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A Mother-Son Vacation to Remember

by Spree

Caution: Incest Taboo Sex story depicting forbidden relationship between a mother and her own son
This was probably the only day of the year that 16-year-old Steve Edwards did not mind getting up at the crack of dawn. You see, Steve, the only child of Martin and Kelly Edwards, loved going with his parents on the annual vacation to the beach. Two weeks in the sun-soaking up rays and staring at a lot of T&A. It didn't matter that they had been going to the same spot year after year, and during the same time year after year, it was like a whole new world each summer. For instance, there was the one summer a hurricane hit and nearly tore the house they rented apart. Of course, there was the summer he first went in the water. Those were great but he hoped this was the summer when he finally lost his virginity. From the internet and pornos, he was intelligent about sex and was sick of never receiving it. With hopes of some wonderful experiences, Steve got out of bed and immediately began to carry all of his luggage out to the car. Endless possibilities of what might happen this year raced through his head. One thing was for sure, Steve was going to be proud to show off his developing body this summer. He was no Greek god, but he was developing. He wasn't the same prepubescent weakling anymore. Kelly Edwards was already finished packing her stuff and was sitting on the bumper of the car quietly observing the peace of the early morning. She was up earlier than 6AM all the time, it was just that she was often too busy rushing around in the morning that she didn't notice how beautiful everything is at that time. She moaned softly. The thought of another vacation didn't really thrill her the same way it did for Steve. Sure she loved the scenic 5 hour drive and laying out in the sun and visiting new places, but seeing all those young girls on the beach with their perfect bodies and empty heads made her think about what she didn't have anymore-her husband's desires. She and her husband hadn't got along for years, and were waiting for Steve to turn 18 until they got a divorce. The marriage was pretty much a disaster. The only thing that clicked for them was sex-they had great sex together. But she could count on one hand how many times he fucked her good within the past year. Usually, she used that same hand to satisfy her own cravings. Martin was too busy with the little whores he worked with at his ad agency-Kelly knew of them but really didn't care. Kelly also knew (from being tipped off by a mutual friend-who happened to be Kelly's lover, also) that her husband was planning to leave the beach early so he could fly home to "meet with some important clients." Although she doubted that her husband would have the balls to pull a stunt like that, she wondered what would happen if he did. What could she do with her son alone for over a week? Hmmmm. Maybe she could finally... "Hi Mom!" a grinning Steve nearly shouted as he met his mother in the driveway. Kelly's deep thinking was interrupted by the presence of her overjoyed son, who promptly threw his luggage into the rear of the car. "All set to go honey?" questioned 39-year-old Kelly. "Then again, I've bet you've been ready for weeks." She stared at the enthusiasm in her young sons eyes and smiled, enjoying his innocence and wishing that she could go back to a simpler time in her life. Stevie (as she called him) really had no clue about the problems between his parents and certainly was unaware about their infidelity toward each other. "C'mon, let's go!" said Martin as he exited the house. After checking if everything was packed and ready to go, the man of the house locked up and closed the door. Kelly hoped the closing of the door would be symbolic of the close of her former life. The popular middle-school teacher hoped that she could solve some of the personal problems plaguing her, but was pessimistic, to say the least. Before taking her seat in the front of the car, she glanced at herself in the window. She thought the reflection was nice-blonde hair to her shoulders, a pretty face, and nice large B-cup breasts. She knew she deserved more for keeping herself in shape for all these years. Now, though, she just had to survive the car ride. Steve scrunched up his tall frame into a backseat that was too small. He usually hated to be around his parents. He despised the iciness between them, and he abhorred having to be the one to start up a conversation. Always prepared, he brought along some headphones so he could listen to some music and fade away to sleep, so that he wouldn't have to be part of this uncomfortable situation. He turned to his favorite radio station, and the beautiful Mariah Carey was singing. Steve thought of how gorgeous she was. How he'd love to fuck her. The great strawberry smell from his mother's hair combined with the image of Mariah in his mind was turning him on a great deal. "Damn, I need to get laid," he thought as the erection in his shorts grew to uncomfortable lengths. He hadn't masturbated (his favorite pastime) in over 2 weeks. He was hoping to save up a great orgasm for any honey he met on the beach. Mariah danced in his mind and the strawberry smell engulfed his nostrils as he fell to sleep. Martin was quite impatient driving, and Kelly noticed. Constantly checking his watch and always exceeding the speed limit, it seemed like he wanted to turn the 4 hour drive into a 2 hour one. Kelly knew that the plans for him to skip out early must have come through. "Y' know sweetie," said Martin as he rubbed Kelly's bare thigh "I think that this is going to be a great trip." He looked back to see if Steve was sleeping and rubbed his palm slowly on his wife's crotch. "Fucking bastard," she thought as she unenthusiastically smiled at her husband and nodded her head. Even though she hated him, she knew that she'd let him fuck her. She needed it