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Family Charmer

by Rhymer

Caution: Family incest story, of a son fucking and impregnating his own mother and brother fucking his own sisters

I went through puberty kinda late. I was almost fourteen when the surge of hormones hit, and suddenly I went from being a slim androgynous kid who’d never even thought of sex to a lanky adolescent with nothing else on my mind. By fourteen and few months, the changes were drastic: my voice deepened and roughened, I got hair in the damnedest places (especially down there), and my pecker doubled in size practically overnight. I got really interested in sports and it wasn’t long before I was developing some nice muscles, if I do say so myself. A glimpse of a nice-looking girl, any nice-looking girl, would get my cock rock hard and send me running for the nearest bathroom to jerk off. And that’s a problem when you’re living at home with three good-looking women.

I knew I had to have sex soon or die trying, but I didn’t know what to do. Then it hit me, like a bolt out of the blue! I was lying in bed, rubbing my dick idly and reading a tabloid for fun, when I saw an article that set my heart racing ninety miles a minute. It was about a twelve year old kid somewhere in Europe who’d managed to seduce four of his school teachers! It never would have come out, but the little stud had gotten them all pregnant. No shit, I’m not making this up. All the teachers said that the kid was a born charmer, and that they just couldn’t say no to him.

This appealed to me outrageously. I’ve always been popular; everyone says I’m a real engaging character, the kind who can charm the shirt right off your back. I wondered if that was true ... With my good looks and glib tongue, I’ve always been able to get away with anything, especially with my family. This set the ol’ wheels turning in my mind, and soon I had myself a Plan. I had to jack off twice in a row after that just to calm myself down so that I could work out the details.

It was a week or so before an opportunity to try things out presented itself. It was Saturday, and my folks decided to go out to the Zoo in Fort Worth. My oldest sister, 17 year old Tammy, went with them; so did my seven year old brother Zack. Diane acted like she was bored to tears about the whole thing — she had a book she wanted to read — and I had baseball practice that morning, so I couldn’t go. I got home about 11 AM before it got really hot and found Di curled up on the couch, reading some psychology thing. I was sweaty and hot, and the pool seemed like just the thing. When I suggested that Di join me, she said OK and went to slip into her swimsuit.

Di’s a little more than a year older than me, and pretty adorable. She has the same black hair Mom and I share, and Dad’s blue eyes. I’d been thinking a lot about her (and Tammy and Mom) since I’d suddenly noticed girls were different a couple of months before. She’s tall and willowy, not quite bony, with the nice, regular features fashion photographers love. She makes no special attempts to look good, but does anyhow (she’s since gone on to a successful career in modeling). Her figure is sort of boyish, practically straight from shoulders to hips (think of a beefier Kate Moss), and her breasts are kind of an afterthought, little more than baseball- sized lumps under the loose tee-shirts she likes to wear. But her butt makes up for her lack of a buxom figure. It’s tight, and round in all the right places, and the way her denim shorts like to ride up her crack had given me plenty of good looks at the creamy crescents of her ass-cheeks. Just thinking about that sent me running to my bedroom to jam on my fuckstick. I’d need the control later to pull off what I wanted to pull off anyhow. Still, I was kinda hoping she’d walk in on me and save me the trouble, but she never did.

She’d already been in and out of the water before I even got there, and was lying in a lounge chair sopping wet, with her hair slicked back. She was wearing the powder-blue one-piece I liked so much, the one that was cut practically to her butt-cleavage in the back. The water had rendered it semi-transparent, and I could see the outline of her nipples through the fabric.

“What took so long?” she asked curiously.

I shrugged. “Had to pee.”

“‘Kay.” She picked up the book she’d been reading, and opened it while I dove into the water. I paddled around for a while, then got out and lay down in my own lounge chair. I struck up a conversation, asking her about the book, and gradually maneuvered the subject around to sports and school. I told her I thought school sucked, and didn’t care if I never went back again. She was concerned: didn’t I know I needed the education just to survive today? Nah, I said, I’d make it. There was nothing there I needed.

“Not even girls?” she teased. I turned beet red and didn’t say anything (I’m a good actor, too). She looked at me strangely. “Come to think of it, I’ve never heard you mention girls and you’ve never had a girlfriend. You do like girls, don’t you?”

Damn, she was making my job easy for me! I hadn’t planned to bring up girls for a while yet. Of course I’d never had a girlfriend before, I just got my pubes! I just let my blush deepen and said, “Uh, sure I like girls.”

She shrugged. “Then why don’t you get a girlfriend? School’s the best place to find them, you know.”

I lowered my head, and shot a glance at her cloth-covered pubic mound. So beautiful! I started to get hard, so I shifted a little to make it not so obvious, and mumbled, “I just don’t find any of the girls there attractive.”

“You’re kiddin’ me. There must be a thousand girls in your high school, and a lot of them are babes!” A teasing wheedle came into her voice. “C’mon, are you sure you like girls? You’re not gay, are you?”

“No way!” I blurted. “It’s just that the only girls I want are the ones I can’t have.”

“Whaddaya mean? Which girls are those?”

I mumbled something. “Speak up, Jamey!” she said, concerned.

“I said,” I exclaimed, “I’m only attracted to you and Tammy and Mom!” That wasn’t too far from the truth.

Di stood there, stunned, then: “Oh, Jamey, I’m so sorry. But that’s wrong. I mean, it’s flattering, ‘coz you’re a really goodlooking guy, but it’s wrong. Maybe you should go see a shrink or something.”

“The stuff I read said it was normal, to want your Mom and sisters,” I shot back. “Sigmund Freud, you know?”

Of course she did. She was reading his book. I lay back so she could see my woody tenting the front of my Speedo. She gasped, looked away, then did a double-take and looked back. My cock was about 8 inches then (it’s grown since!) and I knew from reading Dad’s porno mags that that was enough to make any woman look twice. I looked at her with infinite sadness. “It’s all I think about.”

