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Fortunate Shortcut

by Tristan One

Caution: This story contains strong elements of incest sex between mother and son. Proceed carefully.

Chapter 1: The Washout

Pamela Travis focused on the pavement in front of her as she negotiated her Grand Cherokee down the forest road. The young mother had never driven this stretch of the county road before and its unfamiliarity worried her. Pamela glanced to her right and nervously smiled. Her fourteen-year old son Bobby slept peacefully in the front passenger seat, blissfully unaware of his mother’s worried thoughts.

Although it had been sunny and clear when the two left Kensington Corners for the surprise visit to her sister, Pamela had noticed the dark band of clouds in her rear view mirror shortly before she made the turn onto the forest road. She had hoped to cut some time off the trip to her younger sister Robin’s cabin by taking what appeared to be a shortcut on her map. But it was now clear to her that the forest road was too narrow to allow her to travel as fast as she had hoped. It looked like they would not make it to Robin’s until after dark. The silence in the Jeep made Pamela even more nervous. She glanced once again at her sleeping son and smiled. Pamela loved to dote on her boy. He was becoming a man, voice cracking and everything, he’s even a bit taller than herself and Pamela thought that this might be the last trip she would be able to take with him before he became more involved with his school friends and the inevitable distancing would begin. Pamela felt a pang of loneliness and realized that she wanted the company of her son.

“Bobby wake up,” she said. Bobby groaned but slowly opened his eyes to gaze at his mother. Her blond hair shined golden in the forest light, and her sparkling blue eyes warmly peered back at him.

“What’s the matter mom?” he asked. “Are we almost to Aunt Robin’s cabin.”

“No, I am afraid I decided to take a shortcut that is turning out to be slower than I thought,” she responded. “We still have a ways to go and I wanted some company while I drive.”

“Okay, I’m awake now.”

Bobby yawned and stretched and then glanced out the back of the Jeep.

“Jeez mom, look how dark it is getting behind us. It sure looks like a big storm is heading our way,” Bobby said.

“I was afraid of that,” his mother stated. “Don’t worry, I think we are only about seventy miles from Aunt Robin’s and this Jeep is safe and warm.”

Just as the words left her mouth the first drops of rain struck the Jeep’s windshield. Those drops quickly turned to a torrent and Pamela turned the wipers on full speed. The blades did little good because the skies had unleashed a punishing amount of water.

Pamela carefully guided the Jeep farther down the roadway, aware that the shoulder had dropped sharply down into a gully on the right-hand side of the pavement. The gully soon became a small ravine with a small stream bed that was quickly filling with the runoff from the thunderstorm. Without warning the asphalt ended, leaving nothing more than a gravel trail along side the ravine.

“Mom, maybe we should pull over. I can’t see very well. Can you?” Bobby said.

“I just want to make it around this next bend in the road. The ground looks even up ahead,” Pamela responded.

Pamela realized that she was still driving a bit too fast for the conditions and applied her brakes. The Jeep fish-tailed sideways and it was all Pamela could do to keep the vehicle from careening down into the ravine. Still the Jeep kept to the gravel road. Through the shadows, Pamela thought she spotted a sign off to the left of the roadside, but could not read what it said. She hoped it would confirm her thought that this town road would soon merge with the county highway she remembered from the map.

“Wow that was close, mom,” Bobby sighed.

“I do not think I have ever seen so much rain before!”

The Jeep continued down the road. The ravine running along the road became steeper, sloping down into what now appeared to be a raging river. The rain showed no sign of relenting and Pamela became more worried as she could no longer see very far up the gravel road, even with the Jeep’s headlights burning a path through the storm.

A blinding flash of lightning illuminated a sharp curve in the road and Pamela slammed on her brakes just as the rumble of the thunder reached the inside of the Jeep. The Jeep fish-tailed again in the mud and gravel of the forest road. Both Pamela and Bobby screamed and the Jeep began to slide over the ravine edge. The Jeep teetered over the brow, with its back right wheel spinning in mid-air as the young mother pressed the accelerator.