badly. He was smooth and handsome, and had a large great body. In one sense, she loved his hand on her pussy, but in another sense she hated it. He removed his hand from her body and went back to driving, and she quickly fell off to dreamland. ---- "Everybody get up," said Martin to his sleeping son and wife. "I gotta take a break. We're halfway there." Steve raised his aching neck and head off the backseat as Kelly woke up in the front. They were at a rest stop, and Martin went ahead into the building. Steve had to use the bathroom so he jumped out of the car but first took his mother's hand, helping her out. "You're such a nice boy, Stevie" cooed Kelly. "Did you sleep alright?" "Yeah," replied Steve. "I'm eager to get there though." "You're eager to see some girls I bet," she said as she strolled with her son into the building. She noticed Steve's embarrassed smile and giggled. "C'mon, you know you're the only women in my life mom," he said jokingly. Kelly was somewhat taken aback by that response. That's the first time she's heard any man say that in awhile. "You and grandma," laughed her son, obliterating his mother's romantic moment. Once inside, they went into the separate bathrooms. Steve came out and went directly to the car. Kelly came out, and noticing her husband's absence, searched for him. Martin was out in back of the building on a pay phone. Kelly wanted to confront him, but didn't. "Might be some trouble at the office," said Martin when he returned into the building and at his wife's side. Kelly rolled her eyes, prepared for the upcoming events of the day as she took her seat in the car. The rest of the ride went by pretty quickly. Steve fell back to sleep while Kelly drifted in and out and Steve drove much faster. ---- Steve responded to the patting on his shoulder and wearily lifted his head. The sun shone down through the window and hurt his eyes. His mother was standing outside the car door, urging him to awaken. In the sunlight she looked like and angel beckoning to him, and when he finally awoke fully, he thought he was in heaven. The warm air, the saltwater smell, the wonderful array of sunlight. They had arrived. Steve jumped out of the car and wanted to embrace everything he saw. "Pretty good time, huh Stevie?" said his father proudly, while patting his son on the back. I know you wanna get down to the beach, but let's unload the car first." The whole Edwards clan cleaned out the car and straightened up their amazingly gorgeous beachhouse. Due to the fact that he slept the whole way there Steve was rarin' and ready to hit the beach. He quickly unloaded his luggage, stripped down, threw on his new trunks and hit the beach-ready to bask in the early-afternoon sun. On the other hand, Kelly and Martin were more deliberate and more tense. They were on separate sides of the bed, tending to their own belongings. "This place is always great, ain't it honey?" Martin said, breaking the iciness. He coolly walked to the other side of the bed and stood behind his wife. Breathing hotly onto her smooth neck, he wrapped his arms around her waist-running his hands over her vagina, up her hard stomach, up her shirt, and to her breasts. He cupped each tit with a little force and rubbed his large fingers against her sensitive nipples. "I know we haven't been like this in a while," he whispered. "let's say we christen our vacation the right way before we get to the water." Kelly giggled. She knew how much she hated him, but she also knew that she would give in to his proposition. She wriggled her ass against the hardness in his pants and turned around to face him. They kissed hotly. Martin removed his shirt and Kelly ran her hands along his strong, hairy chest. It was though she was exploring new territory-there was a look of amazement in her eyes. She sat on the edge of the bed and removed his shorts and boxers. Martin's huge, hard dick was now at eye level. "Suck it for me baby," he quietly stated. It was too appetizing a prospect for Kelly to turn down. She wrapped her arms around her husband's waist and quickly took his entire cock into her mouth. Martin's whole lower body fell weak from the sensation of his wife's moist mouth on his most sensitive area. Kelly's pussy became moist with the thoughts of her husband violently fucking her-fulfilling her wanton cravings. But, instead of holding up and waiting to fuck his wife, Martin grabbed hold of his wife's head and began fucking his wife's mouth. After 3 huge, rapid strokes and before Kelly could realize what he was doing, he jizzed in her throat. Kelly hated the taste of cum and tried to reject it, but his strong hands kept her head in place. Jolt after jolt of warm jizz ran down her throat. Martin let loose his grip when he grew limp. He bent down and kissed Kelly's cheek as she was choking on his cum. "Thanks a lot baby," he said. Martin retreated into the bathroom as Kelly realized that she wasn't going to get any sex. Martin was so proud of himself and thought so much of himself, that he thought he deserved a reward. "Fucking dickhead," whispered Kelly to herself as she felt back in between the suitcases on the bed. Just when she thought about pleasuring herself right there, she heard Martin's beeper go off from the nightstand. A naked Martin ran out from the bathroom to check the message. "What the fu... ? Ooooh shit," he said, trying to act disappointed. Of course Kelly had a more than sneaking suspicion about what the message was about. Her ever-loving husband ran naked to the phone downstairs and after about 6-7 minutes returned to the bedroom. Kelly had remained in the same position on the bed. Martin bashfully strode over and stood in the same place where he just received head from his spouse. "Uuuuh, honey. We have a problem..." ---- The story that she was tipped off on was basically the one he gave ... Emergency meeting ... Had to travel to Canada ... Would catch a plane ... Would hopefully be back in a week ... Extremely