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Aunt Marie

by Ella Jean Chadwicke

Caution: Incest taboo story of a nephew fucking his own aunt.

A man I was seeing told this story to me several years ago. He had asked me to tell him, “Shoot your hot fuck cum in your Aunt Marie darling!” when he was cumming. Needless to say, I found a way to get the story from him. (Grin) I’ll tell the story in his words.

When I was 3 years old my parents divorced and my mother and I went to live with my Mom’s mother. By the time I was 5, Mom had found a man to her liking and married him. I remained with my Grandmother and although I don’t recall resenting my Mother or stepfather, I suppose I used the anger and resentment at being abandoned I must have felt to turn myself into a bully.

I had finally managed to be promoted to the 8th grade and had gained a reputation as a fighter of some infamy, I had visions in those days of becoming a professional fighter as soon as I grew old enough to leave home and pursue the career. Needless to say, no matter how strong and tough you are, even if you’re 10 foot tall and bullet proof, someone will come along to give you an attitude adjustment.

I saw my Father infrequently, usually when it was convenient for him to come around. My Grandmother hated him with a passion that was nearly an obsession, (Which I didn’t understand.). The day came when the school officials and my Grandmother had their fill of my bullish ways and made arrangements for me to go live with my father. Where my Grandmother had been a church-going, fire-breathing, Pentecostal, my father was a liberal, down-to-earth, fire-breathing, whiskey guzzling, heathen who cursed at the drop of a hat, and would fuck a snake if someone held it’s head. A gambler, My father was the epitomy of evil living and evil ways in my Grandmother’s opinion.

Two years passed and I turned 15. I had grown to well over 6’ 3” tall, weighed about 190 and although I seldom forced my will on anyone with my fists, I didn’t back down from anyone either. So it was, I lived with my Dad, was taken care of by hired help and found life more or less good. I had always made good grades in school. It was easy to make good marks. I seldom found it necessary to study at home, homework was a breeze and my interests were primarily sports. Since I had grown fairly tall, I played basketball and loved baseball.

The winter of 1956, I became very ill with influenza. I had lost a lot of weight and had received an enormous amount of medication and penicillin shots. I was becoming dehydrated and so it was that my Dad’s sister Marie moved in with us to help take care of me.

Marie was a beautiful woman. Statuesque, with a large bosom, and firm, rounded thighs; Marie was prone to be very aware of her effect on men. Her hair was Jet black nearly down to her hips, which she rolled up along the sides of her face and the back of her neck. I hadn’t begun masturbating in those days. I got tremendous a hard-on several times a day, but I hadn’t learned yet to stroke myself to make myself cum.

I would have dreams and cum in my sleep, but to do it while I was awake just hadn’t occurred to me. So when my Aunt came to stay with us, I was amused to think she felt it necessary to sleep with me at night. When I had to get up to use the bathroom, she would help me to the bathroom in an old cotton nightgown that didn’t quite keep me from peering down her bodice to peruse her milky white heavy breasts. The nipples were very large, coming to a point in a smooth non-broken curve from her upper collarbone to the large pointed ends.

Aunt Marie was a professional woman and managed a large office for General Motors. Having never married, her job was apparently all that she needed or wanted as far as I knew. She dated occasionally, small mousy-like characters with big heads and usually bald. At a tad over 6’, my Aunt towered over them and sometimes the incongruity of it would send me into hysterical fits of laughter, which pissed her off to no end.

Aunt Marie would go to work after having given the hired help their instructions in my regard then return home late in the evening to make sure her instructions had been followed. God help them if they fucked up. I recall her firing one old lady in a rage and having to take a few days off to find a replacement. I was sick as a dog, but the whole situation was so funny, I had her on the edge of taking my head off every time I thought about it.

Finally, I became well enough that the school started sending homework for me to do. I would read the textbooks, then do the assignments, then find something to do the rest of the day when I wasn’t sleeping.

I had been eating mostly soups and broths per doctor’s orders for so long, the thought of a rare steak was becoming an obsession.

Finally, I began to gain a bit of weight back and my Aunt gradually introduced solid food into my diet. Small pork chops, small chicken breasts, and a very small portion of steak about every 2 or 3 days.