Pamela was barely able to keep the vehicle from careening into the swirling waters of the dark ravine. As the Jeep lurched forward, the engine suddenly stalled and the vehicle came to rest. Pamela attempted to start the vehicle again to no avail. As she turned the keys in the ignition, she felt the Jeep start to roll backwards.

“Bobby! Get out of the Jeep now,” she yelled frantically.

Bobby, hesitated and then quickly unbuckled his lap belt and opened his door. The wind and rain made it difficult but he was still able to jump free from the door, his leg caught on the door frame and he heard a loud ripping noise. Still he lept clear from the vehicle, landing in a puddle along the edge of the ravine. From outside the Jeep, he saw his mother open her door, look back inside the Jeep for something and then leap free, just as the vehicle lurched backwards and over the edge of the ravine. The Jeep’s headlines scissored upwards into the storm-darkened sky before disappearing over the edge. The young man lay stunned in the muddy roadway, the rain pelting him in the face.

“Bobby are you hurt ... Bobby ... answer me,” Pamela frantically yelled through the storm. The stunned man blinked and looked in the direction of his mother’s voice. He shook his head to clear the water from his eyes. Bobby could just make out the shadowy shape of his mother as she crawled towards him in the blinding rain. His mother appeared unhurt and Bobby sighed in relief.

“Mom, I am okay,” he said. He looked down and saw that his pants pocket had caught on something as he fell from the jeep and had torn a large flap of the cloth away.

“Baby, I am so sorry,” Pamela cried as she approached her young son. The rain continued to pelt the two as they lay in the muddy roadway. Alone and wet, but alive.

Once Bobby was certain he was not hurt, he looked over again to his mother and gasped. In the dim light he could still see his mother’s form as she came closer. His young eyes were immediately drawn down to Pamela’s chest. The rain had soaked his mother’s silky white turtleneck and it now clung possessively to her large breasts. Bobby could see every detail of her lacy bra through the soaked material and even the dark circles of her areola were visible through the transparent cloth. Even though they had just survived a life threatening accident, the teen felt his cock lurch as he looked at his mother’s mesmerizing breasts. Bobby looked away as Pamela finally reached him.

“My baby, are you sure you are not hurt?” Pamela wrapped her arms around Bobby in a fierce embrace, clutching her boy’s face to her chest.

Bobby lay startled in his mother’s enveloping arms; his face pressed against her breasts. The young man’s eyes locked on to one of his mother’s breasts a mere three inches away. It looked huge to his startled eyes. Whether it was the cold rain or the shock of the accident, Bobby noticed his mother’s nipple, full and erect, protruding through her bra and soggy shirt. The dark nub stuck a full inch out from the surface of her breast. Pamela had always been very modest around her young son, and Bobby had never seen either his mother’s breasts or their large nipples before.

Bobby felt his cock lengthen as he stared at his mother’s near naked breast, and he began to pull away from his mother’s embrace.

Pamela was oblivious to her son’s stare. She looked past him into the yawning crevice along side the road. All her possessions: purse, jacket, and most importantly, cell phone, were sunk to the bottom of the raging creek bed. “What are we going to do?” she thought to herself. Then, she remembered seeing the road sign before the accident and decided that they needed to figure out where they were.

“Come on Bobby,” Pamela said. “We need to find a place to get out of the storm. Can you walk okay.”

Her young son clutched at her side. The warmth of his body felt soothing to the frightened mother. Pamela looked down and saw the long tear in her son’s pants and became worried that he had been injured in the fall from the Jeep.

“Bobby, stand up ... let me see if you are hurt,” she ordered him.

“No mom, I am okay really,” he responded. “I just tore my pants a bit.”

“Stand up this minute Bobby, ” Pamela ordered her son.

The young man slowly pulled away from his mother and began to stand, fully aware that his penis was now straining his wet underwear to the tearing point. Bobby looked down sheepishly, hoping his mom would not discover his excited condition.

Pamela sat kneeling in the mud, her concerned eyes peering at her young son’s lower leg and the muddy scratches that circled his kneecap. Her eyes never looked upward, much to her son’s relief. As he looked down, he once again noticed the transparent sight of his mother’s waterlogged turtleneck. His mother’s breasts with their turgid nipples jiggled and swayed as she slowly caressed his lower leg. Bobby’s cock stretched even further against the taut material of his briefs. To the teen’s embarrassment he felt the head of his penis lift and press downward until it popped free of its confines. His shaft stretched downward until it lay flat against his thigh.