sorry. Meanwhile Steve was at the beach, eyeing up some very lovely beach bunnies. He had already started up a few conversations and was having a helluva time showing off his older body. He even used the oldest trick in the book and got his cock worked up so that it would look like he was packing a whole lot in his trunks. He expected his parent to meet him down there, but he didn't expect them to be fully dressed. "Stevie, I got some bad news," said Martin as he approached his son, who, for the most part, was unaffected by the news. The most disappointing part to him was having to go with his parents to the airport and miss a key part of the day on the beach. The trip to the airport (about a 45 minute drive) was tense, and the good-byes were even more awkward. Nevertheless, Martin assumed his plans were successful, and Kelly and Steve were alone for a week. The two of them stopped off for a bite to eat on the way back to the house. They chit-chatted about Martin, the beach, music, school-all the normal stuff. They really started to bond. By the time they got back to the house, though, it was getting a little late in the day, and even getting cloudy. The weather report called for some rainshowers. "What are you gonna do now, kiddo?" questioned Kelly to her teenage son as they entered the front door. As she stood before him, she for the first time realized how much he was growing. He was around 6 ft, a bit taller than her, and she even saw some facial hair developing. "Don't know," he replied. "I don't think there will be many girls ... er ... I don't think that much will be happening down at the beach now." His slip caused him to blush in embarrassment, something which Kelly recognized, and responded to with a giggle. Steve could again smell the sweet strawberry essence of his mother hair below him. He was ashamed that he was getting a little bit of a twinge in his cock from it. "No girls? Hey, I'd be there!" joked Kelly "I could pretend I was your girlfriend!" For some reason, that last comment stirred something within her. She couldn't explain what, or why. It felt good. It was like when she thought Martin was going to fuck her earlier. "We've had such a shitty day so far ... I'd just like to do something fun," quietly stated Kelly. --- The rain clouds were really gathering overhead as Kelly and Steve played a few games of gin rummy. It was their favorite game and they often played it when they were bored. The talk during the games was once again cordial and casual-once again, nothing out of the ordinary. It was around 6PM, though, and both were getting pretty hungry. "What do you want to eat Stevie?" questioned Kelly. "I really don't feel like driving anywhere-how about we order a pizza?" Steve agreed with his mother and she placed the call for pizza, which came about 45 minutes later. But instead of drinking the soda they had ordered Kelly suggested splitting the 6-pack of beer that Martin had brought along on the trip. They were acting not like a mother and a son but like a couple of old buddies. So they took their positions in the living room on the couch right next to each other-setting the pizza and the beer up on the table and turning the TV on. As Kelly kicked off her shoes and relaxed some more, Steve began to see her in a whole different light. He could now see why his friends were always commenting to him about her. She was cool. She was pretty. She didn't seem like a mother. Also, every time she bent down to grab a piece of pizza, Steve got a good view of her bare tits from the top of the v-neck t shirt she was wearing. This was something he was not proud of, nonetheless, it was harmless. However, he could not ignore the arousal in his trunks. He was wishing he had worn some underwear when... BANG!!!! A blast of thunder and a bolt of lightning knocked out the electricity in the house. Kelly instinctively jumped, and with a whimper, hugged her son for protection. She grasped tightly onto his back and buried her face in his chest. Steve, in turn, squeezed against her, firmly holding her against him and pressing his face into her blonde hair. He could feel those same tits grinding into his chest and felt his mother's heart racing. She had wonderfully warm and soft skin. As she continued to hold onto her son for much too long, Kelly incidentally looked down at his crotch and definitely noticed some growth. Just then, he slowly moved his head downward and began to nuzzle the side of her neck. "My God!" she thought. "I'm turning him on!" On one hand she hated it, but on the other (and maybe more important) hand she wanted this warm embrace to continue. In the darkness, they really were like lovers. However, just as quickly as it went off, the electricity came back on. The lights buzzed and the TV hummed and Kelly looked up as saw her son's face just inches away from hers. She still had her arms locked around him even though the darkness had passed. They stared in each other's eyes and Kelly realized how he was, in a sense, taking the place of Martin. --- Unable to stand the awkwardness of the situation, Kelly bashfully cleared her throat and broke the clasp they had on each other. Steve felt just as strange-especially with a semi-erection that he had to try and hide. He knew that she had to have seen it. As his mother sat back and regained her composure, Steve excused himself to go to the bathroom. As he raced upstairs, Kelly leaned back and tried to catch her breath. She hadn't been in a situation that hot in awhile. Her cunt was steaming hot and wet and it bothered her that it could get like that from her son. But his touch, his smell, his ... his ... everything was so much better than what she ever had experienced. Kelly ran her hand down her shorts and rubbed her pussy forcefully. She was dripping wet, and she knew that the slightest pressure against her clit would send her into an unbelievable orgasm. So she removed her hand and promised herself that she would masturbate that night. Forbidden