Aunt Marie continued to sleep with me, even though she had stopped getting up to help me go to the bathroom. My Dad had bought a fancy coal burning stove that winter and if you weren’t real careful, it would get the house so hot even in sub-zero temperatures, everybody would sweat their asses off.

When I had gotten up to piss, it was cold so I opened the air inlet on the stove and went in to piss and decided to take a shit while I was there. I was gone for several minutes and when I returned the stovepipe was cherry red and my Aunt had kicked the cover off.

I hurriedly closed the air vent and stripping off my nightshirt, returned to bed with just my pajama bottoms. I walked into the bedroom and lo and behold, my Aunt’s cotton nightgown had slid up to her waist and her breasts had fallen out the top. MY GOD! I thought. Look at that!

Her large breasts were glistening with perspiration and her thighs were spread giving me a clear shot of her snatch. My cock became engorged and began standing straight out, pointing at those puffy, glistening pussy lips. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her or tear them away. As I looked in the semi-darkness, I saw her pussy gape open and a clear milky drop of fluid made its way from the top of her snatch to the cheek of her ass.

I stood there transfixed, I was rubbing my cock through my pajamas and as I watched, Aunt Marie slowly put her hand between her legs and began rubbing her cunt.

She began moaning softly as she played with her pussy. She spread her pussy lips and I saw what looked like a large blunt fold of flesh at the top as she took it between thumb and forefinger and began stroking it. Until she spread her pussy lips, a large thatch of dense, black pubic hair had obscured most of it. Now I could clearly see the outer lips and as she spread those, the inner lips began to manifest themselves. I wasn’t sure if the moisture accumulating between her ass cheeks and the sheet was sweat or something else because I had no way of knowing, I could tell it was more milky than the sweat on her thighs and decided she must be continuously cumming because it looked a little like what came out of my cock when I awakened after a wet dream.

Suddenly I had the overpowering urge to check it and put forth a finger to get a sample. I touched it and it clung to the end of my finger and as I brought it up to examine it, an overpowering smell assaulted my senses and I involuntarily shot my load in my underwear. My finger went to my mouth and the musky, sweet taste of a woman’s pussy nectar lay on my tongue as I savored it.

At about that same instant, My Aunt woke up and with eyes as big as silver dollars, hissed, get in bed boy, NOW! As I hurried to get into the bed. My Aunt rose up and in a fluid movement removed her nightgown. Her breasts mesmerized me as she turned to get back in bed. They swung ponderously as she moved and jiggled as she pulled the pillow under her head. Thinking she had gotten so hot, (She had! GRIN), I was not so much shocked as I was relieved to think she wasn’t going to get mad at me for getting the house so hot.

Turning to me, she grasped the top band of my pajama bottoms and pulled them down along with my underwear to free my raging hard cock. It sprang forth and with a sharp intake of breath; she put her hand on it and began stroking it up and down. My mind went into over load and I was scared shitless, but managed to savor the feel of her hand as it softly stroked up and down, pausing at the head to rub her thumb over my piss hole.

Aunt Marie said, “Now listen to me. What we’re going to do is illegal and I could get in a lot of trouble. I Just have to have you. I need that hard Dick in my pussy. Do you want too?

I was unable to speak at first so I answered her question by vigorously nodding my head up and down. Whispering softly, Marie said, “You understand this is wrong don’t you?” I paused for a few seconds and finally said, “I don’t care Aunt Marie. I don’t know what to do though!”

Aunt Marie looked into my eyes several long seconds, then pulled me to her, keeping her hand on my cock as she drew me to her. As I snuggled up against her, she bent forward at the waist and said, “I’m going to suck you off so when we fuck, it will take longer for you to cum and I’ll get to cum too. Do you understand?” I didn’t but I nodded an enthusiastic yes anyway.

The feeling of my Aunt’s succulent lips taking my Dick into her mouth was almost more than I could bear. She slowly began working her head up and down and gradually engulfed my cock until I heard her gag. She slipped off me and said, “Damn boy, you have a gigantic cock for a boy of 15. I don’t know if I can get all your cock in my pussy or not!” I lay straining for her to resume sucking and as she did, I felt the cum beginning to rage for release inside her warm soft mouth.

