled and he almost fainted.

For the next five days Jake waited for his mom to yell, scream, ground or reprimand him.

Debbie was having her own difficulties dealing with this situation. She knew that Jake was growing up and what she caught him doing was natural for any 14-year-old. Her problem was that although she was mad at him for peeping on Lori, she couldn’t get the sight of his very thick young cock out of her head.

Finally on Friday morning Debbie thought she knew how to proceed. Before Jake left for school Debbie told him they were going to discuss his actions after dinner.

Jake couldn’t concentrate on anything during that Friday. All he could think about was what would mom do to him. When Jake arrived home Debbie was already there and in her typical spring attire, barefoot and a short denim dress. The dinner was a quiet affair that evening. Jake was ready to bolt from the house when Debbie said they needed to talk. Going into the family room Jake sat on the sofa with Debbie right beside him, sitting on her left leg facing him. Jake was terrified.

Debbie started the conversation by stating she knew that his hormones were probably raging, but he shouldn’t do what he did on Saturday. Jake blushed deeply and said it wouldn’t happen again.

As they talked, Debbie asked what made him so excited. Jake blurted out that when he saw Lori’s tits he couldn’t control himself. They were big, looked soft and seeing the edge of her nipples was very exciting. Debbie asked him if he masturbated thinking about Lori’s tits. Jake turned deep red and nodded his head. When Debbie asked how often, Jake quietly said 4-5 times a day. Debbie was astounded. She never imagined her baby would be able to maintain that type of stamina. It made her pussy tingle and she could feel her nipples tighten and pucker.

Debbie asked if Jake thought Lori’s body was sexy. Jake never even thought before he blurted out that saw her tits but she wasn’t as sexy looking as Debbie was. No sooner were the words out of his mouth than he though he was fucked. Debbie thought about this for a second and then asked what made her sexier than Lori. Jake said it was her eyes, her smile and the fact that at 5’2”, 115 pounds, her legs, and body looked firm, not dimpled.

Debbie was flattered. She then told Jake his punishment was no television for the weekend and he was grounded until Monday.

Jake grumbled, but said “fine” and went to his bedroom. Debbie sat on the sofa digesting what had just occurred and how her body had reacted. Her nipples ached and when she slid her hand under her dress Debbie could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy. Slowly she dipped one and then two fingers into her pussy to relieve her internal pressures. She came almost instantly.

Both Jake and Debbie experienced a restless night. Saturday morning as Debbie prepared for her shower she decided on a course of action that might change her life forever. As the water caressed her nipples and belly, Debbie took her razor and began to shave her legs, armpits and finally her pussy.

Putting on her sheer yellow dressing gown Debbie went into the kitchen to make coffee. Jake was already at the table and was visibly shocked when he realized his mom was naked under her dressing gown. He could feel his cock stiffen inside his running shorts.

Debbie sat at the table and carried on a conversation as while the coffee brewed. When she retrieved her coffee and again sat down, it was obvious Jake could see her nipples and pussy. Debbie wondered if maybe she was going too far.

Taking a chance, Debbie asked Jake if he could massage her stiff neck muscles. As he stood and walked around the table Debbie was pleased to see he had a raging hard-on. As Jake began massaging her neck he was able to see inside her gown and her pink tipped nipples. They looked like long thick hard erasers. Again hormones took over and Jake reached around Debbie’s shoulder and touched her right nipple. It was as if each of them received an electric shock, the sensation was so violent.

Debbie stood up and faced her son. Slowly she untied the two ties holding her gown closed and let it fall to the floor. Her erect nippled breasts were now fully exposed to her 14-year-old son, as was her freshly shaved pussy. She had never been naked in front of any man, other than her former husband, and she was shaking as Jake tentatively reached out and grabbed her left nipple.

Jake thought he was dreaming. Here he was rolling his mom’s nipple between his fingers and admiring her nakedness. As he continued pulling and pinching Debbie’s nipples his cock felt harder than ever before. Jake lowered his head to Debbie’s nipple and sucked it deeply into his mouth.

