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Damaged Goods Sister

by Angel

Caution: This story contains strong elements of incest sex and impregnation between a brother and his older sister.

We had the telephone call around midnight and went to the Hospital. My older sister Mona had been raped on a date. It is quite common except when it is your sister. Mom and I went and we stayed there with Mona in the Emergency Room. The Police went in and out but Mona wanted us there.

Weeks went by and Mona was not the same. She had always been such an outgoing girl and happy. Mona is a petit 18 year old girl of 5'3" and has a knockout body and long pretty black hair. I felt guilty because I had dreamed about forcing Mona to have sex with me before she was assaulted. In my dreams Mona had always wanted to be my sex toy and fucked often.

I watched her around the house. The first day Mona had me sit next to her on the couch and she wanted my arm around her. I literally held my arm around her for so long it went to sleep. Mona talked as we sat there and she told me what happened. She told me and Mom that she felt safer around me.

Mona had changed. We had never been close but now we became so close. I listened to her stereo in her room with her.

Mona said "I feel so safe with you around" she smiled and said I was her big brother. I am 16 and 6'2" and on the High School Wrestling Team.

One night as we talked Mona said "I am damaged goods, what boy would ever want me now."

I told her "no that is not true!"

She asked in a pained voice "would you want me?"

I hesitated and Mona was crying and tears running down her flawless pale complextion.

"Mona, I always wanted you. I have had a crush on you since I was 13. I have always loved you and cared for you that way! I am so ashamed." I answered slowly and I lowered my head.

Nothing happened for minutes. My mind raced. I had just admitted to my older sister that I had an incestual crush on her. In our family we were always modest and the most I had ever seen of Mona was her in a bikini. I could not believe how stupid I was and now after all she had been through I had frightened her and tears ran down my cheek.

Mona spoke slowly, "I always knew how you felt about me. I know you love me and care for me. I only feel safe when you're around now. There is no reason we can't do what you want now. I want a man that loves and cares for me. Why should I give myself to some stranger who I can never trust. I need someone to love me and someone I can love. I am so lonely now and you're my best friend. I want us now to be lovers. I have thought about this but was frightened you didn't want me anymore."

I was stunned as I listened to my sister, my older sister was saying we could be lovers. I sat there in the chair at her desk frozen. Mona walked over to me and gave me a small kiss on my cheek and that freed me. I stood and embraced her, holding her for so long, my arms grew tired. Feeling Mona pressed against me. My hands slowly ran up and down her back as I held her. Mona looked up at me and I slowly pressed my lips to hers. I felt like my head would explode. We kissed slowly at first and then harder.

I lowered my hands to her waist as I held her.

"We have to hurry, Mom will be off work in three hours." She said.

As she spoke Mona unbutoned her blouse slowly, and I saw her crisp white bra and her cleavage. She pulled the blouse off her shoulders, down and away. I stared as she unhooked her bra and pulled the shoulder straps off and held the cups to her naked bosom. Mona looks like a shorter version of Rose McGown from the TV Show Charmed.

She lowered her bra and dropped it beside her. I stared at my older sister's full breasts. So round and full and capped with red nipples. Mona unzipped her skirt and as she bent over to remove it her breasts balloned larger. Her small waist and her panties became visible as she lowered her skirt. She was wearing white lace panties and a dark triangle was visible through it. My cock was so hard as I removed my clothes.

Mona laid on her bed and said "pull my panties down" and as if in a dream I walked forward and took the waistband and pulled it down as she lifted her hips. I laid beside Mona and kissed and held her to me. Her breasts mashed against my chest as our tongues played. Wet deep kisses and my fantasy came true. I handled Mona's round and soft tits as we kissed. Over and over again I felt her and played with her breasts. Mona moaned "please do it, do it to me and hurt me."

I slid between Mona thighs as she opened her legs and her pussy hair was touching my cock and her hand guided my cockhead. I pushed the cock head inside my sister and looked at her face. Mona seemed frozen and whispered "ram it into me and hurt me" and I plunged inside Mona's cunt. Her body took all of me and we mated in a fierce battle. Mona chanted over and over "hurt me, fuck me, use me" and then yelled "I am fucking my own brother" as my cock slid in and out of her body and we sweated.

Then I was kissing and fucking Mona as my hands pinched her tits hard. When I came my cock pumped load after load of hot cum inside my older sister. She looked happy now and at peace. We lay there coiled like lovers. Mona is my lover now!

She said "Next you need to fuck me in the ass hard. You need to use me hard. I need pain to feel good about this."

As she told me this, my cock got hard again. Harder than before. I pulled Mona to her knees swatted her as cheeks hard. Hard enough for an angry red imprint of my hand to show on each cheek. She yelped in pain, but didn't complain. She arched her back presenting me with her asshole and pussy for my use.

I didn't disappoint her. I dipped my cock in her dripping pussy to wet it and then pulled out and shoved it in her tight little asshole. She groaned at the fast penetration and then just whimpered.

As I fucked her ass with steady long strokes, she chanted over and over "I love you big brother."

I fucked her hard and long for a good ten minutes at least. I lost count of how many times she orgasmed during that. At some point I felt like my own orgasm was approaching, so I sped up my thrusts so fast my thighs were clapping on her ass cheeks. I put my hand in front of her and reached for her pussy. My fingers slid on her wet pussy and when I felt her hard clit I pinched it.

That triggered such a strong orgasm in her that she screamed and her pussy and ass clamped shut. Her ass clamped down so hard on my cock that I could barely move, but that only managed to trigger my own hard orgasm. With each pulse, I felt my cum travel through the constriction that her ass muscles created in my cock and explode into her bowels. Soon, I collapsed on her back and she collapsed down on her tummy. I kept thrusting in and out of her ass until my cock softened and slipped out.

"Oh my god that was unbelievable. I love you big brother. I love you so much. You're my man now and you can do whatever you want to me whenever you want. I will never deny you anything."

"I love you Mona. I'll hold you to that from now on."

And I did.

Mona moved out to her own appartement, and gave me six healthy children over the next few years. Mom either never knew or knew and turned a blind eye. But she never mentioned anything to me ever.

I graduated and had a very successful career in law. I took care of Mona and our kids, along with my wife and our four kids. My wife never knew about Mona and me.

I can't say that I was ever mad at the asshole who raped Mona.

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