She beginning rubbing her tongue under the head when she came to the top and about the 4th or 5th time she did this, I came with a mighty gush. My fuck cum filled her mouth and though she seemed to be trying to swallow, allowed a lot to dribble out onto my cock and in the sparse hair around my Dick. My eyes rolled back into my head as she started sucking harder and jacking the bottom half of my cock.

I came for what seemed like several minutes and lay twitching and totally spent as she finished licking my pubic hair and sucking my balls into her mouth.

Her breasts had constantly lain and rubbed on my upper left chest and stomach as she had sucked me so I bravely put my hand out to take her nipple on her right breast into my hand. She turned and lifting it, also offered the other one to my other hand. I reveled in the softly firm heaviness of them as she leaned forward to kiss me on the lips. At first it was no different than any other time she had kissed me. Then I had an urge to taste her lips and put forth just the tip of my tongue to taste them. When I did this, she opened her lips wider and her tongue came out and sought the inside of my mouth to rub my tongue the way she had tongued my cock.

After a mind bending several moments, I got up the bravery to tell her something I was desperate for her to know. I said, “Ummm Aunt Marie? I want to do something to you. I hope you don’t mind my asking!”

She arched an eyebrow and said, “what might that be?” I took a deep breath and blurted, “I want to taste you down there, between your legs! Please let me! Please?”

She smiled a sad smile and lying back, spread her thighs as I crawled across her legs to get in the middle. The smell of her pussy was making me feel slightly hysterical as I pressed my face and mouth into her dense thatch of pussy hair. I stuck my tongue out and started licking her pussy up and down. Remembering the little fold of flesh she seemed so partial too, I took it in my lips and began sucking it when I came back up from the bottom of her slit.

I was so engrossed in the taste and smell of her, I hadn’t noticed her face, I paused to look at her jugs and I saw her crying and rolling her head back and forth on the pillow. I was afraid I had hurt her or been wrong to ask her to let me taste her pussy so I hurriedly moved up on top of her and kissed her lips when she stopped to see what I was doing. She hissed, “Get back down there darling, I’m about to cum. Don’t stop, keep licking and sucking my clit.” I thought, “Clit? The thing I have been sucking is called a clit!”

I continued sucking and licking and even put my tongue inside her pussy which seemed to send her into a spasm of shaking and the fluid of her pussy nearly drowned me. In my enthusiasm, I slipped and put my tongue on her crinkled ass-hole, which caused her to rise completely up off the bed.

She started moaning, “Oh baby boy, oh honey, you’re going to make me cum baby. Oh god, I’m so close, I need to cum honey boy. Oh god I’m going to burst if I don’t cum soon. Oh put your tongue in my ass, suck my clit, and suck my pussy lips, oh God I’m nearly there. Oh fuck me with your mouth tiger. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Don’t ever stop. Don’t ever stop fucking your Aunt Marie!”

Suddenly the cheeks of her ass clinched together, her thighs came against the sides of my head and started squeezing so hard it hurt but I continued sucking and licking. She whimpered and moaned, “Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yeah, I’m cumming, oh yeah, I’m cummmmmingggg, I’m cummminnnnggggg honey boy, oh fuck me tiger, fuck me baby, suck that clit darling’, Oh FUCK! DAMN! I’M CUMMMMMINNGGGGG!”

As she let loose a load of pussy juice, I came hard and it felt as if rocks were coming out my Dick.

I froze as I pulled her clit inside my mouth and she pushed down on my head and heaved her cunt as hard as she could against my face. I recall thinking, fucking is so much fun. And damn it feels good.

She kept me in this iron grip for several minutes and it became difficult to breathe. I struggled finally and she released me to let me up for air. I fell limply against her abdomen on my cheek and lay there breathing heavily for several minutes. Quietly she asked, “Did you cum again tiger?” I nodded that I had and she said, “Good, now we’ll fuck in a few minutes and you should be able to last long enough for me to cum again.”

We kissed and I sucked her nipples and weighed her breasts again and again. I put my finger inside her cunt as she stroked my die-hard cock. It felt so good, not like I was going to cum, just really good and comfortable as she played with my cock.

After a bit, she asked, “Ready to fuck now tiger?” I had seen pictures of the missionary position and started to get on top of her but she stopped me and said, “No tiger, let’s do it a different way OK?”