The young mother continued to caress her son’s knee. The rain water slowly washed away the mud and soil from his flesh and it was quickly apparent that he had suffered nothing more than surface scratches to his skin. Relieved, she relaxed with the knowledge that her son was not hurt. A movement in the upper edges of her vision caused her to shift her eyes upward. Pamela was stunned by the sight confronting her.

Her eyes locked on her son’s turgid cock, throbbing and swaying less than a foot from her startled face. She gasped out loud. Bobby’s penis was the largest she had ever seen. It was both magnificent and freakish to the flushed mother who could not contemplate such a big shaft on her young son who until now had been her little boy.

Pamela felt a quick flash of heat run throughout her body as she continued to stare at Bobby’s penis. She felt her face flush in a combination of embarrassment and sexual excitement. Realizing that her son could not see where her eyes were focused because her wet bangs shielded her face, Pamela allowed her eyes to linger longer on the big cock than she knew she should.

“How did he get such a big penis,” she thought. She knew it was not from her husband, whose prick had been much smaller. But Bobby, even at fourteen, had what seemed to her more than a man-sized cock.

“Yes, it was a cock, a hard throbbing cock” she thought, suddenly liking the sound of the word. It was not a “wiener” like she used to lovingly call Bobby’s penis when he was younger. The last time she saw her son naked was a few years earlier when she used to bathe him. But back then, she had no idea the cute little penis that she used to tickle and massage in the bathtub would grow into the massive pole she saw before her now.

Although her religious background had prevented her from dating much after her husband had died three years earlier, she still longingly remembered the sex she used to enjoy with Stephen. She did not like to admit it to herself, but she knew that was the part of her marriage that she missed the most. She and her husband had not seen eye-to-eye on many things, particularly about how much time she spent doting on their young boy. But he used to make her feel exhilarated in the bedroom, even if she did not dare do the things he occasionally pleaded with her to perform.

Bobby’s penis looked positively obscene as it lay along Bobby’s skinny thigh. ‘It was almost ... mouth watering ... an obscene but still mouth watering ... cock, ‘ Pamela involuntarily swallowed to her thoughts.

Its presence was hypnotic to Pamela. The same two words were locked in Pamela’s brain as the massive head twitched and throbbed near her flushed face. ‘Mouth watering, cock, yes, ‘ she thought. But _that_ was the thing that her late husband had wanted most of all and which she had always refused. A man’s penis might be for many things ... but it was not for putting in her mouth. But maybe she would have changed her mind if her husband had possessed a prick the size of Bobby’s.

A rolling thunderbolt shook Pamela from her thoughts. She diverted her eyes downward from her son’s big cock, and then quickly peeked at the large shaft once last time and shivered.

“My god, Bobby I am so sorry, your pants are torn but your knee does not look hurt,” she said. Avoiding looking at his still naked cock, she peered down the roadway in the direction in which they had just driven.

“I think I saw a sign down the road, maybe we can find a place to get out of the rain.”

Bobby pulled his eyes away from his mother’s breasts and looked at her face. The young man was extremely relieved that she had not noticed his naked hard on. Expelling a sigh of relief, he quickly tucked his swollen rod back into his briefs.

“Okay mom,” Bobby said. “Maybe we can find a house and the owners will let us use a phone to call Aunt Robin so she can pick us up.”

Pamela nodded and smiled at her son as she stood up. A quick glance confirmed that Bobby had covered his penis, although a large bulge was still obvious through the wet cloth of his pants. It was at that point that Pam began to wonder what had caused her son’s cock to become erect. Was it the shock of the accident or something else that triggered the reaction she wondered.

A gust of wind slammed a sheet of rain into the young mother causing her look downward and away from the stinging pellets of water. It was then that she knew what caused her son’s sexual reaction. Her turtleneck was soaked and nearly transparent and her swollen nipples protruded angrily through her clothing. She even noticed that the red circles of her areola were visible. A further flush of sexual tension rushed through Pamela as she realized that it was her nearly naked breasts that caused the erection of Bobby’s big cock.