“I’m sorry, but it ain’t gonna happen.” Her eyes had left my cock, but she was still sneaking surreptitious glances downward as she looked me in the face. My prick twitched; it knew what she was looking at!

“Then it’ll never happen, ever,” I said dejectedly. “I’ll never be with a girl, because I’ll never meet a girl who holds a candle to the beautiful women in my own family.”

Di looked like she was going to cry. “Oh, James, baby, no! It would be a tragedy for a guy as good looking as you with such a nice — uh — body to give up on love this early in life.” She glanced again at my hard virgin cock, and I could hear a catch in her breath as she said, “I could — no, we’re related. I’m sorry. You’ll just have to go on, give it up.”

“I know,” I said, and signed. “But — I don’t know, I guess I need a little help before I give up the dream. I know I’m gonna sound like a perverted little shit, but could I just see you nude? Just once?”


“You’re the one who brought up girls, y’know. Otherwise you’d never have know about my ... problem. It’s not like I’m coming on to you or anything. This is my only fantasy, to see you nude once. I don’t even want to touch you. Give a guy a break, huh?” Then the clincher: “What’s it gonna harm, except my ego if you turn me down?”

She was always a softy, and that melted her. Without a word, she stood up lithely and slipped out of that one-piece. My God, she was gorgeous! Her proud breasts were like scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with cherries; those cherries wrinkled and stiffened in the breeze as I watched. He puss was liberally sprinkled with dark brown hair, and I could see a glimmer of wet pink through her thatch. Her body was firm and taut, corded with muscle from her time on the swim team.

“Turn around,” I said softly, and she did. There was that fabulous ass, white as cream and just as delicious. Her gluteus muscles flexed as she stood on her toes, and I swore I could see a thin line of liquid dripping down one thigh. Just water, probably — but maybe I was turning her on. I moaned, and Mr. Happy got harder than ever. Now the tip was peeking out of the top of my Speedo, and was leaking a little. Then she turned around and said what I’d prayed she would: “Now you.”

I stood slowly, carefully, making sure she noted the condition of my cock as I did. Then I pulled the tight bathing suit off; my cock sprang free and wobbled a little in the open air. I stilled it with one hand as she said, “Oh my God, that’s unbelievable. I thought you were still a little kid!” I smiled. I was til just a few months ago, then I got lucky in the genital lottery.

This was in the bag. I sat slowly back down in the lounge, and lay back, pushing my butt up a bit so that my cock strained toward the sky in all its glory. She stepped closer.

“Do you think I’m handsome, Di?” I asked her softly. “In your honest opinion.”

“I think you’re beautiful,” she said. By now she was close enough that I imagined that I could feel the heat radiating off her cunt, which I now saw was wet with more than water! I was sick with excitement, but something at the core of me remained cool and in control.

“You are too. We-we both are,” I stammered, breathing heavily as I sat up. “Oh, Di, I love you so much!” I burst out, wrapping my arms around her pretty waist. Then, without further ado, I kissed her right on the snatch. It took all my courage to do it, but I did it.

She gasped, started to jerked away, but the gasp turned into a long drawn-out moan when I thrust my tongue up her slit, and then she pressed my head into her with both hands. She tasted funky, a little salty, and just as delicious as anything I’d ever tasted. I don’t care what anyone says, pussy is nature’s most perfect food, and that first taste was the best. My trepidation disappeared like ice cream on a hot day, and I started licking and sucking and jabbing with my tongue, in my inexpert but effective way, like pussy was about to go out of style. We stood there, locked in that awkward embrace, for a sweet eternity before she started to shake all over and I heard her shout out my name: “Oh, JamEEEE!” I guess that was an orgasm.

She almost collapsed there by the pool, but I caught her in time.

“Did you like it?” I asked uncertainly.

Her eyes widened. She didn’t say anything, just grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the house to her bedroom. Then she lay me down and the bed and started licking my balls. I was so hot I shot off immediately, showering her elfin face with come, before she even made it to my prick! I gasped and moaned, expecting that it was all over, but she kept sucking and the ol’ fuckstick just stayed hard as ever. She paused long enough to breathe.

“God, I can’t believe we’re doing this. I mean, you’re my brother!” She was rubbing her clit the whole time, and so the last word came out as a moan. “Ah, oh, it’s making me so hot. I can’t calm down.” Then she was away again. Di kept it up keeping me as hard as I’d been since I’d first disrobed. Then my sister straddled my waist, her back to me, and slowly impaled herself on my rigid tool.

I can’t adequately describe the sensations of my first fuck. My cock was moving slowly into a tight, slippery tunnel that was far too small for it. I felt like it had a million sides that were all feeding a multitude of stimuli to my balls, nipples, brain, heart, top of my head and bottom of my feet. She slid up and came down, then reached back to find my hands and place them on her titties. She showed me how to knead them and tweak the hard little nips, and I showed her what a good learner I was by picking it up instantly. She moaned as she slid up again, then back down; so did I. I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“Oh James, oh JAMEY, oh little baby brother, ah God, shit, you’re not so little anymore, are you?” She moaned as she moved up and down over me. I was beyond speech; I was probably just drooling like an imbecile then. Little stars were exploding in my skull like firecrackers. I was gonna come soon, even if Di didn’t.

Another ten strokes, maybe, was all it took. She screeched like a triumphant cat (Geez, what would the Needemeyers next door think?) and her pussyhole spasmed around my rod, flooding it with cream. She clamped around my cock so hard I’d have thought she’d have squeezed it shut but fortunately that wasn’t the case. As I exploded inside her, Di rolled away quickly, and managed to catch the second blast in her mouth. I passed out for a split second; I came to to find her mouth still on my cock. She proceeded to milk me dry, squeezing and pulling my pud until the last bit of juice was gone. By then, I was moaning like a dying man, and I was enveloped in a rosy glow; it felt like the time a few years before when I was the hospital after I broke my leg, when the doc gave me morphine. I felt like I could move the world, only I couldn’t move a muscle.

Di hovered above me and kissed me hotly. I returned the favor as best I could. “That was great, little bro, the most intense I’ve ever, ever had,” she said when she came up for air.