thoughts of her son raced through her head. She imagined him naked pounding into her. She imagined tasting his nubile young body. She imagined him owning her. Meanwhile Steve was in the bathroom recollecting his thoughts. His cock was at full hardness and he was trying to position it in his trunks so that his mother wouldn't notice. He caressed it and loved the sensation and loved the warmth of his piece. Steve would have given anything to be by himself so that he could jack off. He too was possessed by terrible thoughts-he couldn't shake the image of his mother's breasts and how she felt as they embraced. The more he thought of her, the more his dick grew, so he attempted to think of something else-anything else. Meanwhile outside, the storm raged. The next few hours were anything but exciting. Basically, the storm lasted a few minutes, there was no heavy downpours as was predicted. Inside the house, silence was golden. Kelly and Steve pretty much kept to themselves and stayed on their own floors. When one was upstairs for any reason, the other went downstairs. Barely any words were spoken. But they both longed to confront each other. Steve wanted to apologize to his mother for creating such an uncomfortable situation. Kelly wanted to tell her son that what he did was fine, but to not let it get any farther. She couldn't take the silence any longer when they met in the kitchen around 9:15PM. "Hey! I wanna talk to you." she cornered Steve was at the refrigerator. "Thank you for being so nice before. You know how I am around thunder." She smiled and ran her hand down his face. "Why won't you talk to me now? We're on vacation dammit! I know this is odd without you're father but c'mon! What do you wanna do?" They both laughed. "Dad's a real asshole, huh," said a giggling Steve to his mother's shock. "Stevie! I've never heard you swear! Why did you say that about your father?" Kelly inquired. "Because all I really wanted to do today was sit on the beach, but he put a stop to that too quickly," he answered. "If you want to go to the beach let's go!" Kelly said, all caught up in the frivolity of the moment. "But first wait for me." --- It was very hot out and the humidity level was very high due to the nasty weather. So all Steve had to do to get ready was take the shirt he had on off and wait for his mother. After few minutes she stood at the top of the stairs. "How do I look," she spread her arms out and asked her son before descending the staircase. Steve was in awe of her sexiness. Kelly was wearing a small black bikini! It was the first time he and ever seen her in a bikini-she and always worn one-piece bathing suits. Her sumptuous tits seemed to be heaving out the top and just beneath was her lovely flat tummy. Her long, sexy legs were tanned and soft and rose to a pinnacle hidden by black cloth. Even her goddamned feet were attractive! Why hadn't he noticed this before, he wondered. "I was saving this surprise for Dad, but he lucked out," Kelly remarked coyly as she met her son at the bottom of the stairs. Kelly offered her hand to her son, he grabbed hold, and onward they began the minute-long walk to the beach. It was totally dark out now except for the moonlight and the air was hot and sticky. The sound of crashing waves and birds off in the distance was soothing for the two, disrupting any tension between them. As a result of the storm and the humid conditions, the sand on the beach was soft, as if they were walking on cotton. Another result was that absolutely no one was there. Indeed, Kelly and Steve walked alone. The topics of conversation were still pretty tame-typical mother-son speak. As they trod along the beach, though, the topics began to warm up, especially when Steve told his mother how good she looked. She waited for the punchline, but this time there was none. The compliment made her feel good, even sexual. "You don't look that bad yourself kiddo," Kelly replied. "You're really growing up. I can't believe that you don't have a girlfriend yet-but I bet you get your share." Kelly chuckled a bit and noticed the look of embarrassment in her son's face. Hearing his mother talk about sex like that made him feel rather odd, especially since he was a virgin. This was a fact that Kelly picked up on when she saw the look in his eyes. Since they were "friends", she felt like she could question him about it. She was just kind of nebby. "Have you ever ... I mean ... uhhh." All of a sudden she was struggling finding the word to come up with. "Have..." "No mom," Steve cut her off before she could continue. Needless to say, Kelly was surprised both at his answer and that he answered honestly. She decided not to prod anymore. "That's alright," she said and she squeezed his arm a little tighter and rested her head on his arm. "It'll happen soon enough." And that was that for the virgin inquiry. But far off her mind wondered to a wonderful place where she could be his first. Now that she had gotten really personal, though, Steve figured he'd turn the tables. "How come you and dad don't get along mom?" he asked, bringing Kelly back down to earth. Truth be told, she didn't have an answer she could put into words. How could she begin to explain to her son the years of cheating, lying, and stealing? How could she begin to explain to her son how she kept her body in such great shape as he continually resisted it? How could she begin to explain to her son that she had strayed from the marriage also and looked for love from another? Instead she decided to take a big step. --- "Stevie, do you know where your father is now?" she asked as she stopped walking, but didn't let go of his arm. She didn't want to tell him-she wanted him to at least have some faith in his father. He stammered for a bit, but before he could answer she placed her finger on his lips and said "He's with another women he works with. His story was bullshit. He's not coming back here." Steve's body went numb as his mind was racing. But