“My God,” she thought. “I might as well be naked.”

Even though she knew it was wrong in her heart, she smiled when she realized that it was her body that caused her son’s hard on. The tingle in her nipples and clitoris was now a dull throbbing and she knew it was because of the sexual charge in the air from seeing her son’s naked penis for the first time in years.

“Come on Bobby, we have to get out of this storm,” Pamela said as she grabbed her son’s hand and guided him back down the road towards the shadowed sign she had spotted just before the accident which turned out nothing more than a warning sign about the condition of the road.

Chapter 2: The Pleasure Shack

Crestfallen, Pamela didn’t know what to do anymore. She collapsed to her knees and sobbed. Bobby, who had depended on his mother for everything so far got scared. He had never seen his mother this way before. It became apparent to him that he needs to step up. They couldn’t stay under this downpour as it was a recipe for getting hypothermic and sick.

He looked around and within his limited visual range saw something that looked like a house.

“Mom, I see a house close by. Let’s go there. They might be able to help us and provide shelter. They should have a phone so that we can call aunt Robin.”

His mother looked up at him with a pitiful face. So he simply grabbed her upper arm and pulled her up. Wrapping his arm around her back and holding her up he started dragging her towards the house.

‘He’s sure strong.’ Pamela thought as she started having more control of her emotions. ‘He’s becoming a strong man; he took charge. He’ll save us.’

Drawing on her son’s strength, Pamela wrapped her own arm around her strong son’s waist and started walked faster, signalling to him that she’s ok.

After ten minutes of slogging through the mud, they reached their destination. Sadly, it turned out to be a small raised shed kind of structure.

The ladder that went up to its entrance had fallen aside, so Bobby grabbed it and put it up to the small door at the bottom. He climbed up, pushed the door up and stuck his head and looked around.

He found nothing significant. It must be a hunting shack or something.

“It’s a little shack. Not much in here, but it’s dry up here. It will provide us some shelter until this rain stops. Come on up mom.” He said as crawled up into the shack.

Pamela climbed up after her son and was relieved to be out of the pelting rain.

The place was small, fits few people standing up. There was a bare bed in one corner and a plastic cooler at its foot. There were a couple of chairs too. The shack had low windows on all side. Probably so that somebody can look outside while sitting in the chair.

Pamela was starting to feel cold. Her clothes were soaked all the way thru and she started to shiver.

Bobby on the other hand was very alert. His survival instinct had kicked in full force. He looked around hoping to find something useful to use.

He opened the plastic cooler to find it full of sheets and blankets.

“Just blankets.” He announced disappointedly.

He looked back at his mother and saw her lower jaw starting to shake. She was cold.

“Mom, are you ok?”

“Cold...” She could barely talk. The adrenaline that charged her body after the accident had completely diminished now leaving her exhausted and tired. The cold water that soaked her didn’t help. She was going into thermal shock. By now her teeth were making a disconcerting noise as they smashed against each other.

“Hold on, I’ll get you a blanket.” Bobby said opening the cooler again and grabbing the warm-looking blanket on top.

“Wet ... no ... it will ... get ... wet.”

“But you’re shivering. You need to get warm.”

She didn’t answer, but she started pulling up her turtleneck blouse with shaking hands. Bobby was confused. How is taking her clothes off going to help with her being cold? His inexperience was showing already.

Pamela pulled off her wet turtleneck and started trying to unbutton her jeans. It was no use, her hands were shaking too much and her fingers were weak.

“Help...” she pleaded with her son.

It took Bobby few moments to understand that his mother was trying to take her pants off and needed his help. Despite his earlier arousal due to his mother’s body, he managed to unbutton the top button and bring down the zipper on his mother’s tight and wet jeans.

Pamela tried to take over by putting her thumbs inside her waist, but the wetness made her jeans heavy and prevented her from pushing her own pants down.

As Bobby watched his mother struggle with her pants, he realized that she needed help even with that.

“Let me.” He said as he crouched and reached for her waist.