“Can we do it again sometime?” I croaked.

“Do you think you’ll ever recover?” she teased, running a finger around my left nipple. I felt a faint twinge of lust in my loins. The she looked at me seriously. “I — it was great, but I’m just not certain. I mean, it could cause problems...” she looked away, then looked at my cock, which was still long and limber and gleaming with our combined juices. “Oh, hell, I have to think. And I need a shower, anyway.” With that, she was gone, and I fell into a well-deserved sleep.

I woke up just in time to take a shower myself and to retrieve our discarded swimsuits, now the only evidence of our illicit affair. I was feeling chipper by now, and by the time the rest of the family walked in the door I was starting to formulate the plan for my next conquest: 17 year old Tammy.

After Diane, Tammy was easy. A couple of days passed, and I was starting to get real horny: Di hadn’t overcome her misgivings yet, despite several efforts to get her to fuck me again. I lay my broken-hearted boy act on thick, but she wouldn’t give in. I hadn’t really had much opportunity to really go to work on her, though, because we hadn’t had any time alone since The Day.

Horny and bored, I jumped at the chance to accompany Tammy to the mall on a clothes-buying trip. She was armed with Mom’s Mastercard, and had been given the mission to purchase a whole year’s school wardrobe for us both. Tam’s a redhead, kind of an anomaly in our family, and I’d been speculating on whether her hair was red everywhere. I’d seen her naked once as she was coming out of the shower, well before her nakedness meant anything to me, and I knew what she looked like from behind: all voluminous curves and creamy, freckled skin. I’d even caught a glimpse of a plump tit, but I hadn’t managed to see her snatch. Since puberty ran me down a few months ago, I’d jacked off to the image more than once.

Tammy’s hardly fat, but she is voluptuous. I was wondering what it would be like to fuck a woman with some real meat on her bones, something to hang onto, ya know? And then there were those big tits: one day a buddy of mine had shown me some pictures of a guy running his dick between some girl’s knockers, plowing them like a cunt, and I’d almost come right in my pants. I had to try that myself!

We spent part of the afternoon trying on clothing, and once I caught her checking me out when I left a dressing room shirtless to try on another selection. My pecs and abs were really starting to develop, and I’ve never had a problem with excess weight, then or ever. She modeled an endless selection of dresses, skirts, blouses, and slacks, and I’m pretty sure she noticed the lump in my pants when she tried on a particularly daring miniskirt that showed off the bottom of her asscheeks. She bought that one, though how she thought she’d get it past Mom, I’ll never know. At the same shop she also purchased a sheer white pullover that didn’t hide a damned thing. If it weren’t for her bra, I’d have gotten an eyeful of tit right then and there. I was sure to make a big deal about how pretty she looked.

A few stores later, I had her bring a pair of jeans to the dressing room while I was still in my briefs. I’d rubbed my cock some to make it hard, so I doubt she missed noticing the way it was poking out against the white cotton. A few minutes later I had her bring me another pair, and this time I caught her looking. She looked away quickly.

I kept trying on pants. No luck there; we moved on to the next men’s store. Slacks this time. This is where I’d make my move, I thought. After a couple of minutes in the dressing room, I called her name.

“What is it?” she asked, a little irritated. I’d kept her running for the past hour, and I’d found only two pairs of pants I liked enough to buy.

I sighed. “I, I have a problem,” I said meekly, “and I don’t know what to do about it.” A put an edge of tears in my voice, and made sure she heard it.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s, uh, kind of a guy thing. Embarrassing. I can’t come out, so you’ll have to come in.”

“Oh, OK.” She entered, and drew in a deep breath at what she saw.

I had my old pants up over my hips, but I couldn’t fasten them: my big engorged prick was in the way. I’d deliberately chosen to wear a pair of pants that was a couple of sizes too small, and of course I was canny enough to play-act a little too. “I’m caught,” I wailed.

She was staring at my cock. Bingo! “What do you mean, caught?”

“I, uh, can’t get my pants back on! I’m all swollen up.” I acted a little scared. “What’s wrong with me, Tam? It happens all the time now! I’m afraid I’m sick or something!” I screwed up my face as if to cry.

“Oh, you poor baby!” She enfolded me in her arms and squeezed my face into those pillowy tits (she was still quite a bit taller than I). “It’s nothing to worry about. You’re just growing up.” She squeezed me — a little harder than necessary, maybe — and I could feel my erection grinding into her thigh. It felt good. She pushed me away suddenly when she started to feel it too.

“I still don’t understand,” I mumbled. “What does growin’ up have to do with anything?”

She laughed nervously. “Well, um, your thing down there, it isn’t just for peeing, you know. When you get old enough it starts to grow, and kind of comes to life. You can use it to make babies now, too. Haven’t you learned about that in school?”

I blushed. “Sex education’s not till next year.” Little did she know!

“And none of your buddies told you?”

I shook my head, embarrassed. “How’m I supposed to make a baby with that?”

“Well, you stick it into a girl and shoot your seed into her to make her pregnant,” she said, a little flustered.

My hard-on strengthened and flexed, and I guess she saw that. “Huh. Weird. But why’s it swollen up?” I asked curiously.

“It has to be hard to go in a woman,” she said, catching her underlip in her teeth. “Sometimes, when you think about doing it with a girl, it’ll get all hard.”

“But I wasn’t thinking about anything!” I protested. “It just did it all by itself.”

She looked at my cock, which was harder than ever. “Uh, well, did you see a girl you thought was cute, or something?”

I turned bright red and swallowed hard. “Yeah. All day.”

“Who...” she stopped short. “You mean me?” She looked a little shocked and amused. “You sure think big, little bro.”

I shrugged. “Well, you are the cutest girl I know,” I said sweetly.

I could practically see her melting. “Oh, honey, you’re so sweet.” she licked her lips quickly. “That’s why your great big thing is so hard. Even if you’re not really thinking about it, subconsciously you think I’m pretty, and that makes your body all ready to make a baby with me.”