before he could say anything, his mother interrupted by running her hands along his face. "Don't say anything about him. This vacation is about us now." As she finished her statement she stared directly in her son's eyes and held his young, fresh face, then ran her hands down his neck, past his muscular shoulders, and again embraced him. She positioned herself right up against her son, and again he could no longer hide the arousal of his penis. Without breaking the contact of their eyes, she sexually rubbed up against his growing manhood. This almost caused him to melt. He looked at her and didn't see his mother, but a sexy, loving woman. More importantly, she looked at him and saw him as the new man in her life. Slowly both sets of lips moved forward with the task of creating a taboo lock. A mother's lips met her son's for a quick moment. They backed away, allowing the moment to sink in before they became hungry and kissed again. Only this kiss was full and passionate. It was a kiss of lovers. Steve wrapped his right arm around Kelly's neck and his left hand palmed his mother's tight buttocks. Kelly ran her hands through her son's hair and pawed away at it as her tongue explored Steve's mouth for nearly 3 minutes. They couldn't get enough. Both were moaning in delight, and without breaking the liplock, they both fell to their knees, and finally Steve ended up lying on the sand with his mother on top of him. Neither could hardly catch their breath when they finally broke their kiss. Kelly looked down on her son and all of a sudden, felt good again. She felt young, carefree, and, most importantly at that point, terribly horny. She began kissing and licking her only child's neck and chest, savoring the saltiness of his sweat. Then she sat on his thighs, smiled seductively, and massaged his cock through his trunks as Steve writhed in ecstasy. Kelly was feeling more sexy, more naughty than she ever had. Slowly she arose, and removed her bikini top. Her nipples were erect and very sensitive as she kneaded them for her son. She slithered her hands down her chest and stomach and peeled off her bottom. It was the closest Steve had ever been to a living, breathing pussy. It looked like a haven in the dim light and his mother appeared to be an angel. Steve sat up and felt it-the blonde patch of hair on top and the smooth, bald remainder of it. Kelly nearly orgasmed at her son's touch and let out a small whimper to let Steve know of her approval. He continued to run his hand between her loins, tracing his fingers to the beginning of her asscrack. He then lovingly kissed her smooth, warm thigh, letting Kelly know of his affection for her. Steve laid back down as his naked mother once again positioned herself on him. She could feel his penis throbbing madly underneath his trunks, so she reached her hand down into them, and gently grabbed hold of his member. "I cannot wait for this," she whispered into Steve's ear. Again they kissed and that 39-year-old "honorable" schoolteacher found herself completely nude on a beach and squirming all over her son while she was frenching him. She figured she'd turned into a complete whore. And she was loving it. It was like a new beginning-a new Kelly Edwards. Feeling playful after they stopped making out, Kelly whimsically grabbed her bikini and began running back to the house without notice, leaving her son lying there blue-balled and shocked. She figured that it was kind of risky running around without clothes, but she reasoned that she could make it to the house before anyone would notice-especially in the dark. Anyway, she didn't want to be caught on the beach with Steve. Having sex in public was bad enough. But with your son? That's another thing entirely. --- Kelly was almost halfway home before Steve realized what was going on and began chasing after her. He could hear her giggling the whole way so he figured she wasn't upset. Kelly made it back a few seconds before her son and found her way upstairs without turning any lights on. She leapt onto her bed, feeling the adrenaline rush of running naked to the house and awaiting the arrival of her new lover. Steve burst through the door a few moments later, turned on the lights and was greeted with silence. He immediately noticed, though, the trail of sand leading from the front door up the stairs. So after closing and locking the door, like a bloodhound tracking the scent of the bad guy, he followed the trail. And he definitely found a pot of gold at the end when he turned on the lights to the master bedroom ... On the king-size bed was his mother-still naked and totally spread eagle-showing off all the beauty in between her thighs and prepping for an invasion by her son. The hard-on that went away when he was running returned at the snap of a finger. "Come here, I need some company," said Kelly from her position. Steve stumbled over and crawled in between her legs. Once again, they favored a nice long kiss to begin the proceedings. This one was nearly 5 minutes long. At the finish, Kelly decided that she had had enough of Steve's trunks. She rolled over onto him and immediately made a swift move, removing his trunks and letting his pulsating dick free. As she grabbed hold of it, Kelly gasped in awe-not so much at the length of her son's penis, but at the fact that she was doing something so forbidden, so taboo. It was beautiful to her-especially the thick veins and the large head. Kelly held onto Steve's boner and lovingly caressed it. She kissed in between his thighs and smooched his balls-all the while letting his cock rest on her face. The whole area was so warm on her lips, nearly at boiling point. Steve was in nirvana with the feeling of his mother's lips on his genitals. Kelly rubbed her face up the length of his shaft and sucked on the head like a lollipop. Sticky pre-cum ran from the tip of her tongue when she removed it, bringing a little chuckle out of her. After sucking on the head a few moments, she easily engorged