Debbie moaned deeply as Jake sucked on her left nipple. Telling him to suck gently, Debbie began to feel his tongue swirl over her nipple and flick it back and forth. The sensations of his tongue were going right to her pussy and she guided Jake’s hand to her underbelly. As he probed around her pussy, Debbie directed him to her wet and rapidly swelling pussy lips. She almost fainted as he slid his middle digit into her hot and flowing pussy. Her muscles contracted around the invader and she attempted to draw it deeper into her canal with muscles control.

Jake was delirious. He had never felt anything so wet and soft as his mom’s cunt. Sliding his finger in and out he could feel her muscles attempting to keep in deeply implanted. Slowly he inserted a second finger and began to move them independently inside her. Her body tightened and she grabbed his head and squeezed him tightly to her breast.

Debbie couldn’t believe the sensations her son was giving her. Pressing his head tightly to her breast she yelled at him to suck harder and keep his fingers moving in her pussy. Suddenly she began to tense up and her body experienced the throes of the strongest orgasm she had ever had. Collapsing to her knees, Debbie’s orgasm continued for almost a minute. Resting her head against Jake’s leg she saw the head of his rock hard cock pushing out below his shorts. Aggressively she grabbed his cock and crammed it into her mouth. Her jaw felt stretched as she attempted to take this monster deeply into her throat and passed her tonsils.

When Jake felt his mom sink to the floor he thought he’d hurt her. He was about to pick her up when she grabbed his cock and put it into her mouth. The warm wet tongue began caressing his cock head and immediately began to spurt his cum deeply into Debbie’s throat.

Debbie struggled to keep up with the flow of cum jetting into her mouth and throat. Just when she thought she’d have to pull off and let it spill onto the floor, Jake’s cum began to slow down and finally stop.

Exhausted from this brief 10-minute encounter, both mother and son collapsed onto the kitchen floor and held onto each other. Debbie’s hand slid off Jake’s shoulder and landed in his lap. To her surprise Jake’s cock was still as hard as it was before she sucked him off. Debbie asked him if it was always this hard after he came and Jake said he usually had to cum two or three times before it fully softened. Getting to her feet Debbie led her son to her bed and lay upon it. Pulling Jake on top of her she grasped his thick cock and directed it to her pussy opening. Once Jake felt his cockhead touching Debbie’s pussy lips he began to thrust into her. It took two full thrusts for him to fully imbed himself into Debbie’s hot wet cunt. The sensations were delicious. Debbie was delirious.

As Jake slammed his cock into her pussy it felt like she had a baseball bat shoved into her. She was fully stretched and filled. Never had she felt so stuffed. Her husband’s cock had been a bit longer, but nowhere near this thick. As Jake pulled out and thrust back in, her clitoris was being rubbed and dragged by this giant cock. Within seconds Debbie could feel another orgasm building and cascading over her body. As she came for the second time Debbie could feel Jake’s cock once again shooting his cum. The feeling scalded her cuntal walls as he filled her.

As he collapsed on her, his cock was so large it sealed all his cum into her pussy. Pulling out and rolling off, left Debbie feeling completely empty and stretched. His cum poured out of her pussy like a small waterfall. Jake was exhausted. He had just fucked his mom and filled her cunt with his juices. As he lay beside Debbie, with his cock still at attention, he drifted of to sleep.

Debbie felt empty and stretched at the same time. Looking over at her son she saw him drift off to sleep, and still having a hard-on. Getting up and straddling his cock, Debbie lowered herself until she was completely impaled upon this monster. As she began fucking him in this position Debbie began to feel Jake’s cock painfully hitting her cervix. The pain and pleasure from this experience hit her so fast and hard she began cumming again and she felt his cock expand even more as she felt his jizz splash her insides.

Debbie collapsed on Jake’s chest and rested. As she lay on her son she could feel Jake’s cock begin to soften. As it shrank Debbie felt a sharp tug deep in her belly as his cock popped out of her womb. This set her off again and she began to drift off knowing she had never felt this satisfied and she would need it again.

As they slept, both dreamt of the punishment being handed out. Both smiled.