I acted flustered and confused. “B-but all I wanna do is get my pants back on! How can I do that if my thing stays swollen?”

“Guess you’ll have to make it go down somehow,” she smirked.


“I’ve got an idea on that.” Then she reached out and caressed my cock through the fabric of my shorts. I groaned and hunched forward so she could get a good feel.

“Oooh, that feels really good,” I hissed.

“My, you have grown,” she murmured. Then she leaned forward and whispered fiercely, “Take off your pants.”

I did as I was told, and stood there for a long, glorious minute as she ran her hands over my genitals, eyeing, rubbing and cupping my balls and cock like she was measuring them for sale. Then, “Stand up on the seat. You’ll need to keep very, very quiet.” I stepped up on the seat built into the back wall, grinning widely, while she pulled up a nearby stool and sat down. This put my hard young cock on level with her pouty lips. She examined my turgid tool for a few seconds, moaning softly under her breath, then sucked in half of it in one quick breath. I stood straight up, my head brushing a rafter. Lucky for me the dressing room walls in this place went all the way to the ceiling.

Oh, Tammy was a good cocksucker, much better than lovely Di. She showed me seven kinds of heaven over the next couple minutes. Her basic technique was to deep-throat the whole length, then draw slowly back, snaking her tongue back and forth over my cock’s underside; but she varied this with occasional licks and kisses and nuzzles. She proved to be an expert at easing a guy’s “swelling.” I started to try to hold back, to enjoy it as long as I could, but then I remembered I was supposed to be brand new at this, so I just let go in a stream that filled her mouth up. She swallowed greedily and took everything I could give her! I groaned my pleasure, but softly, softly.

When it was done, she kissed my sweaty belly and whispered, “My, that was a big load for a little boy.”

“I ain’t little no more,” I growled.

She laughed. “No, you aren’t.”

I was able to get into my pants again. “Thanks, Tam! That was fun! I like these two pair here, so I guess we can go home now.”

She licked away an errant white speck. “No way, baby. We’re going to the lake so you can return the favor.”

“The lake?” I said ingenuously. ‘The lake’ was a secluded muddy pond where the local teens liked to hang out, as I knew very well. She just smiled.

So we went to the lake next. No one was there, as it was still somewhat early in the evening. Tam parked next to a pavilion, where the car was less likely to be spotted by a cruising cop, and pulled me into the back seat. She stripped off her panties and quickly pulled up her skirt, proudly showing me her snatch.

The hair was red down there. It gathered thickly around a swollen slit that was already oozing honey. My fuck rod got hard instantly, and I winced. Man, these damn pants really were tight! I unbuttoned them and zipped down the fly to ease the strain a little.

“Whoa, there, big guy!” Tam grinned. “My turn first, then we can have some real fun. I need you to eat me so I can come.”

“Eat you? What does that mean?” I asked like an naive kid. Inside, the hormones were surging and raging and I could feel the spunk churning in my balls. Oh, yes!

“I mean since I sucked you, you have to suck me. And lick and kiss and love my hot little pussy.”

“OK!” I said happily, and went down on her. God, she was furnace-hot and sopping all ready — sucking me off must really have put her in the mood. While I drank at the fountain of paradise, I heard her unsnap her bra. I guess she wriggled out of it, because when I came up for air she’d pulled the top of her dress down and was pinching and pulling on her large, hard nipples. I kept licking her snatch until she came once, and then kept on because I liked it and she didn’t tell me to stop. She tasted a lot like Di, only a little sweeter and more mature. Finally, she shuddered all over, and pulled my head out of her lap.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear-view mirror. My face was all shiny with her juice, and my hair was plastered against my forehead with it. “Wow! I really liked that!” I said exuberantly. “Can we do it some more?”

“Some other time, baby,” she murmured, breathing hard. “I can only take so much. And we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.”

“What’s that?”

She pulled my head forward and kissed me long and deep. “Making babies, honey!”

I looked doubtful. “I don’t think you’re supposed to do that with your sister.”

She laughed. “Oh, we won’t really make babies,” she explained. “I’m on the Pill. We’ll just practice for later, when you get married.”

I shrugged. “O.K.” This was great!!!

She slipped my pants off. “Gosh, these are tight,” she whispered. “No wonder you couldn’t close them around that big hunk of meat. Guess I’ll have to make it shrink again.” She shrugged out of her dress and was naked; it was starting to get dark, so I guess she wasn’t worried about anyone seeing. I took the opportunity to remove my briefs.

She gazed longingly at my prong. “Ooh, baby, you’re gonna have a big one. Gosh, it’s almost as big as Daddy’s already.”

That brought me up short. “You’ve seen Dad’s thing?” I asked, my disbelief genuine.

“Seen it? Honey, I’ve sucked it so many times I’ve lost count. I started when I was fourteen and I caught him jacking off in the pool. It looked so good, I just had to have it, and he shoots so much sweet spunk ... ever since then he’s let me suck it whenever I feel like it, and once in a while he licks my pussy, but he’s never let me fuck him. He says it’s not right.” My big sister looked sad.

“I’ll fuck you!” I said proudly. “If you’ll show me how!”

“Oh yeah, I’ll show you how. I’ve been wondering when you’d finally grow up and want something like this...” I grinned as she made me lean back against the seat, then mounted me much the way Di had: her back to me while she eased down onto my big dick. One of these days, I might actually get to look a woman in the face as I fucked her!

My hands found Tammy’s tits of their own accord. We started pumping and thrusting, gently at first, then Tam said, huffing and puffing, “Harder, baby brother! Pound me harder!” So I went after it like a frenzied jackrabbit, squeezing those big tits hard, and in the end I lost all control. He cunt caressed my cock like some huge, hot and wet hand as I pistoned back and forth. Several wonderful minutes later I heard her squeal, and her love-tunnel clamped hard around my fuck tool. I lasted about thirty seconds longer, then spunk exploded out of my prick like water from a fire hose! We collapsed in a sweaty heap.