He grasped his mother’s jeans with both hands and yanked down. By the time he got the pants down to her knees, he looked up and was surprised to see her bush staring him in the face. He looked down at the pants and sure enough, found her panties there. He had yanked both down at the same time. His face flushed and he didn’t know what to do. Should he pull her panties up?

Pamela made that decision for him by bending down and pushing both down.

“I have to take everything off or I’ll stay cold.” She said with clattering teeth.

“Ok. I understand.”

He stopped her from pushing her pants down.

“Sit on the bed.”

She did and Bobby lifted her feet one by one and pulled her shoes and socks off then pulled her pants completely off. Despite the situation, by now Bobby’s cock had reached full mast. Here was his mom, butt naked sitting on the bed with only her bra left on her body and he was close enough to smell her womanly scent.

Next, Bobby got up and re-opened that cooler and started pulling everything out to do an inventory.

It had few blankets, couple of sheets, few soda cans and some PowerBars. Whoever put this here planned for some moderate survival time.

“I’ll put this sheet down and then I’ll cover you with the other sheet and blanket. You’ll warm up quickly.”

Pamela got up and Bobby spread the sheet onto the narrow mattress. When he was done and turned around, he was surprised to see his mother’s bra on the floor and his mother wrapping her arms around herself to keep from losing heat.

“Alright, lie on the bed.”

Pamela complied. Bobby had the other sheet in hand and he quickly spread it over his mother then followed it by all the blankets one after the other. He created a thick insulating layer over his mom. That would help keep her warm.

“Thank you...” Managed Pamela before she closed her eyes and concentrated on warming up.

Once that was done, Bobby started looking out of the window to see if he can figure something out about their position or something but he got no relief. The rain was still coming down in sheets and he couldn’t see far and definitely couldn’t see anything useful.

Next thing he knew, his own teeth were chattering and was starting to feel quite cold. He didn’t know what to do. He was as wet as his mother’s clothes and there were no more blankets. Confused, he thought hard. Then his mind went back to the camping trips that his dad insisted on taking him on. He vaguely remembered something about shared body heat in case of hypothermia. So he thinking of nothing else to do, Bobby shed his clothes and went to the small bed.

“Sorry mom, but I’m cold now too. I think we should share our body heat as dad had told me when camping.”

Bobby waiting for a response from his mother, but non was coming.


Pamela didn’t respond. She was completely out.


Compelled by the extreme cold he was feeling right then, Bobby lifted the covers off his mother’s naked body and slipped beside her and covered himself.

He was surprised when he felt his mother’s skin against his. He expected to feel her warm, but she wasn’t. For some reason, his mother’s body wasn’t generating much heat and she seemed passed out.

So Bobby did what he thought was the only logical thing to do. He wrapped his own arms around her and tried to get as much body contact with her as possible. She was cold!

Soon, Bobby started feeling warm on the parts of his body that weren’t in contact with his mother and somehow drifted off to sleep.

It was dark when Bobby woke up. The noise from the rain was gone. He could only hear the night sounds that were familiar during past camping trips.

Most importantly, he felt very, very warm. Next thing he became aware of was the very warm body pressed against his front and between his arms. Thank god his mom was warm now. He was very scared when he felt her that cold even after being under the blankets for few minutes.

He listened to her assuring even breath for a few minutes.

Being a very healthy and very normal fourteen-year-old young man, Bobby’s mind drifted to other thoughts and soon enough they drifted to sex.

He was a virgin. He had been getting hard-ons and masturbating few a couple of years now. Soon enough, he became very aware of his mother’s rounded ass cheeks pressing against his front. Naked ass cheeks pressing against his front!

That realization zapped his flaccid cock into full erection within seconds. His hard erection pressed between his mother’s legs as it tried to assume its natural position horizontal to his stomach.

Bobby felt strong embarrassment. Here he is, in the weirdest situation of his young life, in an unknown, strange place, having survived a big accident that could have resulted in his or his mother’s death and he has a hard on that was trying its best to push itself between his own mother’s naked thighs.