Laying me on my back, she put her leg over my legs and settled her wet pussy against my abdomen as she situated herself. She raised her hips and took my hands and put them on either side of her ass-cheeks and patted my hands before putting her hands on my shoulders to help leverage herself up.

Taking her left hand, she reached down between us and took my cock in her hand and stroked it as she positioned it at the opening to her cunt. She shivered as she lowered herself down over my throbbing cock. As she lowered herself, she suddenly looked into my eyes with her eyes getting wider and said, “My god, you’re not all the way in and I feel you against my cervix.” She closed her eyes and whispered simply, “Oh tiger, you’re making me cum.” She shook and trembled for several minutes then started slowly thrusting up and down with her hips.

I had been feeling her nipples and breasts, so she leaned forward and I took each nipple into my mouth and sucked as she fucked me. We fucked slowly at first, savoring each nuance of our bodies being coupled together. I pressed my hands against her round thighs and reached as far around her as I could to knead and press her butt cheeks before rubbing her puckered ass-hole for short periods.

I managed to get one finger inside her asshole and fucked her ass with my finger with the same rhythm she was using to fuck me.

She would moan, “Oh tiger, you’re making me cum.” Then she would shudder and tremble for a few seconds before resuming slowly fucking my cock. After about an hour, my cum began to send signals it was ready to erupt. I told her I had to cum pretty soon so she began fucking me faster and sitting down harder to make the head of my Dick press against her inside.

I felt her stomach begin to tighten and her thighs trembled before she said, “I want you on top now. Let’s roll over together and keep in inside OK?” I agreed and we rolled over with me on top as my cock pressed deep inside her. I said, “What do I do?” She giggled and said, “We fuck silly!” I started to reply and she giggled again and said, “Just stroke me slow and deep until you feel yourself ready to cum. Then pick up the tempo and I’ll start pressing up as you go in and pull away as you go out! OK?” I nodded OK and began stroking inside the glove soft, wet, slippery pussy channel.

She lay watching my face as we fucked. She pulled my head down to her and said, “ I love you tiger. Do you know that?” Kissing me softly on the lips, I pulled back slightly and said, “ I love you too Aunt Marie!” pausing, “Can we do this again soon?”

She smiled and said, “not as often as you’ll want too, but yes we’ll do it anytime we both can get the time and place to do it. Understand Honey?” I smiled and was satisfied with her answer.

After a very long time, stopping as she instructed me to let the cum sensation slow down, we started humping and fucking furiously. Her soft velvety smooth thighs were around my waist and her feet were pressing down on my ass. I said, “Aunt Marie, I want you to do something OK?” She smiled, “Anything tiger, name it.” I said, “I want you to kiss me deep like we did earlier when I cum. That OK honey?”

She pressed her lips against my ear and whispered, “Anything for you darling. I love you Tiger; you are more of a man than most men are twice your age! For god’s sake you’re a natural pussy eater! God I love that in a man!” I continued fucking my beautiful Aunt. Stroking harder and faster as I felt my fuck juice welling up inside my stomach and thighs. She started pressing her cunt lips harder and harder against me at the bottom of each of my stokes inside her and finally she whispered, “I’m going to cum darling. Oh fuck me hard and deep baby. Fuck me deep tiger. Fill my hungry cunt with your fuck cum baby mine. Oh god I’m going to cum honey! Oh god, Oh god, I’m cummmminnggggg on your hard cock tiger.” and with that she pulled me tighter and held her pussy against my pubes as I shot my overdue load inside her hot pussy.

I didn’t pull back but bucked against her pussy lips as each jerk of my ejaculation poured hot cum inside her snatch. She had fastened her lips to me just as she told me she was cumming on my hard cock and we kissed deeply and frantically sought each other’s tongues as we came.

Finally we relaxed and I lay on top of her for a few minutes before rolling over to my side of the bed. My now soft cock slipped from her pussy as I heard her whimper.

We lay quietly and then she turned over to put her head on my chest and as I smelled her hair against my lips and cheek as she said, “Tiger you’re one hell of a man. You can fuck your Aunt Marie anytime baby. Anytime you want my hot pussy”

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