By then, it was full dark. We started to clean up and go home — there was a unisex bathroom next to the pavilion — but I got a tremendous hard-on again. Tam was amazed when she saw this, but aroused when I shyly told her I wanted to put my cock between her tits. She lay down on a picnic table, and I straddled her and was soon enjoying my first titty-fuck. I thought it was pretty exciting, especially the way she would lean forward and kiss the head of my dick when it came through her tight tit tunnel, and lick and suck her own nipples. I soon came, then licked her pussy til she did, too.

After fucking my 17 year old sister Tammy — the second in line after I talked our sister Di (15) into doing it with me — it took me nearly six months after that to make my final familial conquest. The time was never right, and I wasn’t sure, frankly, that I was ready to fuck my mother. I never lacked for pussy in all that time, however. Tam came on to me often, and we often managed a quick fuck or lick in some little hiding place like the pool change room or the attic. She even let me hide in the closet once while she sucked our dad’s cock (they’d been practicing this little scenario for the past four years, since she caught him jacking off in the pool. No fucking, just sucking, ‘coz Dad’s too much of a tightass). Now, he was big, at least nine inches long and nicely thick in cross-section. I could only hope to ever have what he had (I’ve since exceeded it, to my amazement and pride). I must have pumped a quart of come into a handy towel as I watched them through a little hole I’d drilled next to the doorknob. He didn’t fuck her, of course, so I had to take care of that task myself later on. Poor me.

A couple times during that period I even managed to make Di temporarily forget her misgivings about doing it with me. We had a hot sixty-nine late one night after watching TV, and once I got into her pants while the family was at church by outrageously complimenting her fantastic legs and ass. That was it, though. She really got into it while we were fucking, but afterward she kinda gave me the cold shoulder.

As my plans moved toward fruition, I started hanging around with Mom as much as I could — which was a lot, since I was out of school for the summer and Dad’s salary was sufficient that Mom didn’t have to work. When she went to the store or the mall, I was there with her. When she did the laundry, I folded clothes. When she made dinner, I chopped the vegetables or made the salad. I was her constant companion, and she acted kind of flattered. I also took the opportunity to be more overt in my affection, kissing and hugging her as often as possible. More than once I complimented her on her figure; this was OK, as she’d recently lost some weight. In short, I became everything a good son should be: loving, attentive, complimentary, and obedient. I think Tammy realized what I was doing, because I’d occasionally catch her grinning at me with that special twinkle in her eye. Even Di remarked once about me “trying to make brownie points” with Mom, though thankfully, Dad was oblivious.

Of all the people in my family, Mom and I resemble each other the most. We share blue eyes and wavy black hair, with hers reaching to her shoulders. Our features are aquiline and pleasant, though neither of us has the fashion-model looks of Di (that’s Dad’s side coming out). Of course there are the obvious sexual differences. She’s voluptuous in the same way Tammy is, with large, full breasts, a full waist, and the same luscious round ass she passed on to Diane. Despite birthing four children, everything was still in excellent shape. Sometimes it was difficult for me to be around her without getting an erection, though she never seemed to notice.

One day, while we were working on a jigsaw puzzle together in the family room, I presented her with a personal “problem”.

“Uh, Mom? I’ve got a problem I need to talk about.”

“What is it, honey?” she asked, leaning over to set a piece of puzzle in place. Today she was wearing a loose-fitting blouse, and I caught a glimpse of the top of her tanned tits. I squirmed in my chair to hide my aroused state.

“Um, it’s kinda ... personal. I can tell you anything, right?” When she nodded assent, I stammered on. “Well, um, there’s this girl I like. I’ve been, uh, having these f-feelings about her and I don’t know what to do about it.”

She smiled broadly. “What sorts of feelings?”

I blushed. “Um, well, you know.”

“So my little boy’s finally growing up. Took you long enough to discover girls.”

She took my hand in hers. “Jamey, a girl likes to know when a boy is interested in her. Let her know, let her make up her mind about you, and maybe you’ll strike up a relationship. Then things can proceed from there.”

My brow furrowed in worry. “But what if it’s not that easy? I mean, what if she’s already someone else’s girl?”

She leaned back and sighed. “Well, then, that does make it difficult. I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you try doing a few nice things for her, let your feelings be known, then see what happens. I’m not advocating trying to break up a relationship — if it’s a strong one, you won’t be able to do it. But you never know.”

I nodded thoughtfully. She kissed me on the cheek and said, “Good luck, honey.” We finished the puzzle in silence.

Over the next few weeks, I took her advice to heart. I washed her car, I cleaned the pool myself to save her some money, I did all the laundry myself, I even waxed the kitchen floor. Once I sent her flowers, using money I’d earned on my paper route. She looked at me a little oddly when I did that, but I just smiled encouragingly. That night I sneaked into Tam’s room and fucked her extra hard.

I set a date and started working toward that goal.

I was all nerves when the Big Day dawned. Mom and I had the house to ourselves: Dad was at work, Di was at some kind of junior models event, and Tam was visiting a college she was thinking of attending in Houston. When I went into the kitchen for breakfast, dressed only in my underpants — I habit I’d had since I was a kid — Mom was already there, slowly crunching on a bowl of cereal. She looked serious as she peered down at the magazine she was reading. I drew in a sharp breath as I looked at her: she was wearing a nightgown only, no robe, and it was semi-transparent. I could see her big nipples easily through the sheer fabric; and I’m sure I would have been able to see the hairy triangle between her legs if she’s stood. My cock sprang to full attention in a five seconds flat, and I know she saw it as I moved around the kitchen, making my breakfast. You could have cut the tension with a knife.

“Something I’d like to talk to you about,” she said as I sat down.

“What is it?” I said innocently. I tried not to stare at her exposed tits.

“Later,” she promised.