her mouth on the entire dick-all the way to the testes. Steve groaned as Kelly slowly ran her mouth up and down his piece. She loved the way he tasted-it was fresh and new. As she bobbed her head up and down she harked back to her high school years and remembered how good young men taste when compared to older ones. Meanwhile, Steve's dick was really throbbing in her mouth, and she wanted to fuck it while it was at full power. Kelly's pussy was tingling so badly that she couldn't stand another moment without something filling it up. Reluctantly, she drew her mouth away from Steve's young manhood and licked up his tight chest until she again reached his mouth, and again slid her tongue into it. She could feel her son's moist, hard dick underneath her cunt and was aching for him to deliver it. --- "I want to fuck you Stevie," Kelly said wantonly to her son as she stared in his eyes. "I want to fuck you hard. I need you in me." Then she ran her fingers through his hair and stared very deeply in his eyes. "God, do I love you. I love you in every possible way." Hearing both vulgarities from his mother's mouth and her confession of love for him really got Steve excited. Thinking about it, he realized he had the same feelings. "I love you too mom," he replied. "I love you being my mother and I love being with you this way." They kissed deeply. "I also really want to fuck you too." They both laughed and kissed and enjoyed the moment, but they both knew they were about to take the biggest step. They were about to consummate the forbidden act of incest. Not only that, though, a mother was about to take her son's virginity! There was no looking back though-there was more anticipation than fear. They had bonded so much that day, that they needed to celebrate. Steve rolled over onto his mother and positioned himself above her by kneeling in between her thighs. Her placed his hands on her shoulders and she wrapped her legs around his waist. Reaching down she grabbed hold of Steve's rigid piece and guided it into her pussy-lifting her hips off the bed in order to get full penetration. They fucked slowly for the first few strokes, and then got into a faster rhythm as Steve got the hang of it. It was everything he expected (just not with his mother!), he was in heaven. Her pussy seemed to grab hold of his prick like a vacuum and suck every last part of it. As he fucked her, he ran his hands all over-to her mouth, her tits, her ass. For her part, Kelly was feeling as close to perfect as she ever had before. It seemed the joining her son with sex transported her to another galaxy where everything was fine and peaceful. She didn't want that feeling to go away. Unfortunately, neither mother nor son could last very long. Steve began trembling in the grasp of his Kelly's legs, and she could his dick swell inside of her. "Shoot on me, Stevie!! Shoot on me!!" she cried in joy as she reached for his dick. He withdrew before orgasming and was able to let loose jolt after jolt of cum onto her stomach and tits. He shouted happily as he jerked off on his mother frame, leaving a pool of teenage semen on her chest. At the feel of his warm, incestuous cum on her, Kelly, too, began an incredible climax. She shoved her fingers in her and massaged her clit as she leaked her juices all over the bed. "Oooooh ... Uggghhhh!!" she groaned loudly. Kelly's orgasm was so intense that she was actually squirting her lovely fluid onto Steve's legs! Steve helped her by fingering her until she stopped and charmingly licked the considerable juices off his hand. When she finally was finished, Kelly ran her hands to her son's taboo seed that he splashed on her chest. She scooped us some and licked it, savoring the taste of warm jizz down her throat. She placed a small amount in her still-hot cunt. The rest she rubbed into her skin. After, Steve fell triumphantly onto her and she hugged him joyously as they kissed-their drenched genitals mingling with each other. "That was fuckin' awesome mom!" a grinning Steve remarked. The look in his face was refreshing to Kelly. He was really blown away by the whole experience. Furthermore, she could tell that he was in no way close to being done! "I'm so glad you liked it, honey" she said. "You know I enjoyed it. I wished we had done this sooner, my love." -- After about 15 minutes of petting and kissing and fondling, Steve's cock was back and ready to go. Kelly was dying to teach him about oral sex, but she still wanted more of his meat in her at that point. She got on all fours on the bed and Steve rammed into her doggy-style (she was very surprised that he knew so much about sex considering he was a virgin). His cock was hitting into her clit with every stroke, sending Kelly into an utter frenzy. Steve grabbed onto her tits and fondled and groped them as his cock pistoned in and out of his mother's cunt. He couldn't believe what a fucking sex machine she was. As he fucked her he wanted to feel every bit of her-he even ran his index finger down her asscrack, stopping at the whole for an extra rub. Again, they climaxed nearly simultaneously. Kelly sent her juices down her legs and onto the bed and Steve withdrew and came predominately onto her ass. After climaxing, Kelly fell face first onto the mattress and could feel her son's cum running into her asscrack and into the hole. The sensation was wonderful. She reached around and rubbed in the semen, generously coating her asshole. After she was anally lubricated, Steve sat on his mother's back and massaged her neck. She moaned in approval at both the soothing massage and the feeling of her son's fabulous loins resting on her back. "Mom, do you want me to eat you out? Steve asked. "I've been dying to do it." Kelly, of course, was more than happy to let her son manipulate her pussy any way he could. She rolled over and they again kissed. "My body is your tonight," she commented. "Do anything you want with it." He smiled and moved down on her. Steve loved kissing