As he was thinking about a solution to his predicament, his mother’s left thigh moved forward in front of her right one giving his cock some room to move. So now his cock wasn’t as bent down, but more of an almost right angle with his own body. As he felt that relief, he became aware of the position of his own left hand which until now hasn’t felt. It was right under his mother’s soft breast. In fact two of his fingers were trapped between her tit-flesh and her ribs.

Bobby wondered what his mom would say or how she would react when she found out that her naked body was wrapped by her son’s fully naked body. Worse, how would she react if she felt her son’s perverted hard cock pressing between her naked thighs.

As he thought about his mother’s naked body, Bobby’s cock got harder and started throbbing. He just couldn’t control it.

Worried about his mother’s reaction, Bobby tried his best to relax and will his erection down. He succeeded somewhat and drifted back to sleep.

Pamela woke up to find herself feeling very warm in a very dark place with unfamiliar odours. Feeling of panic started to rise in her heart, but something kept it at bay.

It took her a while to remember where she was and how she got there. Then she realized what kept her reassured and kept her panic away were the strong arms of her boy. Boy? The idea sounded weird now when she realized she was being assured by his muscular arms. He’s a boy no more. He’s a strong young man that took care of her in her hour of need. No, not a boy anymore, he’s a man now. That idea simply repeated itself in her head.

She had mixed and confusing feelings right then. She was sad that her little boy was no more. She felt proud that he has somehow turned into a young man in the proverbial blink of an eye. She was happy that she now had a strong young man for a son, somebody to make her proud and take care of her and protect her a bit.

Her young man was spooning her now and she felt very safe in his arms.

She felt him stir a little and soon became very aware of him. She became very aware of how his body warmed her to her core, and soon she became aware of something she hasn’t expected or thought about much until very recently. She became aware of something very warm pulsing at the back of her left thigh.

‘Oh my God! He’s completely naked against me.’ Her mind screamed.

Then she remembered the big bat that peaked from under his underwear when she was checking him out for injuries. That memory and the feeling against her thigh filled her with pride. She had given birth to a virile and strong young man.

The thought of that most impressive erection made her cheeks feel hot. She was sure if Bobby looked at her now he would see her flush even in this darkness.

Pamela knew that her thoughts were silly. She was completely aware that it was her son’s cock that she was thinking about. She knew that it was immoral to think about her son’s cock. To think about her son’s big, strong, virile young cock. Soon she was disconcerted when she felt lubrication seeping through her long-neglected pussy lips.

‘No, no, no. NO. This is your son. You can’t think of him in a sexual way. That is sick. Pamela, you’re going into sick territory.’ She admonished herself.

‘But where is the harm in some naughty thoughts. It’s not like you’re going to fuck him. You can’t fuck him. You’ll screw up your relationship with him. You’ll lose your son. You can’t lose your son just because he happens to have a bigger cock than his father. Stop it already. You must ignore this feeling between your legs. You must ignore your need to be filled by his huge cock. Stop it Pamela. Stop it and go to sleep. You’ll wake up tomorrow and you’ll figure how to get yourself out of this silly situation you got yourself into. Go to sleep.’

It kind of worked. Pamela willed herself to ignore the throbbing erection bumping the soft flesh on the inside of her thigh and slowly dosed off again.

Although, right as she dosed off, her body revolted a little and made her left thigh lift up and admitted the stranger knocking at her door to a more intimate contact right against her pubes.

Some unknown time later Bobby woke up in the dark again in the middle of a very pleasant dream to find his cock had managed to get itself trapped between his mother’s thighs. It was with shock that Bobby realized that the feeling against the head of his cock was the hair between his mother’s legs.

‘Holy shit!’ Bobby thought, ‘My cock is between mom’s thighs. Fuck me. It’s rubbing against her pussy!’

He didn’t know what to do. Should he pull it out of there? What would his mother say or do if she woke up right now? She would be very angry with him. Would she disown him? Would she put him up for adoption? He couldn’t lose his mother.

Bobby stayed as still as he could. He definitely didn’t want to wake his mother. She would kill him if she found his cock against her pussy.

He thought and he thought and he found no easy way out. He needs to pull his cock out from there. He must do it. Otherwise the consequences could be terrible.