We ate breakfast largely in silence. I quickly downed my bowl of cereal, then left, allegedly to take a shower. Instead, I went back into my bedroom, carefully left the door halfway open, and stripped off my briefs. My cock was already rock solid, so I lay back on my bed and started jacking off, really working the long, thick shaft up and down between both hands. I moaned and gasped loudly: and sure enough, my theatrics paid off. A few minutes later, Mom came in and said, concerned, “Are you all right, honey?” Then, as her mind registered just what it was I was doing, she exclaimed, “JAMEY!!!”

I scrambled back and covered myself with a pillow, embarrassed. “MOM! Oh, gosh, I’m sorry, Mom, I thought I closed the door, don’t tell Dad, OK, I—”

“Shhhh.” She came up next to me and sat down on the bed. I could see that she was a little excited; her nipples were poking hard against the front of her nightgown. This did little to quell my raging hard-on. Mom kissed me tenderly on the forehead. “I won’t tell anyone about this.”

“I’m really embarrassed, Mom.”

“Don’t be. What you’re doing is perfectly natural.”

“It is? I mean, I just kinda discovered it a coupla months ago, it makes me feel real good—”

“I know, baby. It does feel good. It’s normal, but you should be more careful when you do it so you don’t shock your poor mother and sisters.”

I smiled inwardly. “Should I stop?”

“Well ... now that you’re growing up you’ll need some kind of sexual release, or you’ll just start to feel depressed all the time. So I guess you shouldn’t stop. Just do it in private, where nobody will catch you. Other people might not understand if they saw you playing with yourself, though really everybody does it.”

“Really? Even girls?” I looked at her quizzically.

“Even girls, but we do it in a different way. Now, does this have anything to do with the girl you said you were having feelings about?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“The one you can’t have because she’s someone else’s?”


She gazed at me steadily. “Would that happen to be me?”

I ducked my head and blushed. “Yeah,” I whispered.

She released an explosive sigh. “I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about today. You and I have been inseparable lately, and you’ve been so kind and giving to me — not that you weren’t a good boy before, but you’ve been nicer than ever lately. And you’ve done all those sweet things for me, just like I told you to do for the girl you like.”

“Love,” I corrected.

“What’s that?”

“The girl I love. I’m in love with you, Mom. Not in the normal mom-son way, either. I mean romantically. I really really care about you, and I want to be your lover.”

Her face registered shock, then sadness. “Oh, Jamey, you silly, lovely boy. You’re very handsome, and I know any girl would be happy to have you, but you and I can never be lovers. Your heart’s in the right place, but you’ve got to give it to some little girl your own age. Making love with one of your family members is called incest, and incest just isn’t right, no matter how much a person might want it to be. Besides, I could never cheat on your father.”

“I know,” I stated miserably, glancing at her hard-nippled tits. “But I really love you, Mom. You’re the only one I have dreams about.”

“Honey, that’s normal too, but you’ll grow out of it. Aren’t there any girls your age you could learn to love?”

“A couple, I guess. I mean, I tried to ask one out once, but she just laughed at me.”

“That’s too bad. Maybe you should try another.”

I shrugged. “What good would it do? Even if I could get a girl to go out with me, I don’t know anything about — aw, I can’t talk about this with my Mom.”

She cocked her head at me, and crossed her legs. I caught a glimpse of her hairy cunt then, and I almost lost it on the spot! “Jamey, you’re such a sweet, smart boy, and I’m sure you’ll learn quickly.” Then, curious: “What is it you need to know, son?”

“Well,” I said, heart hammering, “I need to know how to kiss a girl properly. You know, tongue and stuff, not the kind of baby kisses I give family. Where can I learn something like that?”

She licked her lips. “I, I guess you’ll just have to learn by doing.”

My eyes widened, as if a sudden idea had struck me. “Could you show me?”

“Oh Jamey, I don’t think so...”

“Aw, c’mon, Mom,” I pleaded. “Just this one thing, that’s all.”

Her resolve wavered. “All right, then, just this one thing. No more.”

“Great!” I bounced up and tossed the pillow to one side, exposing my pussy-boring monster to her eyes. She’d probably only caught a glimpse of it before: now she was getting an eyeful. Her breathing quickened as she surveyed its length. Then I climbed over her lap and pecked her on the lips. “Like that?”

“Uh, oh no, baby, that’s not very ... ex-exciting.” My hard cock was pressed into her tummy just below her belly-button, and I felt her wriggle against it. It flexed of its own accord, and she jumped a little.

“How ‘bout this?” This time, my tongue slipped into her mouth for a second.

“Not quite.” Breathing harshly, she pulled my lips to hers, and slid her tongue deep into my mouth, where it found mine and initiated a dance that lasted a good five minutes. When we broke for air, my heartrate had doubled and think I was about to pass out. Though in the last few months I’d fucked two of my sisters multiple times and watched one of them suck off my Dad, I’d never experienced anything more sensual than that first real kiss with my Mom.

“Gosh, that felt good,” I told her. She looked kinda dazed, and seemed at least as affected as I. I glanced shyly at my hard dick pressed against her stomach.

“Felt good down there, too.” A slight film of pre-come lubricated the fabric between us. I scooted back off her lap and sat with my legs sprawled, my raging erection in plain sight.

“I, I, well then, son, did that help?” She couldn’t take her eyes off my cock.

“It sure did!” I said enthusiastically. “If anybody can teach a guy how to kiss, it’s my Mom!”

“Good.” She stood and smoothed down her nightgown. “I’d better go.”

“But Mom,” I protested, “What about after I kiss the girl?”

She looked at me and swallowed hard, trying to deny what her quickened breathing and erect nipples made obvious. “What do you mean, Jamey?”

“I mean, she’ll want me to do something more than just kiss her, won’t she? I don’t know anything about a girl’s body. What do I do next?”

“I-I’m not really the one to tell you that, Jamey.”

“But if no one teaches me I’ll look like a dork the first time! You don’t want that, do you?”

“Of course not.”

“Well, what next?”

She took a deep breath. “I see some lessons are in order.” Then, to my great excitement, she peeled the nightgown’s straps off her shoulders and let it fell to the floor.