her neck and dwelled on it for awhile. Then he cupped her tits-sucking the nipples gently, making her heart flutter. He then passed her pussy altogether-instead licking and kissing her inner thighs, still coated in her juices. He kept moving downward to her sexy calves and feet, and she girlishly giggled at the way touched them. Finally he moved upward and went to work on her vagina-frenching its outer lips while his tongue probed the wet insides, and his nose was buried in her sweet smelling patch of pubic hair. Her thighs tightly wrapped around his head and her feet beat into his back, as he sent her into fits when his tongue found her clit. Instinctively, Kelly arched her hips upward so that Steve could really dig in, which he did dutifully. This being the first time he tasted pussy, Steve was happily surprised at the taste of his mother. She was not too sour or bitter, like he heard many women are. It was almost a perfumy taste. He couldn't get enough. As she arched her hips, Steve buried his face in her-lapping up her juices while his tongue flicked away at her clit. He grabbed hold of her asscheeks as they were being lifted off the bed and cupped them before boldly and swiftly inserting his index finger into her asshole while he ate away at her cunt. That move shocked and stimulated Kelly to no ends. "OOOOH!" she shouted. The feeling on both ends was too overwhelming for her and she rewarded Steve's efforts with a gush after gush of pussycream. As she rubbed her son's face into her genitals, she couldn't believe how much she was cumming that night, more so than she ever did with any other man. Steve emerged from in between her thighs with a drenched face and a smile. Kelly quickly grabbed hold of his held and began seductively licking his teenage face. She had always enjoyed tasting the fruits of her labor-this time she took extra satisfaction. She hugged and kissed Steve, thanking him for all he had done and promising there would be much more. "I hope there's going to be a lot more of this Stevie," she commented. "Aw mom, how could I ever stop now," answered Steve. "We've got a lot of lost time to make up. Plus we've got another 2 weeks of vacation. I really can't believe we did this. This is so great." Steve was wondering if he was making any sense, but he could tell from the tears welling up in his mother's eyes that she understood. She kissed him gently and reaffirmed her love for him. They mutually agreed it was time to get some sleep. And so a naked 39-year-old mother laid down and her naked teenage son curled up behind her and held her tight in an incestuous embrace. Kelly slept soundly within the warmth that her son's body provided. A very activity-filled day left her quite spent, and the possibilities of what tomorrow would bring caused her to want to rest up. However, she was awoken from her deep sleep in the middle of the night by a wonderful feeling in her body. It didn't take her long to realize that her son was again fucking her. Positioned behind her, his cock was in up to the hilt. Steve had his right leg draped over her thighs was pulling her back by the hips. This was quite a wake up call for Kelly-the best one she'd ever gotten at 3AM. She helped her son out by pushing her ass back to his body each time he drove his dick forward. Soon, they both came again, with Steve depositing his spunk all over her ass. Without a word, he kissed the back of her neck and fell back to sleep, cradling Kelly even tighter. --- Steve woke up first the next morning and, after eating some breakfast, headed for the shower. Recalling everything he had did with his mom left him with another hard-on (which he planned on showing his mother when he got out the shower). However, while he was showering, Kelly woke up also. She could still feel the dried up cum on her tits, stomach, and ass, and her pussy still ached from all the fucking it received. Nonetheless, she was still feeling very slutty. So, to his surprise, she joined her son in the shower and was greeted by the erection he was sporting. "Well, well what do we have here?" Kelly said naughtily as she sauntered over to Steve. "What are you planning on doing with this?" she asked as she grabbed hold of his dick and kissed him deeply. Her lips moved slowly down his frame until she was kneeling in the bathtub, warm water hitting her back, and her son's cock at eye level. She began licking the head and sucking it just as she did the night before. Then she inhaled the entire shaft until his balls were slapping her chin. Steve guided Kelly's head with his hands as her hands cupped his ass. As Steve felt the approach of an orgasm, he warned her-but she didn't care, she wanted to taste his cum. And with a roar, he delivered the goods to Kelly, and she swallowed every last ounce. After that, they both decided to draw a bath so that they could cuddle together, which they did for the rest of the morning. This day had begun like the previous one ended. The next few days of vacation followed the same course. Kelly and Steve turned into a couple of degenerates as they fucked and sucked and licked and kissed constantly. The vacation soon came to be marked by different steps in their sexual habits-such as the first time he butt-fucked her. She taught him the finer points of oral and anal sex and he proved to be a good student. Steve especially loved his mother's ass, and he developed a fondness for fucking her ass with his finger or his tongue. He loved her pussy even more, though, and used it very well. They hardly left the house those first few days alone-and they were rarely clothed inside the house. Neither Kelly nor Steve went back to the beach for the whole first week, they were so content with each other! With the money the two saved on gasoline, souvenirs, expensive meals, etc., they were able to order food in every day. Kelly started a membership with a video store near them, so the two were able to watch an incredible amount of porno. Of course, when