He screwed up his courage and decided to do it as slow as possible. This way, he could inch his way out of trap that he’s in without startling his mother out of sleep.

Bit by bit, Bobby moved his hips away from his mother’s warm ass, pulling his cock out of its warm wrap. As he was half way out, Pamela felt a bit cold on her ass and her body involuntarily sought the warmth again by pushing her ass back towards the heat source.

Bobby was surprised when felt his mother’s ass move back suddenly, pushing the head of his cock against something very slippery. It felt wonderful!

He wanted that feeling again. It’s as if some ancient instinct took over. He felt compelled to seek that feeling again. Although the rational part of his brain, despite the overpowering primordial instinct, still managed to voice its concern and make him be careful.

So again, he pulled back his hips, effectively rubbing his cock against his mother’s labia. He pulled far enough for his cock to almost pull out of its scorching flesh cocoon. Pushing back in slowly, he enjoyed the velvety feeling caressing his glans as they passed between his mother’s slick lips.

Pamela was experiencing the most pleasurable dream. Her husband was doing what she always wished him to do but could never ask him for it. His tongue was slowly licking up and down her pussy and causing pleasure sparks to shoot all the way from her skull to the tips of her toes.

From her clit to her ass his tongue travelled leaving a trail of pleasure that took her breath away. She couldn’t help staying still. As her orgasm approached, her hips started gyrating and moving up and down. Faster and faster she swung her hips rubbing her clit and lips agains his tongue.

As Bobby was enjoying the intense sensation caused by moving his cock slowly against his mother’s pussy, he felt her start to move suddenly. Strange sounds started coming from her mouth too. She was whimpering. Bit by bit, her hips moved back and forth faster and faster.

Pamela was rubbing her clit on the massaging tongue of her dream husband. She was so close to a massive orgasm. She needed it so much, so she doubled her effort and concentrated the friction on her clit and pussy mouth.

As his mother moved her hips faster and faster, Bobby couldn’t help himself. He knew that if this continued that he would shoot his load against his mother’s pussy in mere moments. He knew the right thing to do. He knew he should pull his cock from the velvety vise that gripped it in the most delicious way. He knew if he didn’t he would paint his mother’s crotch with his sticky seed. Despite knowing all that, Bobby was helpless. He was helpless against the onslaught of the pleasure tsunami that he saw coming. A tsunami that threatened his relationship with the most important being in his young life.

As Pamela approached her orgasm, her movements became almost violent in their intensity. She strived to reach that orgasm and her hips moved with a mind of their own varying movement direction and angles.

Bobby’s brain ceased to function properly. The feelings emanating from his cock were the most intense in his young life. His own body took over and started moving on its own. The animalistic instinct to spread his seed and create offspring took hold of his lower body and compelled it to move in the most primal of body movements. Back and forth his hips moved reaching for that ultimate of goals.

Pamela was there. Her orgasm washed over her body in a feeling she seldom experienced. Her movement became erratic.

Bobby was shoving his cock against his mother’s crotch as hard as his body can. Suddenly, as his mother’s whimpers changed to moans, her hips changed angles and Bobby felt the heat surrounding his cock double in intensity and scale. Too late he realized that in one mighty mutual shove his cock lined up perfectly with his mother’s cunt and penetrated her depth to its pit, filling it completely.

Pamela’s feelings were too overwhelming for her sleeping brain and jarred it out of its slumber. She woke up with her pussy’s first orgasmic contraction only to feel herself being filled with the most prodigious specimen of male hard flesh. The invading cock reached the deepest spot inside her and pushed some more stretching her beyond anything she had experienced before.

Bobby’s body was in full control and unstoppable. As soon as the mushroomed head of his cock bumped into his mother’s cervix it started firing its white ammo against its natural target. It inundated the cervix and its surrounding area with its sticky load. Jet after jet splashed inside his mother.

The big cock hammered Pamela’s cervix painfully. A pain that only served to double the intensity of her pleasure as her brain could no longer distinguish one from the other. Pamela, fully knowing it was her beloved son who was filling her, pushed back seeking even closer contact with him.

Mother and son became one for the few moments that their mutual orgasm lasted; then bit by bit, their movements slowed to a stop.