I just stared for a long second before I found my voice. “Oh, Mom! You’re so beautiful! You must be the sexiest woman in the world!” I reached down and stroked my cock with one hand. “Oh, Mom, I can’t help it, you look so good! I’m so hard for you!”

My lovely mother smiled in nervous excitement and sat back down on my bed. The instructions began immediately. “Now, Jamey, these are my breasts.” She hefted them in both hands. “Every mature woman has them, but of course they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The hard, red things at the end are called nipples. A girl likes to have them stroked, and tweaked.”

I reached out and pinched the nearest nipple between thumb and forefinger. “Like this?”

She gasped. “Yes, like that, baby, only not so hard.” I tried again, rolling the rubbery nip between my fingers, and elicited another sharp intake of breath. “Ooh, Jamey, that was just right. You’re a fast learner.” She gulped, and said, “A girl also likes to have her hard nipples sucked and licked.”

“Like this?” I slurped the same nipple into my mouth, and started to suck like a vacuum. Then I switched tactics, licking the rock-hard bit of erectile tissue, and finally rolling it gently between my teeth.

“Oh yes, YES!” Mom gasped. “Now the other one!”

I did that one, too, then sat back expectedly. Her nipples were gleaming now with my saliva, and I found the sight strangely erotic. I stroked my cock again and waited for my next “lesson”.

It took her a second to calm down; I looked down and saw why. The first two fingers of her right hand were buried to the second knuckles in her twat. She withdrew them slowly and licked away her creamy sauce. “Now, baby,” she said in a low, husky voice, “Mommy needs to get her pussy li —” Then she remembered that she was supposed to be in tutorial mode. “Um, I mean, it’s time to move on to a woman’s next erogenous zone. That’s what these are called, baby, erogenous zones. They vary from woman to woman, but we all have two in common: our breasts and our vaginas.”

“What’s a vagina?” I asked.

“Oh, my sweet little baby, you are naïve, aren’t you? That’s a woman’s hottest place, her treasure of treasures, the place where we make babies.”

“Are we making babies?” I asked excitedly.

She smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m on the Pill. I can’t have babies right now.”

“Can we make one someday?”

She smiled coyly. “Maybe. But first things first.” She spread her legs, and I saw her full cunt for the first time. It was grand! Her lips were fat and puffy, just begging to be licked, and were furred with a thatch of coarse black hair. She was already dripping wet.

“This is a vagina,” she told me, then reached down and spread her nether lips. “Other names for it are cunt, and twat, and pussy, but they’re not very polite. It has two sets of lips, called labia, an inner one and an outer one. See?”

I nodded earnestly. “What’s that little hard thing?”

“This? That’s a clitoris, sometimes called a clit for short.”

“What does it do?”

She smiled dreamily. “That’s what makes it so good for a woman, baby. That’s where a woman’s orgasm starts, then spreads through her cunt and up her belly into her tits and then all through her body.”

“Wow! Can I touch it?”

“Oh, yes, baby, I want you to.” I brushed my fingers across her clit, and she whimpered. She lay back on my bed quickly. “Now, Jamey, lick it and suck it like you did Mommy’s titties.”

I did, and it wasn’t thirty seconds before Mom shrieked my name and arched up off the bed like she’d been hit with a hard volt of electricity. It took her a few minutes to come down: she just lay there and shook like she was having some kind of seizure.

“Are you OK?” I asked, concerned.

“Oh, Jamey, you nasty, marvelous, filthy little boy, of course I’m all right. You made me come, baby, I mean come to orgasm.”

“Oh, is that what it was.” I looked at her doubtfully. “Are you sure I didn’t accidentally hurt you, or something?”

“Oh, I’m sure.” She sat up shakily. “That was just a prelude, Jamey. The most important part of a woman’s vagina — her twat — is this.” She spread her lips wide with one hand, and slid two fingers from the other into her cunthole. “This is where the man’s penis, or cock, goes.” She started pumping her fingers in and out of herself, and her eyes started to glaze. My Mom was jacking herself off in front of me!

I interrupted with, “What are you doing, Mom?”

“I’m playing with myself, honey,” she gasped.

“Oh, so that’s how girls do it.” I grinned. “Can I do it for you?”

“Be my guest!” she moved her hand away, and I replaced it with my own. After frigging her for a while, I licked my lips and lowered my head to her lap. I started lapping up her sweet cream, and she started squealing and thrashing until, finally, she came like a rocket. Then she reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling me up her beautiful body until she could plant her lips on mine. She kissed me deeply, and we frenched, just the way she’d taught me a few minutes before.

When I pulled away, I said, “Did I do that right, Mom?”

“Oh yes, lover, that was just right. I could even taste myself on you. You’re such a considerate lover, Jamey-boy, so much nicer than your Daddy!” She wriggled under me; I was lying on top of her now. “That big hard thing feels good against my leg. Now that you’ve eaten Mommy’s hot cunt, I suppose you’d like to fuck her now, too? Isn’t that right?”

Yes, yes, yes!

“Do you want me to fuck you, Mommy?” I asked softly.

“More than anything, Jamey! Mommy’s so hot for you now she’s practically coming just feeling that huge man-sized cock touching her! I want you to stick it in me now, all the way up to my womb!”

With her help, I found her cuntal opening and thrust my way inside. She accepted me with a short groan. My first face-to-face fuck! Though of course we barely looked at each other; we were too busy feeling. She wasn’t as tight as the girls were, but she was tight enough, and way more talented with her pussy-muscles; it was fucking well hard to believe that she’d had four kids (I found out about episiotomies later). My fuck rod plumbed her depths, slowly that first time, then I backed almost out and thrust back quickly, harder and harder, faster and faster. I was so turned on I came on the sixth stroke, and I was amazed I held out that long! I shot at least five good, hot jets into her, and she winced and moaned as I did.

“Oh, Jamey, oh, I can feel your spunk hitting the walls of my pussy! Oh, it feels so good!”

Mom seemed to take my inability to hold back in stride; after all, this was my “first time.” She kept thrusting at my rapidly-deflating cock until she wrung a nice come out of it, and of course by then it was hard again.