a movie was over, they would have to try out the same moves for themselves. Kelly and Steve truly lived and loved like husband and wife, and Kelly never felt closer to any other man. This was an important factor in the next big decision she reached. --- The expected phone call from Martin came after Kelly and Steve were holed up for 5 days. She knew what was coming and could've cared less, and Martin was kind of shocked at her indifference. (Little did he know that his son was receiving a hand-job from his wife during the phone conversation!) After the call ended and after Steve blew his load, he and his mom cuddled and he asked her who called. "It was your father," she replied. "The asshole just called to apologize. Surprise! He's not coming back. He said he'd meet us after we drove home. Who the fuck cares?" Steve laughed at his mother's joviality concerning that situation and kissed her lovingly. But then his face turned serious, and he stared into her eyes sternly. "Mom, we can't be alone when we get home because he'll be there," he stated. "Why don't you divorce him?" To say that Kelly was elated by that comment would be an understatement. You see, she had always figured that Steve wanted them to be together. Hell, she would have divorced him long ago if she knew that! "Are you serious, Stevie?" she smiled and hugged him closer to her. "I've been wanting that forever, but we were going to wait until you were 18. Fuck, I'll do it as soon as we get home now!" They both joyously embrace, realizing the fact that they will be able to be with each other forever without fear of being caught. They continued hugging and cuddling, as if they had just won a prize. That night in bed, Kelly felt closer to Steve than she ever had before, if that was possible. Knowing that she had her son to be with the rest of her life made the pleasure measurably more intense. Having him own her body was incredible and imagining having that for the rest of her life-well, the thought was driving her mad. Then she came to the conclusion that she would not allow this relationship to be half-assed. You see, she was getting older, maybe entering a mid-life crisis. For years she wanted another child, but Martin was too busy and too much of an asshole to provide what she needed. Why not let Steve impregnate her? She reasoned that he was practically going to be her husband anyway. She knew it was extremely wrong, but that only turned her on even more to the thought. As they cuddled after Steve gave her some oral sex, she kissed him madly and told him to stop before he fucked her. "Stevie," she whispered, "do you want to be a father? I want you to cum in me." Steve looked at her kind of bewildered, but then he smiled, and without warning, plunged his boner violently in her. After a small number of strong, quick strokes, he shot load after load of cum into his mother's eagerly awaiting canal. They had finally taken the last step. --- The two of them became even bigger recluses for the remainder of the vacation as Kelly made every attempt to be impregnated by her son. She loved the feeling of his cum squirting in her, even more so than drinking it or being covered in it. They never did make it back down to the beach-they were way too preoccupied with trying to make a baby. And so they ended their vacation. As a souvenir, Kelly saved the unwashed bedspread that they had been naked on and used and abused and covered in cum and juice (Martin, to say the least, was very puzzled over why she saved it). Within a week, Kelly filed for divorce-citing irreconcilable differences and her husband's cheating ways. It was a win-win deal-Kelly and Steve got what they wanted, and Martin was freed from a marriage he didn't want to be in in the first place. That made the whole deal pretty painless. Surprisingly she didn't mention that she had fallen in love with her son throughout the whole proceedings. Steve and Kelly's illicit relationship continued as it was over the vacation. As a reminder of the best vacation ever, she now covered her bed with the still-unwashed spread from the vacation. Within a months, they were encouraged by the fact that she was having some morning sickness. A trip to the doctor brought great results. Kelly was pregnant with Steve's baby! She of course said that it wasn't her husband's, but revealed no other information. Throughout Kelly's pregnancy, they continued to fuck, and Steve never lost his desire for his mother. 9 months later, Kelly gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy they named Jeff. Steve cared for his brother like his son and he and his mother truly lived like husband and wife. Nevertheless, they had a very open relationship, so as to keep up the look that nothing weird was going on. Steve had some great lovers, his mother really made him a more open person. Kelly always loved spying on him while he had sex, watching for any new techniques she could pick up on. Meanwhile, seducing her teenage son gave Kelly a new appreciation for young men, and she often became involved in trysts with which her students. The once respected, honest, pious teacher soon became the overwhelming favorite of her male pupils. Kelly would invite them to the house for some tutoring, which led to partying, which led to hardcore sex. Kelly was proud that she took the virginity of many young men. In fact she never again slept with a "legal" partner. After finishing high school, Steve entered college and graduated in 4 years. Luckily he was able to land a great job due to his smarts and his mother's support. He indeed got married when he 29, but was always around to provide for his mother and son, who never was aware of the forbidden relationship which brought him into the world. However, incest cravings definitely ran in this broken family tree, as Jeff eagerly accepted his mother's offering of her 53-year-old body when she decided he "came of age." And, of course, they enjoyed themselves on that same unwashed bedspread.