As both came down from their pleasure heights, reality regained its hold on their minds.

Bobby didn’t know what to do or say in order to avoid the certain anger he knew he was about to face. So he chose the safest route, that of anticipatory silence.

“Wow!” was the first thing to come out of his mother’s mouth.

Not sure how to interpret that, Bobby remained silent.

“That was some dream.” Came next.


“Yeah, I was having the most delicious dream of your dad using his tongue on me. I woke up as I was orgasming only to find you replacing your dad’s tongue with your cock.”

Despite still being buried deep inside his mother’s most intimate place, Bobby was still shocked at the language his mother was using with him. She had always been prim and proper.

Bobby didn’t know what to say, so he continued his policy of silence, but now was hopeful that there won’t be bad repercussions to what happened.

“I guess this changes some things.” Started Pamela.


“Well, this looks like it happened accidentally. But it happened nonetheless.”


“You’re not saying much. What do you think about this?”

“I don’t know mom. I don’t know what to think. I woke up to find my dick between your legs and as I tried to pull it out you started moving and I couldn’t move anymore. I was afraid you’d be very angry with me when you woke up. I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry.”

“Oh baby, don’t worry. I’m definitely not angry with you. We’re in a weird situation together. We needed each other’s warmth and this happened accidentally.”


“I have a confession to make.”

“What’s that?”

“I enjoyed what happened.”

Bobby felt his slowly deflating cock regain some of its former volume.

“You did!? I thought you’d be angry.”

“I’m not angry.”

“Thank God.”

Pamela felt the rejuvenation of her son’s erection.

“You like the news?”


“Your little friend down there seems to regain some strength on the news. Or should I say big friend?”


“Don’t be. I told you I enjoyed what happened and that I’m not angry.”


As she spoke, Bobby’s cock regained its full size.

Pamela couldn’t control her own body and her hips moved back, reinserting much of her son’s cock back inside herself.

“Oh ... Mom!”

“Sorry baby, I couldn’t help myself.” Replied Pamela, making an effort to control herself by pulling off him a little.

“Don’t!” Burst Bobby, shoving his big cock back in.

“Ooh...” Moaned Pamela, unable to resist her son’s love stick.

No further words were exchanged. Bobby started pulling his cock out and shoving it back in performing one of the most ancient of human dances. Pamela was enjoying the feeling that his big cock stirred inside her.

It was their first real mutual fuck.

Pamela enjoyed it immensely as it was satisfying on so many levels. It was her first since she lost her husband. It was with her beloved son and the cherry on top of this sexual sundae was large cock that her son was endowed with. To top it off, she was awake!

To Bobby it was simply the best experience of his young life. He simply forgot that Pamela was his mother. At the moment, just like every pubescent teen, his mind was consumed by the feeling of being buried inside the first welcoming female pussy. He was too immature to even take his time to savour this first experience. Once he realized his mother was willing, his young mind returned to its animalistic base and started pounding his cock into his mother as hard and as fast as he could.

It didn’t take much for Pamela to orgasm this time. She was primed and ready. Ten strokes of Bobby’s cock were enough to give her a second mind-shattering orgasm.

The three minutes it took Bobby to reach his own second orgasm inside a female body were enough for Pamela to manage mind numbing four orgasms, or was it one continuous one? If asked, Pamela wouldn’t know the difference.

As the last dribbles of cum were spat by Bobby’s cock, both were already falling back asleep.

By the time they woke up the next day, the rain had resumed and the incestuous couple had no choice but spend the day in the shack. They consumed the survival food left in the cooler and spent the day in the small bed. Whoever owned the place will surely be dismayed at the amount of human fluids expended between those sheets the next time they decided to use the place. They hung their clothes to dry and enjoyed each other while they waited.

This time Pamela had no compunction giving her son the best oral sex that she could manage and taught him to reciprocate. She regretted all those times she denied her husband such lovely pleasure.

Mother and son took turn pleasuring each other and trying new things all day and into the night.

The second day, after Pamela and Bobby had their temporary fill of each other, and the rain ceased, they headed back to the road and managed to hitch a ride back to civilization where their relationship continued its new course.