“Oh, baby, that was wonderful,” she groaned. I acted too worn out to say anything. “But you poor thing, now you’re all hard again. We’ll have to take care of that. Do you think you could stand up by the bed?”

I could, and I did, wondering what she had in mind. Then she got on her hands and knees, with her backside toward me, her legs slightly spread. I was treated to a good view of her cunt, the lips of which were outlined by a thin layer of white: my come. On impulse, I leaned down and quickly licked up a sample. It was salty and sweet, kinda like pussy juice, but with a faint nuttiness all its own. I didn’t like it or dislike it.

Mom shuddered. “Ah, oh, that was good, Jamey, but not what I had in mind. I want you to put your big cock back there!”

I was only too happy to oblige. She was at the perfect height, so all I had to do was walk forward a few steps, and I was buried to the balls. The combination of pussyjuice and cockcream made her hot passage slicker and oilier than before. I grabbed her soft hips and started thrusting. This was a great position, I decided: a little awkward, maybe, but it gave me a better entry and depth than before.

“Oh, yeah, give it to me, baby boy! Fuck your mother!” As we established a nice steady rhythm, Mom looked back at me and gasped. “Oh, uh, this is — oh, oh — what they call the doggie-style position.” So that was what this was! I’d never done it quite this way, though I suppose the ways Di and Tam fucked me the first time were modified doggie-style.

“Doggie-style’s the best!” I groaned. Mom ground her cunt into my pubic bone, and started to wriggle her ass slightly back and forth, adding some sweet friction that caused my cock to swell even harder inside her. She whimpered and moaned.

“Oh, baby, yes! I can feel you getting bigger inside me! I can’t believe it!” She pumped and I thrust, and she came again with a great shriek. I didn’t even care about the Needemeyers this time!

I was still hard, and I knew from past experience that I had a good ten minutes before I could come again, so I kept thrusting. Mom moaned, lowered her head, and renewed her assault on my prick. A minute later she said softly, “The way we did it first was called the missionary style.” My Mom, always the teacher!

I answered by thrusting with renewed vigor. “I wanna make you come again, Mom,” I said, gritting my teeth against the flood of sensation. “Does my horny Mommy think she can come again for her little boy before he does? Does she think she can come again before he fills up her tight pussy with more boyspunk? Does she, huh?”

“Oh, my well-hung baby! Talk nasty to Mommy!”

“Oh, yeah, Mommy, your boy has a big, fat present for you, and he needs to give it to you over and over again. He needs to fuck and suck your steamy cunt, and lick your clit and nipples, and put his hard-on between your tits. He wants you to lick his hard young cock and suck on his balls until he spews his boyjuice all over your pretty face. He wants to spray his hot come into your pussy and make babies with you.” I moved my hands to her titties and started to pull and tweak the nipples.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Mommy wants you to pound that nasty boy-cock into her harder! Mommy thinks her little boy need some relief! Oh AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

She came again, and her tight cunt muscles spasmed around my cock. I was almost there myself.

“Oh, my little darling! Oh, my sweet baby made Mommy come like she’s never come before! I think my little Jamey’s all grown up now! Now it’s his turn! Come in Mommy, Jamey! Come in Mommy!”

That pushed me over the edge. I thrust mightily one last time, and I spent the biggest load of my short life into the hot depths of my mother’s pussy. Then I collapsed, exhausted, across her back; after a long moment, I rolled off and lay beside her on the bed. “Oh, that was great, Loverboy,” Mom whispered in my ear, as her hand played with my balls and deflated cock.

Once we’d recovered, Mom instructed me in how a girl should properly suck a boy’s hard dick, and showed me she knew how to swallow a big load of sticky cum, too. Then she got on her hands and knees again, and had me slide my cock into her tight, slick asshole — after a careful lubrication with pussy-juice and boy-come, of course. We romped in my bed, trying everything we could think of, until just before Dad came home. Late that night, we snuck into the hall bathroom, where I fucked her on the toilet, and she gave me a blowjob I’ll never forget.

After that, I was practically drowning in pussy. Tammy and I still had sex regularly, and Mom and I did it constantly. Every once in a while I could talk Di into it; it wasn’t a frequent thing, but it was enough to spice up my sex life. I was soon a big hit among the all the girls at school, too, and it wasn’t long before I was screwing Mrs. Needemeyer next door. My sisters never knew I was fucking the other or our mother, but of course I confessed all to Mom, my favorite lover.

Mom gave birth to her fifth child, Jeremy, when I was seventeen. He’s currently a happy, well-adjusted, perfectly-normal six year old. She swears up and down that Jeremy’s my father’s, but I just don’t believe it. He’s a little charmer, just like his oldest brother. He’s got black hair and blue eyes, like me and Mom, and frankly I think Jeremy is mine. The odds are in my favor. Mom and I went out of our way to fuck at least once a day after that first time I charmed her into my bed when I was fourteen, and our record stands at seven times in one 24-hour period (and 11 orgasms for her). I know for a fact that I fucked her more often than Dad did after that. Dad had other fish to fry; a few months after our first tete-a-tete, Tam finally got him to fuck her, and after that they did it as often as they thought they could get away with it. Dad still thinks their affair is a secret, and has no idea I’m fucking every woman in the household.

Now Mom’s pregnant again. I suppose this one could be mine, too, but I haven’t fucked Mom all that often since I left home for college. Probably Dad’s this time. Of course, there is the possibility that this baby was put in Mom by my younger brother Zack. He’s seventeen now, and I know for a fact that Mom’s fucking him regularly — she says she needs someone to take care of her needs now that I’m gone! She gave herself to him as his fourteenth birthday present, and they’ve been going at it since. I’m looking forward to going home at Thanksgiving, when Mom has scheduled a nice double-fucking (our first) between me, Zack, and herself. I’ve never fucked a pregnant woman before.

Ah, yes, I love my fucking family. Seems like I’ve initiated a new family tradition that’s going to last for some time to come!